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El Menai (, also Romanized as El Mene‘ī; also known as Elmenai, El-Menā’ī, and ‘El-Menā’ī) is a village in Kabutar Khan Rural District, in the Central District of Rafsanjan County, Kerman Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 43, in 10 families.


Category:Populated places in Rafsanjan CountyQ:

Basic.NET (C#) Questions

Trying to start learning C#, I have some fundamental questions about the language.

My understanding is that language is object-oriented. Is this correct?
What is/are the benefit(s) of this style of programming? What do you think of the idea of C# or other languages being class-based (Python, C++, Java)?


I believe the benefit of object-orientation in C# is that you don’t have to think in terms of classes – objects are the actual building blocks of the language and it gives you nice encapsulation. It also allows inheritance, creating your own classes very easily from existing classes, like classes in other languages like C++.
There is no class-based system in any language (Java is basically just a C-style language, and C++/C#/Python is what you would call class-based).

The effect of single doses of metrifonate and pyrantel tartrate on blood-glucose and blood-sugar metabolite levels in dogs.
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The Sick Sounds of TV’s Dead Headline: “Don’t Panic” The Rock Band Flash Mode bug is back and this time it’s a screenshot of itself. The most fun tidbit of this is that it’s now appearing in Guitar Hero III too. The Bad: All the bad things from the last time this happened, but the Evil: Probably the Rock Band app store.
Don’t Panic Yet! –
The Rock Band flash menu bug is back.
The Rock Band App Store…

Also on AVS:
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) stated that it was “impossible” for any music to come from a Star Wars soundtrack, despite the fact that the Harry Potter theme song is itself a remix of a Nirvana song. In a similar vein, the Deep Sea 3 soundtrack featured a cover of the Trent Reznor song “Closer”, based on its original melody.
Screenwriters –
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Paul Ince is to be the club ambassador of Scottish Championship club Queen of the South, according to a club statement.

The former Manchester United, Blackburn and Leicester boss will replace Alex Scott.

“Paul will work with the club to improve the match-day experience for fans, club ambassadors and visiting fans,” a QoS statement said.

“He will work closely with the club’s supporters and their clubs’ anti-discrimination officer.”

Ince, 51, retired from management in August 2010 but has worked with the QoS since December 2005 when he was appointed assistant manager.

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The University of Washington (UW) Department of Pediatrics Oral Screening Protocol for Children was implemented in 2000 to improve the oral health of UW pediatric patients. The objectives of this study were to evaluate its effectiveness in identifying children who were at risk for dental caries. The identification of children who have dental caries and their subsequent treatment may result in improved dental health for a cohort of children. A retrospective chart review was performed of all children ages 0-10 years who received dental care at the UW Pediatric Dentistry Clinic between 1 January 2008 and 30 June 2011. During the study period, the UW protocol was implemented for all children. Eight hundred and seventy-three children were reviewed; 704 (82%) received the evaluation and 169 (18%) received treatment under the protocol. The main reason for not receiving the evaluation included family preference (35%) and fear of radiation exposure (15%). Analysis of failure to receive treatment under the protocol showed that children of African American (P < 0.01), Hispanic (

Sound Forge Pro 11 Keygen is the most advanced audio editing and recording software available. This application makes it easy to handle all types of files and promote your recording by adding effects and audio mastering. By using these program, you can easily edit audio files and improve its quality. It supports multiple audio file formats such as MP3, AAC, and OGG. The audio files are also linked to the most advanced MIDI music software.
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Chemical and physical properties of spent corn cob activated carbon (CCAC) and glucose/CaO/H3PO4 granular activated carbon (GAC) were compared after a hydrothermal treatment. The results indicated that the un-dried glucose/CaO/H3PO4-GAC (GAC3) has a higher surface area (4.10 m2·g-1), larger pore volume (0.72 cm3·g-1) and larger pore diameter (15.6 nm) than un-dried CCAC (CCAC3) and pre-dried CCAC (CCAC1), and the glucose/CaO/H3PO4-GAC (GAC3) still possesses these properties even after a hydrothermal treatment. In addition, an apparent chemical adsorption capacity of GAC3 was 15.90 mg·g-1Pb2+, which was much higher than that of CCAC3 (11.62 mg·g-1Pb2+) and CCAC1 (6.33 mg·g-1Pb2+). GAC3 also has a high adsorption capacity of 2.20 mg·g-1Hg2+/1.07 mg·g-1Tl+/0.31 mg·g-1U-ions (as


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