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ZinjaI Keygen For (LifeTime) [Latest]

ZinjaI IDE is developed by Authoria, LLC as an open source application with the aim of offering software developers the ability to create software rapidly. The program offers a simple interface that helps both seasoned and novice programmers alike.
The tool was specifically designed to provide you with a complete set of features that are necessary to create efficient source code files. The tool offers an easy to use menu, keyboard shortcuts and predefined templates that you can customize or even remove at your discretion. You can also import your previous projects and configure the generated libraries.
When starting the application for the first time it offers you the option to create a file or a project according to your needs. It comes with multiple templates that enable you to control the included resources before editing the code.
It comes with a built in debugger and compiler that simplify the development process when detecting errors in the source code. You can also create project items (new files, folders, classes and so on) and create test cases that can inspect the program functionality before releasing to the public.
ZinjaI Editor Features:

Features: Syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting

Go To command

Language controls

Text formatting

Keyboard shortcuts

Smart indent

Automatic indentation

Block selection

Line numbering

Column selection

Function and comment parameters completion

Go To command

Class and method parameters completion

Brace matching

Class hierarchy creator

Tools: Code Generator, Debugger, Class hierarchy creator, Gradle, GDB, Flowchart maker, Auto complete, etc


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I can not download it because I am not an user of microsoft store.


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ZinjaI is an IDE for C or C++ programmers that includes most of the important features required to create, compile and test the source code.
Key Features:
– Import STL source files.
– Program auto indentation.
– Support for multi-module projects.
– Automatic

ZinjaI Description:
An IDE for C or C++ programmers that includes most of the important features required to create, compile and test the source code.
Key Features:
– Import STL source files.
– Program auto indentation.
– Support for multi-module projects.
– Automatic

They wrote “ZinjaI is a useful tool for any developer who needs to create programs by using the C or C++ programming languages. It comes with all the important features required to create the source code files, compile and test the application. ”
Sounds good but can you email them a screen shot of the issue? Please? They went on with, “The IDE is one of the most important tools for developers and has an important effect on the quality of the source code and time required to create a program. A good development tool should be easy to use and include both code editing and debugging features.”
I like development tools that are easy to use for my programs but you not-so-clearly need to help me more because you claim there are important features. I, like many, probably won’t be contributing any money because you’re offering very little value to your customer.
Again, please email me a screen shot of the issue I cannot find it myself.

I downloaded and installed ZinjaI ( This is a very handy tool for creating C/C++ programs for Windows, Linux and macOS with the help of wizards and IDEs. It’s like having a powerful xCode (Mac OS X IDE) or Visual Studio (Windows IDE) that you can use on any computer.
ZinjaI Description:
ZinjaI is a tool that allows you to create programming code that runs on Windows, Linux and macOS.
Key Features:
– Compile and run binary file.
– Edit the C/C++ source code and generate the executable.
– Edit the source code in the editor that uses a source code dictionary and a syntax
– Debug C/C++ programs and set breakpoints.
– Select the CPU architecture for the program

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Easily create C, C++, Go and Lua projects and programs with ZinjaI.
ZinjaI provides you with everything you need to start coding straight away. You can choose from over 20 languages and quickly create a new project.
Just create a new project and click on the File / New Project button. Then choose a directory for your projects and follow the easy wizard to create and configure your new project.
ZinjaI includes project templates for C, C++, Go, and Lua.
The software has a simple and intuitive interface which makes it easy for both new and experienced programmers to use.
ZinjaI is designed specifically for C, C++, Go, Lua and Eiffel programmers and supports C++, C, C#, Go, Java, Lua, Python, PHP, Ruby and Lisp.
Each new project comes with more than 20 files ready to use. Every one is a ready to code but have no code yet. Just pick one of the included files and start coding right away.
Any of the included files can be used as a template or you can even start from scratch and add your own code.
ZinjaI also includes a code editor with an autocomplete function and syntax highlighting which makes writing code easy. You can change the settings for the included files as well as the colors and font typeface.
It also includes a built-in debugger with a goto function for quickly navigating through the code. You can set breakpoints to stop the code at certain lines and inspect the program during debugging.
ZinjaI includes a flowchart generator and class hierarchy creator. Both of them are very useful for organizing your code and creating more efficient code.
ZinjaI includes easy to use command shortcuts. You can easily use command + x for duplicating and command + c for closing the current file.
You can create and edit your projects and programs with ease.
With ZinjaI it’s never been easier to create C, C++, Go and Lua projects. Enjoy!
Key Features:
– 20 included templates (all you need to start coding immediately)
– Embedded debugger with goto function, settings for file included can be customized
– Pre-defined command shortcut keys for copying, duplicating, closing and opening files
– Create and edit projects with ease
– Supported languages: C, C++, C#, Go, Java, Lua, Python, PHP, Ruby, Lisp
– 20 included

What’s New In?

ZinjaI is an IDE for both beginners and expert programmers and provides the most important features you expect from a good source code editor. The integrated debugger allows you to easily fix bugs and mistakes in the code.
The interface is focused on both coding and developing and has a clean and simple design. It has the ability to assist you in the source code creation step, which can be customized to your needs.
ZinjaI includes basic code formatting tools such as indents and line wrapping, a tab completion and is a dynamic file browser.
ZinjaI Features:
ZinjaI comes with most of the basic functions you need to efficiently code, compile and test your application. The list of features is not extensive, because we focused on a clean and easy-to-use interface, which allows you to customize the included tools to your needs.
ZinjaI includes functions for indenting the source code, setting the background colors, highlighting keywords and creating a code template. All the formatting features are customizable and can be applied to the whole project or to a specific file.
In addition to text editing, ZinjaI includes functions for navigating in the source code, searching by using the Search in Current Document option and starting a new project. The undo and redo functions are supported as well.
Furthermore, the program comes with a built-in debugger which allows you to debug your code and step through it line by line. You can start the execution in the debug mode by simply pressing the F5 keyboard shortcut.
Additionally, you can create breakpoints and specify the execution step by step. You can check the CPU usage, check memory errors and even set an exception handler for your code.
ZinjaI has an embedded class diagram generator which describes the logical structure of the class hierarchy and can save the diagram in multiple formats.
The built-in flowchart generator is able to quickly describe the logic of your program and even customize it according to your needs. The class hierarchy creator allows you to save the diagram in PNG or PDF format and can change the color of the nodes and edges.
It includes a tool to easily create a basic program and supports syntax highlighting. The indentation and code formatting features can be applied to the whole program or to a specific file.
Furthermore, ZinjaI provides keyboard shortcuts for the main functions and options. Additionally, the manual comes with extensive documentation to ease the process for the users.
The program has a clean and simple UI and comes with the


System Requirements For ZinjaI:

OS: Windows XP SP3 or later, Windows 7 or later, Windows 8 or later
Memory: 4 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 50 GB of available space
DirectX: Version 9.0 4 GB RAM50 GB of available space
How to Install:
1. Install Emotion is 3rd part add-on for World of Warcraft.
Download link:
2. Extract the downloaded archive to the “World



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