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Name Wintertwined
Publisher talner
Format File
Rating 4.89 / 5 ( 1515 votes )
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In a world where creatures of Darkness have inexplicably appeared, all hope lies in a magical Lantern. Explore lanterns, improve your team and explore darkness alongside your friends in this hybrid action-RPG.
The Game:
The Game Lantern is a hybrid action-RPG with a mix of local and online co-op with groups of up to four players.
Set among the Shiverstone Isles, a peninsula in the Northern Wilds, there is much mystery to unravel. Team up with three other lantern masters to explore darkness alongside your friends.
About The Game Lantern:
Explore lanterns, improve your team and explore darkness alongside your friends in this hybrid action-RPG.
Key Features:
– Explore darkness alongside your friends in local and online co-op
– Over 20 unique lanterns and 10 dungeons to explore
– Team Up with up to four players
– Collect the fruits of your adventures, learn about your lanterns and discover new lanterns
– In-depth character customization
About The Developer:
First announced in March 2015, we are a London based indie studio with a vision for a game that has not been seen before.
We’re building Lantern not just as a game, but as a true RPG/Mobile/Action adventure and we’ve got some big plans for it and aim to launch with our vision and execution first. We’ve previously been involved in games like Orcs Must Die, War Rock, Goat Simulator and Cool Mini or Not.

The Game is set in the early 80’s. Train travel in the UK was still a chaotic mess with trains overcrowded and late and locals calling it out. Transport was left to the rail unions, but the rail unions were miserable and in debt. The Ministry of Transport looked after the rail in its early days, but it seemed they were not in control, and chaos reigned. The government couldn’t really afford the infrastructure to keep it together. It was the first two decades of the 1980’s, so the public was used to the idea of trains being late and unreliable.

It was also the first decade in which air travel took off, and the government got out of rail in 1981.

Railroads took over and things started to get better, but chaos reigned. Wars broke out, and the rail unions took their toll. The public was used to the idea of trains being late and unreliable. The rail unions were miserable and in debt.

In 1983 the U.S. government and


Features Key:

  • One of the funniest 3D Game
  • This game is very popular on facebook.
  • Solve the simple puzzles step by step on very easy way
  • Simple and amazing world
  • Winning image
  • Many levels
  • Free One
  • High quality images and 3D graphics


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Playspeed—————–World record time.

—Play as a role:Players can choose to play as either Yagami, Kurokami, Seijuro or Jonouchi.They can use custom control of the four different characters.

—Even more customization:Players can use a range of user-customizable control settings and assign hotkeys for any of the four characters to unlock a wide range of unique combinations.

—A new range of gameplay:Set the game to Japanese, allowing players to control non-playable characters.Players can also play using a Chinese and English language with additional languages to follow.

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2. Since heaven and hell were divided between those who performed and those who did not perform, or who were or were not believed, right now, there are people who don’t understand the rules of love in this world. Right now, there are people who don’t want to be bound by the rules of love, and they are determined to break through that stifling atmosphere.

3. There are people who are not following this road, there are people who are madly searching for this road, and there are people who are roaming along this road.

4. This road is a road of gratitude, a road of obedience, a road of forgiveness, and a road of understanding. It’s not a road of hatred, a road of violence, a road of violence and hatred. It’s a road of change, a road of the human conscience, and a road of a human heart.

5. What does it mean to follow this road?

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7. If the road to Heaven is blocked, take a path to go to Hell.

8. A road to Heaven that’s blocked in the middle is a road to Hell.

9. To be able to make it, the road of love needs to be created by the people, for the people.

10. In order to make this road open, we need to be able to make it ourselves.


What’s new:


The new Axiom albums—Live Set Two and Live Set Three—were reissued in the U.S. on July 16, 2002. And there’s a new DVD called the set-closer Live Sound Breaking All Sorts.

The July 17, 2003, issue of Live Sound International has the third installment of the ongoing history of KenJ’s Axiom archival fan-painted Acoustic Historical Series.

I picked this up from TAFF some years ago, but have only recently gotten to it. There’s no technical info on KenJ or his own Axiom label. I imagine the label was put out by Ken, using his own electricity, and it was numbered out of his sorry little record collection. In any case, the album is limited to a very small number. Original issue date is June 1973. The beautiful covers are schlocky, heavy black-cardboard covers with various twentieth-century imagery including a soldier’s helmet with missiles fired at it, a hen with chicks, chairs wrapped up like bombs. There’s a guy carrying a violin or some such (and again, no technical info); a goldfish jumping out of a bowl; a woman with a tray of stirrers, trays with soup tureens, plates, and a fish (I think it’s a potato with chewed-on horseradish in the crust).

The liner notes by Jazz prof Anthony Mason are okay, and amusing. The front album cover is very infamous. His description of the center of the cover is snarky and funny: “It is a hotel in a foreign city—conveniently true. The alarm clock is always set to zero, where American time is truly in the ‘future,’ and where this album will never be heard by the compilers, but only by another set of compilers who have never heard it. But why should they listen to a dead fish, a foul egg, and a cough syrup bottle? It’s only for KenJamison.” One wonders what the compilers in the ’70s thought of the cover.

The technical info on the album itself tells us that it’s 128 songs. “We label it “128” because of the 128 different songs recorded, but “the songs” are actually 128 variants of the same


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