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Download Setup + Crack

Download Setup + Crack



The online game that connects you to others through the Lands Between.
The following is an introduction to the changes we will be making to the Tarnished Union Online System this May.
● New Online Zone
The online game now has a new home, which is the Lands Between. You can enter through the following links:
– Tarnished Union

– Steam

– Epic Games App

● Introduction to Offline play
If you play the online game alone, you will be able to play offline in the OASIS. The OASIS is the online world where you can enjoy the development of the Lands Between.

● Offline Play (Playable Map)
You will be able to play the game online, create a character, and receive rewards in Offline Play. However, you will not be able to participate in the following:
– Traveling
– Gathering Experience
– Crafting
– Trading
– Missions
– Trading

The characteristics of each map will be revealed as the game progresses.

● Official Map
The official map will be available in the OASIS. The official map will be available in the official server.
● Character Name Change
In the OASIS, the character name is changed when you enter the OASIS.
● Missions
Mission display is available in the OASIS. When you reach the milestone, you will be able to see what kind of missions you can access through the official map.
● Maps
Map display is available in the OASIS. You can obtain the map of the area through the map count. You can also search for maps in the OASIS.
● Characters
Character name change is available in the OASIS. Characters that have been taken will return to the character level before the capturing was done. In addition, you can borrow the character of another player.
● Battle Reward Items
When you participate in battle, you will receive items. The items that you receive will not be accessible again.
● Characters
The account level of the character that you are using in the OASIS becomes the account level of the character of another player.
● Summary
Features not included in the Online Play
Offline Play only
Offline Play required
Offline Play
Offline play only


Download Setup + Crack

Download Setup + Crack

Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A massive fantasy world.
    Discover the Lands Between, an endless land in which towering mountains and ravines are scattered with grass, and the sky is serene.
  • Experience exhilarating battles directly in your own world.
    Encounter gigantic enemies that slow your movement and attack, and smoothly increase your damage with the use of a Rage status. When you use Rage, score kills can increase.
    You can experience a sense of scale from the campaign mode, and gradually increase your abilities with added items. You can also equip items to increase your damage in normal and new player modes.
  • Load yourself up with ability power, abilities, and eldritch scarves.
    Gain ability power and increase your characteristics using the money your merchant brings in the marketplace. While your tank gets damage, attack, and defense, your damage, attack, and defense continue to increase.
    To raise your tank ability, use the items available in the marketplace to acquire the ability power required, and then equip several of them to obtain the same tank ability.
    Depending on your items, abilities, and strengthened item effects, you can enjoy a diverse set of possible battles from beginners to veterans.
    In addition, you can find godlike items in big battles. The items you obtain can increase your abilities.
  • For developed players, the even-bigger world.
    The item shop has been improved to provide you with more higher-level items, and it is also possible to buy items for your online character.
  • New from the perspective of Expansion version 1.3:

    • As far as their views are contradictory, the four members of an Elden party are no longer connected.
    • A mini game using the DS touchscreen feature, “Ma-Chan Board Game,” has been added.
    • Text can now be displayed in the archeology section of Tarnished.

    System Requirements:

    Before you play the game, please refer to the following information.

    About the device: The minimum condition required to play the game is a device with 512 Mb of RAM and 2G of flash memory. You can also play it on devices with 512 Mb of RAM and 2 GB of flash memory. You can play the game on less powerful devices


    Elden Ring For PC [Updated] 2022


    The battle has long been waged between the creatures of light and the darkness. You are a powerful eladrin lord, a descendant of a long-forgotten dynasty.

    Your character is created with the weapon, skill, level and equipment you choose. The amount of your stats increases as you fight, which allows you to choose the most suitable play style for you.

    An epic drama unfolds with multiple stories. You will have the chance to meet heroes that fought against monsters like you, and to find out their true intentions in the Lands Between.

    The Lands Between are your world. You can experience it in any way you want, from a relaxing stroll in the beautiful open fields to dangerous exploration in a dungeon.


    The Lands Between is one of the worlds in the universe created by the myth. You have the power to share it with other adventurers.

    * Fight on the field. The monsters chasing you are vicious, the monsters you fight are not to be messed with.

    * Experience the mystical powers of the eladrin magic.

    * Control your own character using the PWR menu.

    * Equip your own equipment and mix and match your skills.

    * The variety of battles are decided by the field and monsters you encounter. Make the best use of the unique battle situations.

    * The game is intended for iOS and Android platforms.


    The Lands Between is an open world in the universe created by the myth. Your world is a huge and procedurally generated world.

    • A veritable wilderness created by dreams and myths.

    • Battle challenging monsters and enemies that roam the wide world.


    Elden Ring Free License Key For Windows

    ・ Game Play Overview
    In the world where the heavens and the earth dream, the Elden Ring, through persistent attacks, has shattered the vessels of the gods, and the shattered goddesses have been leading the people to despair. In addition, countless amounts of impure monsters have been appearing on the ground, bringing the world into chaos. Risen from the depths of despair is a hero, a young man who bears the blood of the gods, and thus the powers of the Elden Ring are available to him.
    You take the role of this hero, and you are set on a journey to brandish the powers of the Elden Ring to return peace to the lands between. Your job is to protect the weak, those who can only pray to you.
    ・ Story Intro

    During the story of the Elden Ring game, the player character, Laura, was kidnapped by a gang of orcs. While battling in the goblins’ domain, he is transported to an unknown land.
    In this new world, you meet a sassy elder named Ella, who is searching for her family. Along with her, you play as Gwendolyn, a strong and skilled warrior.

    You meet a boy named Sebastian, whose real name is Abysh, and he has divine powers like Gwendolyn.
    After that, you are on a quest to find the sister you have never met, and your goal is to protect her.

    You can freely switch between Gwendolyn and Abysh, Laura and Ella, and the Lame King and Prince, if you so desire.

    ・ Story Point

    During the battle between the old god and the goddess, various events took place. People sought refuge from the fallout, and had a new world formed in their dreams. It was filled with a tragedy that we felt had not yet been told…
    ・ Feature

    ・ Character Customization

    ♪ Appearance
    Change the style of your character’s appearance, including skin tone, facial structure, hair style, voice, etc.

    The option to change to either male or female lets you select your gender freely.

    The monsters in this game are humanoids, so you can select your gender freely when customizing your appearance.
    If you want to select “Other”, you can freely select the gender you want.

    It is possible to select the faces of the elderly and children.

    ♪ Equipment

    ♪ Stats
    Learn about the strength of


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    • Discover More About the Story
    • The Fight in the World of Kadala
    • Explore Various Worlds and Be Cast into Adventure in the Lands Between!

    Explore the World of Kadala!

    The new fantasy RPG for the 3DS system is based on elemental principles and the laws of nature.
    As players get involved in the game, they overcome challenges and face new threats in an intriguing story.
    This new story uses mythology, which will provide a deeper understanding of the theme.
    Watch a trailer below!


    The Fight in the World of Kadala

    Through our main quest, there are many dungeons in which you have to overcome daily challenges and various monsters to challenge your skills.
    By playing multiplayer battles, you can collaborate with your friends and share your challenges with other players.
    At the same time, you can enjoy the story through character development.
    The main content of the dungeon battle system is an action RPG style where you character battles are automated via an AI system.
    Challenges include equipping your character with standard and high-end gear, and improving your skills for a victory in the main story!

    Explore Various Worlds and Be Cast into Adventure in the Lands Between!

    The main story of Land of Aldin consists of a string of caves and dungeons to explore.
    By exploring, you can earn money and materials while you do your customizations.
    In addition to the main quest, you can also undertake side missions while exploring.
    By defeating the monster in a side mission or talking with other characters, you can progress more in the story.
    You can enjoy the story through your unique character development while you explore and improve your equipment by fighting monsters.


    Download Elden Ring Crack + 2022 [New]

    1. Extract all files.
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    3. Install game.
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    1. Extract all files.
    2. Mount.iso image or run it in virtual drive.
    3. Install game.
    4. Run game as administrator.
    5. Copy crack from crack.txt.
    6. Play game.
    7. Support the developer and buy the game you like 😀

    Introducing the protagonist, a tattered man
    Left out in the cold while preparing to fight
    By his own admission, he is outmatched
    He has an opportunity to save himself.
    “I’m not scared… He thinks to himself
    He can save his life in exchange for his sword
    But he does not want to lose his sword.
    So, he’s here.”

    “With this sword, I’ll be able to beat everything.”
    “It was originally a beautiful sword, but it was bewitched.”
    “It was a sword I had been planning to give to my father.”
    “The magical blade was unusable to me.
    But… In the skies of the dungeon…
    I received a call from the Shinigami.”

    “I’m so sick of this.
    What was this world created for?
    I’ve gone too far for a man such as me to get out.”

    He took a step forwards.
    He leaped towards the sky.

    [He was a fool who cried with just his prayers.]

    [If this is the strength of the Holy Spirit, I have come to the wrong place…]

    [I’ll beat them. I’ll fight them with my own hands…]

    “Blade Lord Elden Ring!”

    “Young man, you have the Sword of Mitigation!”

    “Ah! The Sword of Mitigation!”

    [I’ll put up a valiant fight. I’ll cross swords with a blade]

    “I’m already an Elden Ring…
    You must lead me to the Elden Lord.
    If you die here, this is just a game.”

    He swore fiercely as he held his sword in his hands.

    [Blades unsheathed, and the sound of dazzling noises fill the air


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download the setup file from our website.
  • After the file is downloaded Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions.
  • You are good to go.
  • Step 4:

    How to Crack & Activation key for this game:

    • Click on the keygen options, make a selection based on your operating system and click generate.
    • Copy the keys to your clipboard and close the Notepad.
    • Open the destination folder in your game and paste the keys. It is recommended to use the same folder that you used to install the game.
    • Open the game and enjoy the gameplay.


    Enjoy this game.


    Download Link : <img src=”” alt=”Timebike” title=”Timebike” >


    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7 (SP1)
    Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core CPU or faster
    Memory: 512 MB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX9 graphics card with 512 MB RAM, dual-head display with 1280×800 resolution.
    DirectX: Version 9.0c
    DirectX Compatible: World
    Hard Drive: 50 GB available space
    Software: Photoshop CS4, Photoshop Elements 9


    Download Setup + Crack

    Download Setup + Crack

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