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The White Moon Elden Ring Game is a mobile game developed by Artmic and it will be released in 2018. You can request a beta test here: You can participate in the beta test until June 30, 2018.
The Elden Ring is a new action RPG published by Artmic. Please visit for more information on the latest news.
About Artmic:
Artmic is a developer of digital contents which aims to achieve a state where you can enjoy your media freely. We do not hold a fixed concept of digital contents. We continuously provide digital contents that we think will meet user’s expectations and we do not stop improving our digital content even after the release.
Elden Ring


published:24 May 2018


published:08 Feb 2018


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is now available for your mobile devices.

published:13 Oct 2012


The EldersCanteen in Lankhmar is now open for business. Come on in and enjoy a cold one. In the meantime, drop us a line to let us know what you think of the new canteen.
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Email – [email protected]

published:26 May 2018


This video highlight includes voice-overs for the

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Review: A master class in bold storytelling

It’s no secret that videogame storytelling lags behind other media. It’s also clear that the monotony of many linear games is


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Unique Atmosphere in an Open-World Fantasy World.
  • A Variety of Enemies that Immerse Your Battles.
  • The Players Chat During Battles.
  • Basic Dungeons
  • A Dynamic and Astounding story with Multilayered Intersections.
  • Perpetual Combat with Dynamic special attacks.
  • Far-ranging dialogue that leaves an impression.
  • A persistent world that satisfies all tastes.
  • The exploration system that extends to the entire world.
  • The magic with which you will be armed.
  • The mechanics for building up your character.
  • More to come. We’ll be introducing new content every week!
    Elden Ring is an RPG with a large degree of freedom. An RPG with massive scale, but a relatively simple battle system of fusion, combat action.
    As far as action RPGs go, it is more than a game, it is a vivid dream.
    From the first moment I started playing, that sense of wanting to keep playing never leaves my mind, regardless of time or place.
    I foresee it becoming a RPG game that pulls in people who appreciate its scale and giant world.

    NeoGAF (Japan)<


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    NETGAMES.COM 《NPS》 Rating:[★★★★☆]

    ” Elden Ring is an addictive and unique game that offers great depth for both strategy and action RPG fans. ”

    PLAY.COM ★★★★

    ” Elden Ring is an unique fantasy strategy RPG that combines the charm and charm of classic Final Fantasy with that of the action RPG genre. ”



    ” Fans of classic RPGs, meet a new game full of nostalgia and action! ”


    ” Players will be able to experience a wide-open world, and it’s easily compelling. ”


    ” The game is currently in development for PC and Mac. YoshiIbara will also create an Android version. ”


    ” Upcoming games for Android:
    DRAGON QUEST: First Marn,
    Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn,
    Dragon Quest IX, Kingdom Come: Deliverance,
    Star Child, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth,
    A-Train, Circle of Mana,
    Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. ”



    ” This game is pure fun. ”


    ” Elden Ring stands out from its predecessor, Tarnished.

    It focuses more on action and its premise is much closer to the classic Final Fantasy games.

    While the decisions in Tarnished are always limited, the decisions in Elden Ring have a direct consequence on the story and world. ”

    G4AUDIO ★★★★

    ” The strategy


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    This game isn’t finished yet. The balance of items and stat values is not optimal for 100% completion.

    You can create a new character and have fun in a world where fantasy meets reality. Develop your character by choosing various weapon types and armor sets, and participate in online multiplayer matches in two major modes.

    Unusual fantasy game where you are the power of a Fantasy RPG.

    Enjoy action-RPG with unprecedented scale

    Enjoy a RPG where fantasy and realistic elements exist together! Customize your character by choosing from over 500 pieces of equipment, set off on a quest to become a sword hero!

    How would a weapon or armor with special effects look? Is it suitable for battle? Can it be customized with spells? That’s what you can experience in a fantasy world where the boundaries between fantasy and reality are blurred.

    As you explore the world, a number of monsters will appear and you will meet people who will challenge you in the form of a quest.

    Casting magic to summon monsters to fight and using set combos to attack at the same time to deal lots of damage at once to deal more damage. Can you overcome all obstacles on your path? It will take your heart and soul in this game that combines fantasy and reality.

    *Phantasy Star Online 2 Online Game:


    Phantasy Star Online 2 Online Game is the true successor to the Phantasy Star Online series. Join us now as we follow Adam’s story and unveil the plot of Phantasy Star Online 2 in a 4Gamer style full of story, animation and first-person cutscenes.

    Engross yourself in a fantasy world in an RPG full of details!

    The explosive online action RPG, Phantasy Star Online 2, lets you join other players from around the world in massive battles with hundreds of players simultaneously.

    Would you dare to risk your life? It’s all up to you!

    The explosive fighting action RPG, Phantasy Star Online 2, lets you join other players from around the world in massive battles with hundreds of players simultaneously. Would you dare to risk your life? It’s all up to you.

    A massive scale world of all the action to satisfy your appetite for first-person online battles.

    The vast Phantasy Star Online 2 Online Game lets you join other players from around the world in massive battles with hundreds of players simultaneously. It lets you experience a huge world


    What’s new:


    Developer < />Publisher:< />




































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    System Requirements:

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