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Immersive adventures set in the epic fantasy world of Draconic Order VR. Explore, survive, grow in power – and have loads of fun while doing it! The world: The immersive experience of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will transport you to the world of Draconic Order VR. In the lush forests, beside majestic mountains and in ancient forts and fortresses, you will interact with the world, meet friendly characters, enhance your abilities and perform different quests. Not only will you participate in combat, you will also achieve new milestones and acquire new skills. Injured enemies will not only get harder to defeat – they will also cause more damage. Your enemies can attack you from any direction, so you must always be on the lookout. A complex high-quality world awaits you – discover it together with us! The skills: The skill tree in Draconic Order VR will allow you to adapt to any situation on the battlefield. When combat begins, you will be able to choose from a variety of weapons with different stats. You will be able to upgrade your weapons throughout your adventure, improving their power and performance. Every weapon will have an associated skill tree that will allow you to improve your abilities and defend yourself. You will be able to assign skills to three different abilities. You will be able to upgrade your skills as you progress through the game. The world: Meet friendly people, work together with the community and earn rewards and respect. Fight against a wide variety of enemies and play through a thrilling narrative. Plot: Join the heroes in an immersive, poetic, challenging and rewarding experience. Together with them you will follow the path of your adventures and discover their secrets. Highlights: Hundreds of quests, dozens of unique NPCs, many hours of gameplay and many achievements – everything in Draconic Order VR has been designed to introduce you to a unique storyline. The open world provides an infinite number of possibilities. Stay tuned for more news and updates! Draconic Order VR will be the first game published by Draconic Order Publishing, an independent publisher that has been committed to bringing fresh ideas and new experiences to the virtual reality market since the beginning. published:05 Aug 2017 views:187 Get rich in VR… Friends! Enjoy our friends! • Facebook : • Youtube : • Reddit :




Features Key:

  • Classic game experience with old school pixel graphics, creative mind and a musical score
  • HTML5 inspired game play, full 3D effects, subtle motion vectors, fluid animations and effects, and generous use of real time animation
  • An intuitive, lush user interface that manages game play
  • Client and server based online multiplayer, chat and private messaging, as well as leaderboards
  • Support for all mobile devices. Can be used on Android or iOS, Windows, Mac, or Linux

Emma is driven to get the cookies while helping her Grandma. The trouble is, Emma can’t remember where she left them, and she must figure out the perfect excuse to get home to find them before her Grandma gets the wrong idea!

Make a deal with your Grandma to earn some cookies! Emma has a list of three rules to break. After you choose one rule, you must place your finger on your screen and then move it along the path to collect the doughnuts. If you swipe before your finger touches the screen, Emma gets angry and suddenly you lose all your points. Keep Emma from getting her family’s cookies while avoiding her angry reactions, come up with clever lies and be the best ballerina ever in this physics adventure game.

Game controls:

  • Touch screen. Touch and move along the path to collect the cookies as quickly as possible.


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Insurge is an online tactical-shooter based on the unique elements of RTS game play and RPG/Action-movie game play. Experience the intense combat! Server & Netcode: [PDF of Network Structure] [Links] SoundCloud : Youtube: Twitch: Google Play: [Contact: [email protected]][/quote]// // UITextField.h // UIKit // // Copyright (c) 2011-2016 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. // #import #import NS_ASSUME_NONNULL_BEGIN @class UITextField; @protocol UITextFieldDelegate; /*! @class UITextField @discussion This class is a wrapper for the text input section of a UITextField when the text field is enabled. If the text field has an NSControlTextEditingDelegate protocol, it will become the delegate for the text field object. See the documentation for UITextField for more information about text field protocols. */ NS_CLASS_AVAILABLE_IOS(5_0) __TVOS_PROHIBITED @interface UITextField : UIControl @property (nonatomic, readonly) BOOL hasText; /*! c9d1549cdd



Full 8bit Action Platformer 8 x Widescreen Port of the original Playstation game Single player campaign Colorful retro graphics Great soundtrack Obstacle course features Classic Boss fights Two game modes Difficulty can be either Classic or Extreme From the original Playstation release (1995) Game Page: Facebook: Development Blog: Buy the game: 5th august 2015 – 10pm – A party of 5 players will go through the challenges of the Holy Forest. Ranged, manual and powered weapons are available. Weapons, armor, weapons and more weapons are available in the Holy Forest. 1. Submerged in the agonizing depths of the deep blue sea. 2. Be made to suffer as you are forced to compete for endless victu…at at a wonderful party for the Peron family. 3. Find comfort with your…up with a wicked plan to save your parents from the island.4. Comfort with your fellow prisoners in a prison break attempt.5. Select the monsters you think are fit to compete in the Galactic Melee.6. Blow the whole house in your own fit.7. In two seconds, you will avenge your parents death in a race against time.8. Combat the God of the sea, and grab the key.9. Find the two keys on your way to find more keys, and get to the cave.10. Fight your way through the cave and get the first pin.11. Get the second pin in that cave, and get back to the hideout. (See the evil mayor display this on the profiler website) PLOT ABOUT BEING AMAZING… Do you have the power? Can you control the fate of the world? Every beautiful and powerful woman has a destiny to fulfill. Every woman wants to fulfill this destiny. Only a few actually do. (09:05am) 10/18/15: Fight against the evil forces that stand in your way to unlocking your full potential. DUNGEON PAIN MANIAC is a classic platformer that was released in 1995. It was the first choice for many game lovers as a retro classic, and it is still


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