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Elden Ring Online is a new fantasy action RPG game for PC, developed by Alba New Media and published by Carlmayne Technologies Inc.

A free online fantasy action RPG developed for PC, it consists of a different world, an epic story, and unparalleled battles featuring new game content. The gameplay is based on the compilation of a team of talented developers from the fields of game development.

“The Elden Ring Online”
Elden Ring Online is a game that tells the story of the Tarnished Warrior. The main character in the game is Tarnished, who has lost his memories. The game opens with a new fantasy action RPG story that covers a vast world and then ends with the high-level story that leads to the conclusion of the previous scenario. A story that features the ideas of various game companies, such as the ARPG Tales of Berseria, that are integrated into a legend of a different world.

“Smooth, Unique UI that Complements the Storyline”
The UI features an interface that is easy to use with a wide area where you can explore at your leisure. You can also easily use it while playing as an offline game, as a mobile game, or in a multiplayer game. It is easy to grasp and provide a clear experience.
“Epic Battle Features with Overwhelming Feel”
The user interface is designed so that it seamlessly synchronizes with the game in order to provide an experience that combines the ease of use of the mobile game, with the online game’s active gameplay.

The game also features battle encounters that provide a balance between a classic RPG battle and real-time action. In the battles, the players have control of the main character’s direction, with support being provided by targeting and special abilities.

“Real-Time Multiplayer Battle”
The main storyline of the game allows for players to continue even while in the midst of combat. Just when you think you are out of the game, you continue to participate in the battles. As such, you can enjoy the game for free, without spending money on real-time online servers.

Offline play that supports asynchronous online play, where you can play in the game with other players. Upon starting the game, you can change the setting to connect online. During the game, you can set the rank, allocate the level, and guilds, and trade. The game also provides instant games with players from all regions. These features make it possible to enjoy the


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Devils Rebellions
  • The Era of the Elden Ring
  • New farming village
  • Tome of the Elden Ring

    Elden Ring Bonus

    * Magical power that scales up the strength of all levels.


    Developer’s Desk: Mark – Game Designer

    I’ve become known for my love for trees, so it came as a natural part of my character design to want to include a tree aesthetic in Elden Ring. As a frequent min-maxer, I would have trees and hedges in my games since there are a lot of places in which I felt players miss out on extras and hidden content if they didn’t have trees. With Elden Ring, the trees are not just mundane or background, but an important part of the play experience. I wanted to make sure that any fights and activities in the game had trees, lending a sense of calm and beauty.

    Letterbox 7: Elden Ring A Post-apocalyptic, RPG Made by Kugu
    Is a change of pace from engaging story-driven RPGs, and instead focuses on exploring, leveling up, and engaging combat. You are free to explore the world by all means, but you may be surprised as the characters become invested in the developing story line.
    Sprawling over four environments, you’ll have a wide range of choices to make as you adventure to discover the secret behind a dark world.


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    – “The Gamescreen is very large, and it is quite heavy compared to other multiplayer games”
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    – “It’s a good combination of defense and offense”
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    – “Has a graphics that is very good and is easy to play”
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    RISING KINGS: LEGEND OF THE ELDEN RING Battle Raids (Online Multiplayer)

    * Released May 30, 2019

    The game’s online mode has been expanded to include Battleships, which can be used as support in online raids. The “Battle Raid,” a coordinated combination of enemies, is the heart of Battleships. To successfully engage a large number of enemies using Battleships, you must familiarize yourself with the game’s Raid Battles, an on-site briefing, and understand your Battle Mage. Battleships can be carried in Raid Battles with the help of Battle Mages; depending on the number of Battleships included in the Raid Battle, a Battle Mage can be used to call monsters to the battlefield. This action is more effective the more spells you have in reserve. (*Note: In some cases where there are no Battle Mages present, you may use a Battle Mage as normal to call monsters to the battleground.

    ■ Battle Strategies

    – When you see “Battlemages” and “Cannon” in your Battle Radar, you can assign these as support.

    – The Battlemage’s direction depends on the terrain you are on. If the terrain is uneven, do not drag the Battlemage up the hill, or the Battlemage will be dragged up the hill, causing him to be easily scattered.

    – If there is little cover, consider launching a missile at the enemy’s main force.

    – When the Battlemage is on the frontline, your next move depends on which spells he holds.

    – As you see “field-destroying enemy” in the battle map, it is a good sign that a field destroyer is roaming the battlefield, so quickly attack!

    * There are two types of Battle Raids. One is the “Battle Raid” that takes place on an offline map. The other is the “Battle raid” that is launched online. The former is more suitable for players who enjoy the thrill of fighting live, and the latter is suitable for players who want to use an easy and relaxed Battle Raid online.

    – Battlemages of the same rank who are not assigned to support must be on the same team for a Battle Raid, because they are both liable to be drawn into the same battle.

    – In Battleships, a Battlemage is required to draw monsters


    What’s new:

    Written by Yukinori Kaneko.
    Directed by Naoto Shimizu.

    Lang: English
    Story: Yuka Fukuhara
    [1] Nightmares with a weak wall, and in exchange, get cursed with super-strength.

    DISC1 AAC°1, A/A°30, DTS°1024, MPEG°2, Stereo°1

    [2] A protagonist who blindly trudges along a low-class manor as his only cause for living. As the only one of his kind, the protagonist becomes a target for frightening beings living under the moon, and is shunned by the members of his family, including his closest family members.

    DISC2 DTS°21, AAC°1, A/A°20, Stereo°1

    [3] It’s a world where nobility and strength rule the world. But they’re filled with a lonely pain and resentment within. Knowing that he’s the next strongest warrior of his generation, this protagonist, who’s constantly surrounded by bright but cold women, becomes a self-righteous and strong warrior who wields “black sword” as his cause for living. This man aspires to be noble.

    DISC3 AAC°1, DTS°40


    Written by Yukinori Kaneko.
    Directed by Naoto Shimizu.

    Lang: English
    Story: Yuka Fukuhara
    [1] Dreams with a weak wail, and in exchange, get cursed with super-strength.

    DISC1 AAC°1, A/A°30, D


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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download and file
  • Run setup.exe
  • Done
  • What’s New In This Version :

    • Follow a development log to be able to enjoy newly-developed parts in your game.
    • Built-in split-screen mode, which allows you to enjoy your game even when not connected to the internet.
    • You can change your glyphs and runestones through the warp spell in the Map Screen.
    • You can now move the camera of other players through the Warp to Fighters.
    • You can change the visual data of enemy ranking from silver to gold.
    • You can now purchase and sell other types of conversation items from users in the same area as your character through the Trade screen.

    Enjoy Online Warring with Other Players

    In this game, you can be transported to another game server if your game server is full. You can battle your friends in the same area even after many minutes have passed.

    To challenge other players, you can battle them by creating a team in advance or selecting “Challenge” at the lower right corner of the Background Screen. You can also create a contact with the criteria of your friend list.

    New players can enjoy a server without waiting for others to approve their server. After a few accounts are registered at the same time, you can play with others in an online war.

    If your opponent is a new user, you can face in the online war immediately. The new users are able to engage in a war even with a low experience level. Also, when you are victorious in an online war, you can increase your experience points and continue with the next battle, which is important to train your muscles.

    You can also join together with NPCs in a war. You can battle with NPCs at the count of 10,000, which is the biggest NPC battle.

    If you are defeated in combat, you can search for a NPC and continue the war with him. What’s more, you can learn new skills and experience all new techniques through your war


    System Requirements:

    Windows XP SP3 or higher, Windows 7 or higher, Windows 8 or higher, Windows 10
    OS X 10.9 or higher
    Intel Dual Core Processor
    RAM 512 MB or higher
    500 MB of free disk space
    Standard Definition Video
    Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
    RAM 2 GB or higher
    3 GB of free disk space
    High Definition



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