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Download ✪✪✪ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ✪✪✪ DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






This DLC add-on offers the possibility to modify a large number of vehicles (including the new Australian model of Euro Truck Simulator 2) as well as modify a large number of environments in the game.

As you can see, it’s a far cry from just being an Australian truck modding add-on.


Version 1.0.2x


79 MB


This mod adds more than 100 different Australian vehicles and the whole Australia environment with new roads, look-alikes, businesses, weather effects and many other things! If you like the Australian trucks from the game American Truck Simulator, this is the add-on for you. And if you want to have some more intersting freight and cargo in Euro Truck Simulator 2, there is no better choice than this one.


Version 1.0.1x


99 MB


You need to do some things first.
First, you need to activate the new Australian model in the game settings. You can do this in the game settings. Go to the Modify tab (the small cogwheel right next to the Alt key), then go to Game Options. On the options screen you can scroll down to “Show extensions”. There you can turn on the “New Australian vehicle” option. Make sure to activate this option in the Game Options, not in the Modify tab.

After you did these you can follow this tutorial to use the Aussie trucks.

You must mod, in order for this add-on to work:
and the SC SCEEs must be installed. Only the SCEEs for Windows are included and not the for Linux and Mac.


HotSoil is a standalone external depot application which was written for managing your transportation vehicles such as trucks. Your vehicle’s containers can be scanned, inventoried and also the routes are tracked. It has advanced features such as VIN Number processing. You can also manage freight, loads, vehicles and location. It will even track your route and keep track of the GPS coordinates.


OpenXMC is a flexible configuration manager for your OpenRA mods. It gives you the chance to set up your game with multiple changes to game settings, textures, player models, interfaces and


Sokobos Features Key:

  • 12 new levels!
  • Improved opening animation, music and sounds.
  • New level theme: tropic/jungle.
  • New levels! No spinners are allowed.
  • Beautiful ornate contraption surrounded by a cupola, like a real clock!
  • Win a dream season t-shirt, competition prize packs, vote for your favourite levels, and many more..!

    Season Pass features:

    The season pass gives you all updates released in due time, and allows you to play and vote for your favourite levels.

    When you purchase the season pass, you get:

    • 12 new levels
    • The expanded version (version: 1.7.2)
    • Team Fortress 2 expansion pack: Trost
    • Campaign mode features: more weapons, a sniper rifle and backpack
    • Full support in Polish and Japanese languages

    The year of jigsaw games comes to us with this new season pass!

    Hurry up!

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    Missions in the Resistance
    The Resistance has two major purposes; the first is to inform and distract the enemy, while the second is to damage their ability to conduct war.
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    Battle Scenarios
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    Sokobos Crack + Free License Key PC/Windows [2022-Latest]

    Get a mobile version of the game!

    Help support game development and get rewards in game. Just follow the instructions for any unlocked offers.
    For any questions, problems or feature requests, email:
    Koread Studios, Inc.
    Email: [email protected]



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    We do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer any personal information to third parties.
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    What’s new in Sokobos:

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    In Crusader Kings II, every ruler in the game matters. Your grandfather might have lost a war, but your great-grandfather might be a saint. Do you want to be a ruler of a kingdom like the mighty Byzantine Empire, a mighty Egyptian Empire, or a mighty Hun Empire?
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    • Replay battles with 3D tactical view
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    • Play Campaign and Multiplayer mode
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    • Full online stats, achievements, leaderboards and trading between players
    • The full version also contains the original multiplayer mode with all other 4 DLCs
    • The full version of the game supports English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Polish

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    How To Crack:

  • First of all, if you don't have any knowledge about how to download files, click here.
  • After downloading you can run the installer as you wish. Do like start, next, finish. But if you work with your antivirus, then you will not get the file "disminish" from your folder.
  • This is the third step of the installation. From now, you need to enter your username and password in order to continue the process of the installation. You can just double tap and hold the icon on desktop. If you do it from your laptop then you will have a sign icon placed before the icon that you have on the desktop, then just click on that sign icon.
  • Now, you can start the installation process by clicking on the icon. Now, the files will be cracked and you just need to click on the "next" button to continue the process.
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    System Requirements:

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    Xbox One


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