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The city is under attack. Your family needs you. You are the chosen one. Enter the labyrinth. It’s time to fight.

Comic, Manga and Anime Packs 1.0

Download the free Krita software:
There are more than 5,000 manga and comics available for download from
The money from software sales is used to support the website.
Fan Art to:

Game description:
Time and again you’ve come to a fork in the road. Which direction do you go? Can you outrun death long enough to find the right path?
Dark Deception is a first person-action-horror-game. Explore, fight, defeat and run! Depends on the situation, the right decisions can lead you to your end. Discover new dangers and overcome them trough experience and in-game hints. As your decisions have huge impact, be careful with your choices!
Be careful with your choices!

For the first time in EVE history we are giving away this set of Schematic Drones for free.
All you need to do is complete a small number of Schematic Drones Missions, each one easier than the last.
Once you have completed them ALL, you will unlock a big surprise!
** The drones can be reused as soon as they are destroyed, so the best strategy will be to destroy them by taking them out at the lower level instead of from higher on. Use your nukes wisely! **
Visit our shop:
If you have any feedback, let us know!

★ You’ve been stranded in a maze of dark corridors with a pile of filthy diapers, you need to collect the medicine scattered all over. There are no people in this maze, so you better do it yourself.
★ This is a small indie game I made because I love exploring puzzle games and I make fan games about retro games as a hobby for fun.
★ The art is done in


Features Key:

  • 720*1280
  • Device support for 4G/HD game network
  • Higher frame rate and smoother animation
  • New character design team is leading the way in the 13 years of online games.
  • Upgrade your game forever with a single-click function on the main screen

Latest game news:

  • The third chapter will open 22 February 2019
  • Third Expansion Season 2 will release on 8 March 2019
  • Tiamat X is a free game for all players.
  • The dark powers of Tiamat X are reawakened!
  • More terrifying monsters will appear on this season.

Tiamat X 赤小姐骑着平板电脑 4G/HD 帧率更高,更精美无限玩法。

Tiamat X is about a young girl who is destined to be a legendary guardian. Every year, the goddess of the underworld Tiamat chooses four heroes to claim her title. This year, the girl is chosen to become the savior of the land of light and love — at the risk of her own life. On the way, the girl meets other guardian heroes, and it is up to you to create a good legend and play in the field of destiny.

Tiamat X Game Highlights:

  • If you missed the previous chapter, Tiamat X Game is still the perfect choice.
  • Connect with other guardian heroes as a group and claim the title of the legend.
  • Play this game alone to get amazing rewards.
  • Join the highly anticipated battle with Sydmantses, Queen of the Underworld!


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No one can imagine what will be in the future.
As you grow up, the whole world changes, and there are unexplained things in the world.
The world has become unstable and a mysterious force is shaping events.
It seems that the president of the US and the Japanese prime minister are being targeted by this force.
“The Gate”, the mysterious entrance to the underworld, is the focus of this war.
The main character in this game is a 26-year-old woman, who has a good job as an administrative worker.
She is found unconscious after a traffic accident.
Her consciousness is transferred to a machine called the “No.02”, and the story of your attempts to regain consciousness is told.

Key Features
[Main Story]
Encountering the mysterious “No.02”, a new social robot that resembles the fairy tale “The Iron Giant”, and uncovering the mystery of the “iron giant”.
[Sub Story]
Your story continues as a sub-story of the main story.
Links to the game’s characters in the game.
[About the game’s story]
In the post-apocalyptic future, a mysterious phenomenon threatens the very existence of mankind.
A technology called “ART” to artificially create life is the only weapon capable of defeating this mysterious force.
From the moment that the ART facility is created, a new type of person called a “Netizen” appears.
An ordinary, quiet girl who has no connection to the Netizen Art, to mankind, and no one wants anything to do with her.
Suffering loneliness and fearing what will happen to her, she is on the brink of suicide.
“The Gate”, the mysterious entrance to the underworld, is the focus of this war.
Humanity and machines clash in an epic battle.
I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to fans who played the game and encouraged the development of the game.
Please visit my official site ( to read more.
This game is created using indie game engine, “Unity3D”.
(Continuation of “Vertical ned World Chronicle – Ultra (0918) – Ultra(OVA) #10” with same scenario)
[Main Story]
01 Round Mars
[Sub Story]
01 Prologue
02 Marten
03 The Lady
04 Feild
05 The Gate


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Ever carve down a log, only to have it crumble into your face a few seconds later, yanking a tree limb in your direction? And then, suddenly, a baby beaver appears from your victim, jumping around on the ground, and celebrating with you?

In Jack Lumber, you play a man named Jack. To combat forest creatures and environmental hazards, Jack has to work by using his axe and his considerable knowledge of beavers to chop down trees.

“The game involves a good deal of quick thinking as the beavers will just happily walk in front of you and you have to decide what to do. Jack also has a mechanic in the game where the beavers that are almost chopped down have a small trail of maple syrup showing behind them. If you choose to chop them down, it is used to buy some more resources in the game. The game isn’t fast paced and the game doesn’t really need to be because the game is very lighthearted with the theme and the game plays like a puzzle game.”- Mark Hartling, Features Editor,

“The game has very cute graphics and has some slick controls. If you enjoy puzzle games, you will enjoy this one.” – Doug M., Senior Editor,

One of the most loved games in PuzzleMaster’s history has returned! And with a brand new update, Jack Lumber is even better. The original game featured a colorful, fun puzzle mechanic that helped you succeed. But for this new update, we’ve kept the charm and simplicity of the original game, but added a beaver menace and a variety of new obstacles to our puzzle mechanic.

Much more than just a puzzle game, Jack Lumber features a charming visual style with a colorful, hand-drawn look. Jack’s dynamic moves and beaver-hunting challenges will keep you captivated.

Whether you are after a game to relax or play competitively, Jack Lumber will keep you entertained.

Available now, explore the woods, chop down trees and become the hero of this game.

Design+Features+Jack Lumber Features:

*Two new characters: Jack and his new friend, the Beaver!

*Nine new obstacles, including a Beaver’s Belly (Imbeciles will eat the other 9 obstacles!)

*Colorful new graphics, from the forest and trees to the beavers, Jack and the missing canoes



What’s new in The Prime MoVR:


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