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So, here’s something great for all you cinematography lovers out there: a neat, little Chrome extension that allows you to watch your favorite movies, anime, TV shows, and documentaries on Netflix and exchange comments and ideas with your friends and loved ones while doing so. If it sounds a bit vague, let us clarify a bit. Wiretap is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to create a watch party with either your Facebook or Twitter contacts. You can invite friends, family, or simple like-minded cinematography aficionados to the party and leave comments for each other (you can leave and watch time-stamped/time-synced comments on any Netflix show). Since we’re on the subject, it’s worth noting that everyone’s comments are time-synced, meaning that you can even watch a show at any given time, and your friends will get to see them when later. In short, it allows you to transform watching Netflix from a private, personal endeavor into somewhat of a more social experience. Read this before installing the extension Before we go further, we have to mention that this extension is only available in English and only for Chrome users. Other than that, it’s also worth noting that, naturally, you’ll need a valid Netflix subscription and a Facebook or a Twitter account. The extension uses Facebook in order to connect you with your friends, meaning that it will require access to various personal information. Therefore, it’s imperative (especially if you are a very privacy-oriented person) to take the time to read the extension’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy sections. Getting started with Wiretap With that out of the way, we can move forward with the nitty-gritty aspects. The installation is quite simple: just install the extension from the Chrome Web Store, log in to your Netflix account, provide the extension with access to your Facebook account, and that’s basically all there is to it. Once set up correctly, you’ll be able to see and leave comments from and for your friends in a small chat window while watching any Netflix show. It’s worth noting that the synchronization process might not work perfectly right off the bat. During our test, we had to restart Chrome in order to see the comments from our friends. In addition, please note that you will also be able to see various trending comments from various contributors. This might be somewhat of a deal-breaker for some, as we did not find any efficient way of turning them completely off. Of course, the product is still pretty new, and it’s possible that the development team behind it will eventually provide us with such an option. Conclusion Wiretap is without a doubt a very intriguing extension that should help you feel more connected with people you want to share a Netflix watch party with. It may not be perfect, and it may not be for everyone, but at the end of the day, it’s all a matter of personal choice. Until Netflix will actually decide to invest in making the service a bit more “social,” these sort of tools should get the job done quite nicely.


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Download ……… https://tiurll.com/2smTrf






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Create a Netflix Watch Party with your Facebook or Twitter Contacts. Comment on and watch time-synced comments from and to your friends. Watch time-synced comments from and to your friends. …also read the terms of use. Please note: the extension is only available for Google Chrome.Q: determinant of a real matrix what is the value of $|-4I+2J|$ so far, I have: $\det(A)$ where $A=\begin{bmatrix} -4&2\\ 2&-4 \end{bmatrix}$ the answer is $8$ but I’m not sure if its right $|\det(A)|$ where $A=\begin{bmatrix} -4&2\\ 2&-4 \end{bmatrix}$ so, I got $|8|$ I don’t know if the last one is right and if the first one is right, I have no idea where $A$ was taken from A: To understand why you are not right you should check the size of your matrix: $$\begin{pmatrix} -4&2\\ 2&-4 \end{pmatrix}\begin{pmatrix} c_{11}&c_{12}\\ c_{21}&c_{22} \end{pmatrix}=\begin{pmatrix} c_{11}-2c_{12}&c_{21}+2c_{22}\\ c_{21}+2c_{22}&c_{11}-2c_{12} \end{pmatrix}$$ In this matrix you see why your determinant should be $8$ not $4$ because what you have on the right is a symmetric matrix, and the determinant of a symmetric matrix is the square of the determinant of the matrix that you get if you remove its antisymmetric part (you get that by looking at the transpose of a symmetric matrix). This why the determinant of your original matrix is $4$. How the determinant of an antisymmetric matrix is $2$? Well, why should the determinant of your second matrix be $2$? Again, you have 2f7fe94e24

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If your friends are on your social media network, you can watch them watch Netflix shows with comments. Our Review: Wiretap by Dan Mitre – (great for Netflix subscribers that like to share their shows with friends and watch together)Covalently linked, multi-polymerized, neutral and anionic ceramic nanoparticles with enhanced electrochemical properties for oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution applications. In this work, poly(ethylene imine), poly(allylamine hydrochloride) and poly(methacrylic acid) are used to covalently link, multimerize and ionize amorphous non-stoichiometric cerium oxide nanoparticles to form core-shell and multilayer amphiphilic nanoparticles via a layer-by-layer assembly process. The resulting core-shell and multilayer ceramic nanoparticles display enhanced electrochemical properties (ORR and OER) compared to cerium oxide nanoparticles that are linked using poly(ethyleneimine) and poly(allylamine hydrochloride). Increasing the amount of polymer-linked compounds reduced the number of ions on the surface of the nanoparticle, promoting homogenous and well-dispersed nanoparticle surfaces. This unique approach provides important insights into the application of covalently linking polymer compounds with inorganic oxides to develop high-performance bifunctional electrochemical catalysts.Q: Change cell color depending on value in 1st column I have a spreadsheet that reads: +——–+——–+——-+ | Col1 | Col2 | Col3 | +——–+——–+——-+ | a | b | 1 | | c | d | 2 | | e | f | 3 | +——–+——–+——-+ The cells in Col1, Col2, and Col3 are different depending on what is in the column to the right. For example, if Col2 or Col3 or both is blank, then the cell colored white. If Col2 and Col3 are not blank, but Col1 is, then the cell in Col1 should be colored black. Here’s what I have so far in the code: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range

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1. Log into Facebook or Twitter and link Wiretap to your accounts 2. Go to Wiretap and select “Add a personal page” 3. Select “Create new page” 4. Fill in the blanks and click Create 5. Go to your Facebook Page and like or follow Wiretap 6. Wait a few seconds and you should now see Wiretap’s page on your Facebook Page 7. Go to the main page of Wiretap and click “Connect with Facebook” in the top right corner 8. Go to Wiretap and enter your Facebook access token 9. Go to Wiretap and select “Add a Twitter account” 10. Select “Connect with Twitter” 11. Go to the main page of Wiretap and click “Connect with Twitter” in the top right corner 12. Click “Continue” in Twitter’s window 13. Go to Wiretap and select “Add me” 14. Go to Wiretap and enter your Twitter access token 15. Go to Wiretap and click “Continue” in the top right corner 16. Click “Browse” on Facebook or “Browse” on Twitter 17. Use the “Find people” field to locate your friends on Facebook or Twitter 18. Click “Add friends” 19. Wait a few seconds and you should now see the names of your friends on Facebook or Twitter in the “Find friends” tab 20. Click “Connect” on Facebook or “Follow” on Twitter 21. Now you can watch Netflix from the comfort of your living room In case you want to know more about the extension’s functionality, here’s a quick description: Twitter: Streaming conversations on any film, anime, or tv show. Facebook: Stream with your friends and fans. Add your comments when watching any Netflix show. Options: View comments from people or organizations that you follow on Facebook. You can also modify your profile picture. You will also be able to set up different background images for each profile page. Wiretap is available on the Chrome Web Store here. The WebGL content player has arrived in iOS 8. This is a big deal for open web technology since Apple has pretty much blocked WebGL for all its iOS devices. However, we’ve still managed to build


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Supported OS: Platforms: For the latest supported version please refer to our documentation. Contents Controls Press any key to select an option. Double click to place a pixel on the canvas. Up and Down keys scroll the pixels in and out of the current layer. Left and Right keys scroll the pixels in and out of the entire image. Shift keys are used to ‘drag’ and ‘flip’ the image



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