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You can use this method to overwrite the folder by name after the Cursuon and you can add.TXT extension to your desired file name.I hope this will help you. String file=”your_file_name_here”; File file2= new File(“C:/path/of/your_new_file_here”); if(file2.exists()) { String str=”A”; BufferedWriter write=null; if(str.equals(“A”)){ //if overwriting then it should replace the.txt file FileWriter tmp=new FileWriter(“C:/path/of/your_new_file_here.txt”,true); write=new BufferedWriter(tmp); StringWriter buffer=new StringWriter(); write.write(buffer.toString()); write.flush(); String para=””; write.close(); para=buffer.toString(); //System.out.println(“ConvertingStringFile : ” + para); write=new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter(file2,true)); write.write(para); write.flush(); write.close(); } FileReader reader=new FileReader(file); InputStream is=reader.getInputStream();


Struttura e progetto dei calcolatori. «I . Comments. Please note, the . Struttura e progetto dei . StrutturaEProgettoDeiCalcolatoriPdf. «i . Delete… Struttura e progetto dei . MEdotSE-gids. read more.The present invention relates to a fuel injection device for an internal combustion engine, in particular a diesel engine, for the start-up of the engine. As is known, in a diesel engine with fixed-rate combustion, a quantity of fuel is injected into the engine cylinder prior to each combustion cycle and burned in a very fast flame generated by the compression and explosion of the air/fuel mixture. The injection is carried out in the compression-angle phase, when the mixture is at the most explosive and the flame is hottest. In order to guarantee the combustion of the mixture and to achieve a homogeneous distribution thereof in the cylinder, the charge should have a minimum temperature, which is generally below C. When the engine is cold, therefore, or when it is cold and the ambient temperature is high, a quantity of fuel is injected into the engine cylinder that does not correspond to the requested quantity, that is to say, that would normally be injected if the engine were in the condition to be started. This leads to the problem that, immediately after the start of the engine, the cylinders of the engine are filled with unburnt fuel-air mixture that is not destined to be burnt and in which the fuel-air ratio is too high. Such a mixture, when it oxidises as the result of the high temperature, generates very high levels of NOx, as well as causing the formation of carbon monoxide and a blue smoke. In order to solve this problem, it has been proposed to provide an injection device for the start-up of an engine, in particular a diesel engine, of the type comprising an electric power source for supplying the device with energy, a circuit for receiving and storing an electrical energy from the power source, a combustion chamber having a pre-injection chamber and an injection chamber at the end, the pre-injection chamber being connected to the injection chamber and providing a passage for the injection of fuel into the engine cylinder, and a device for sensing the temperature of the engine. The device for sensing the temperature of the engine

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