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TouchFreeze Crack + Download 2022 [New]

TouchFreeze is a lightweight, yet useful application especially designed for laptop or notebook users, which can automatically disable the touchpad while you are typing, in order to avoid accidental cursor movements, random clicks or typos.
The touchpad can be deactivated the long way by accessing the ‘Mouse Properties’ section in Control Panel, but TouchFreeze makes it all much more simple. Furthermore, you don’t have to lose time re-activating the touchpad each time you need it again, since this application does this as soon as you stop typing.
Once installed, TouchFreeze places an icon in the system tray. For your convenience, you can set it to load at system start up using the context menu.
Designed with simplicity in mind, the application does not require any configuration. When running in the system tray, it detects when you start typing and disables the laptop touchpad momentarily. This way, you prevent the execution of any unwanted action while typing and your hand accidentally grazes the touchpad.
When sliding the touchpad surface by mistake, having the cursor change its position within a document, clicking on an option or selecting another window while you type might be rather frustrating, since you can end up writing complete nonsense in your texts or emails. Furthermore, this can happen very often, due to the position of the touchpad for the majority of laptops.
TouchFreeze solves this issue and comes in handy to all laptop users, as long as they don’t perform actions which require the simultaneous use of the keyboard and the touchpad (if this is the case, you can close the application with a single click). You simply have to make sure that TouchFreeze runs in the system tray and carry on with your work, without worrying about unintended touchpad taps.
Key Features:
• Easy-to-use
• Automatically enables touchpad when typing in order to prevent accidental mouse movements, clicks or typos
• No configuration needed
• Displays the state of the touchpad in the application tray so you can quickly re-enable it if you need to
• Very lightweight
• Light grey color so you can barely notice it running

Key Features:


Automatically enables touchpad when typing in order to prevent accidental mouse movements, clicks or typos

No configuration needed

Displays the state of the touchpad in the application tray so you can quickly re-enable it if you

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Put an end to accidental touchpad clicks, or typing on the wrong window while your hand is unintentionally resting on the touchpad. The program kills your touchpad settings and temporarily sets the cursor to stay still while you are typing. Once you stop, the cursor is automatically set back to normal position again.
Whether you have to type texts, emails, address books, spreadsheets, program settings or notes, all you have to do is type. The program kills your touchpad settings and puts the cursor at rest. This way, you prevent inadvertent clicks and typos on your TouchPad. The only thing that happens is that the program temporarily disables your touchpad, which will be enabled again once you stop typing.
Instructions for using TouchFreeze:
Please note that TouchFreeze requires administrator permissions. You can start the program by right-clicking on the system tray icon and selecting ‘Show on Taskbar’. You can launch the program also from the Start menu. If you don’t want to download and install TouchFreeze, you can right-click on the application icon in the system tray and select ‘Hide on Taskbar’.
When the application starts and you are running the program for the first time, you will see a warning, since TouchFreeze will be running and monitor your touchpad activity. The program is designed to keep itself running in the system tray. For your convenience, the program can be launched with a single click, but this can be disabled by right-clicking on the system tray icon and selecting ‘Close on Close’.
When the application is not running, the system tray icon will be hidden. This way, you will not accidentally start the application without any oversight and lose time re-enabling the touchpad.
A small status bar with the remaining time will be visible on the lower left corner of the application. This small label reminds you of the program’s functionality.
To keep the application running, you can either click on the icon, or you can click on ‘Relaunch’ and start the program automatically when you next need it. You will find the ‘Relaunch’ option in the context menu of the icon.
You can customize TouchFreeze’s functionalities to the way you prefer by configuring the controls. Please note that the settings are persistent and do not require you to reconfigure them from the application. The application settings can be customized by accessing �

TouchFreeze Crack [Latest] 2022

● Freezes the touchpad while typing (automatic mode), for as long as you type (timeout: 30 seconds)
● Provides a comprehensive set of options to customize the application’s behavior
● Can be used by beginner to advanced users with no configuration, yet performs as user intend
● The application is extremely lightweight, yet highly efficient, since it does not require any system resources
● Makes the touchpad temporarily inactive, in order to avoid unintended actions during typing
● Because the application runs in the system tray, you can easily switch it off using the context menu.
● Intelligent and unobtrusive action of the application, in order to place the icon in the system tray at system start up
● You can configure the application by editing the Appconfig.ini file.
● Two configuration modes:
1. Automatic mode – There is an automatic mode available, which detects whether the touchpad is enabled or not. If the touchpad is enabled, the application disables it while you are typing. If it is disabled, TouchFreeze disables it as well. The timeout is 30 seconds.
2. Manual mode – If you prefer to enable or disable the touchpad manually, you can select ‘Manual mode’, by checking the ‘Enable/Disable touchpad during typing’ box. In this case, you can set the application to disable or enable the touchpad while you are typing. The timeout is set manually for both the automatic and manual mode.
In case you want to use TouchFreeze without the automatic mode, you need to select the ‘Automatic mode’ box in the App configuration.
If you prefer to enable or disable the touchpad manually, you can select the ‘Manual mode’ box in the App configuration.
The application may not work on all systems. Nevertheless, it is an easy-to-use, working solution to avoid accidental touchpad activities while typing.
This version does not include the battery meter. However, the application supports the battery icon set, which is fully customizable, by using the Appconfig.ini.
Additional information about TouchFreeze and its full features can be found in the Help->About section of the application.
Best regards,

Removed the icon from the taskbar. I’m not trying to be difficult, but I’d really like to have this handy program by my side all the time. It’s the best touchpad feature-receiver

What’s New In?

TouchFreeze is a nifty little freeware application created for Windows, which acts as an assistant to any notebook or laptop users, whenever they are writing on the computer, since it can prevent you from accidentally moving the cursor in unwanted directions. At its core, TouchFreeze is simply a lightweight application designed for the purpose. Its purpose is to make your life a little bit easier, so that you don’t have to worry about the accidental touchpad movements and accidental clicks, which might result in typos and other similar problems. When in use, TouchFreeze will run in the system tray and instantly disable the laptop touchpad, without any additional clicks. The application can be accessed whenever needed by simply clicking the icon in the system tray or accessing the options in the context menu and executing the application. By doing this, you open the properties dialog where you will be able to turn the touchpad back on whenever you need to, without leaving the application. It is extremely important to notice that TouchFreeze cannot replace the need to use the keyboard, since the application only disables the touchpad and does not delete any actions. You simply cannot type during the moment when the application is running, but you can still exit the app whenever you want.
TouchFreeze has an intuitive GUI with an outstanding system tray icon. An icon will appear in the system tray (while it is running) and a pop-up menu will appear when you right-click on the icon.
While in the pop-up menu you will be able to enable/disable the touchpad or exit the application. You can even determine if the application is running or not.
TouchFreeze can automatically load at system start up or can be specified in the system properties. You can find more information about this on the General tab when the application is not running.
TouchFreeze does not require any set up or specific configuration. You can launch TouchFreeze with a single click from the system tray or use the context menu to disable the touchpad.
TouchFreeze can be specified as a startup application (since Windows 7). This way the application will automatically open when the system is started up.
You can use the ‘Search’ dialog to find a specific file or program, if you don’t know exactly where it is located.
Using the file search dialog you will find out not only where the application is, but you will also find out what other files are related to this application. You can also

System Requirements:

Windows – XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Mac OS – 10.6 and later
Linux – Ubuntu 12.04 or later
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