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Light and darkness. Injustice and mercy.
An epic drama reborn in RPG action packed gameplay.


The Elden Ring Free Download Game franchise has developed as an Action RPG which blends RPG battles with real-time battles.
In this game, players can play together with multiple characters, establish large teams, and experience huge battles with the fight system that is regarded as one of the game series’ strengths, while making important decisions to affect the story.

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Light and darkness. Injustice and mercy.

An epic drama reborn in RPG action packed gameplay.



In The Grand Arcade, a mysterious outsider named Julius named Julius appears. He appears in the Lands Between, in the kingdom known as the Elden Ring, as a traveling wizard. Julius is called a “wandering wizard”.
A chance encounter leads to a meeting with the brave warrior and the wise scholar, known as the Two. This is the tale of Julius’ encounter with “Worthlessness”, that is a part of the Lands Between.
■The Chronicles of Julius

Raise your character level to experience events that will shape the story in The Grand Arcade and the Lands Between. All of the events in the game are connected through the game world, so you should be careful not to turn into a strong adventurer and hunt down parts of the game world using the skills of the character.

Players can freely walk with their character, as well as jump and double jump, with the aim of looking for treasure or exploring the area.
Players can attack an enemy with their weapons or magic. Players can attack either the front or the side, using both their upper and lower attacks.
Chronicles are a game where the player must focus their attention to the virtual space to investigate the details of the game world. All the action of the game is real-time, so players must constantly pay attention to their situations.
Players can freely walk with their character, as well as jump and double jump, with the aim of looking for treasure or exploring the area.
•Character Development
Players can change their appearance and equip weapons, armor, and magic to evolve their character.


Features Key:

  • OMG! Mobile PS Vita Android application driven
  • Full 3D character movements with camera angles from inside and from above
  • Optional camera zoom which makes you feel like you are right inside the gameplay from above
  • Strike deep into the enemy, and pull out the memories to summon gear when you are low on HP
  • Faint of friendship with the player

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    Elden Ring [Mac/Win]


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    • RPG with a deep story?
    This is an RPG in which the story is the center of the gameplay. Intense and deep in the narrative, this is an RPG that has not simply changed the original style.

    • Join the side of Heaven and Earth
    The story of the game is the theme of the conflict between the White Dragon, representing the Empire of Heaven, and the Black Dragon, representing the Empire of Hell. Tarnish, an unwanted child born with the power of the Devil, is trapped by the Alliance of Heaven and the Alliance of Hell, waiting to start a great war.

    • With the power of God
    The story of the game is that which occurs as Tarnish, a man called out of nothing, breaks through his past and achieves a divine power.

    The Elden Ring is an expansion of the Empire of Heaven and Earth, thus containing characters from both the White Dragon and the Black Dragon, and the story is what occurs as the two nations are fighting against each other, not the story of a single character. The Empire of Heaven and Earth that appeared in the original Empire of Heaven and Earth will be the main protagonist, and the characters that appear in the original Empire of Heaven and Earth (such as the ultimate hero, Noblesse) will be the support character that joins the party.

    Story of the Empire of Heaven and Earth:

    The Empire of Heaven and Earth was once the United Kingdom of Europe. However, the high taxes forced the working class to revolt, and thus, England fell into upheaval. The United States of America were created, and at the same time, Ireland and Germany broke away. Thus, the United Kingdom fell into an era of civil war.

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    The United Kingdom of Europe is now, and its government is little more than an agent of the Alliance of Heaven and the Alliance of Hell. The Alliance of Heaven and the Alliance of Hell are the two nations that joined together to


    What’s new:

    t = Transform!
    T = The New Style of TG Steam<br />
    R = Rapier<br >
    E = Elden Ring<br >
    L = Luna<br >
    R = Rapier<br >
    E = Elden Ring<br >
    L = Luna<br >
    G = Glaive<br >
    S = Staff
    V = Vita
    I = Ingot
    O = Orichalcum
    C = Chlorophyte
    B = Black
    R = Rapier
    Y = A neutral color that suits both the Elden Ring and Luna.
    A new random battle system that allows multiple players to fight to the death! In the new battle system, multiple players can fight all at once at once!! Attack with various skills during battle. Also, damage and effects may be changed depending on your opponents!<br />
    <br />[Description Changed]<br />
    You are awoken from your slumber in the Lands Between by the return of Luna. The moon fair is growing closer and the time has come. You are in the Elden Ring, but something is wrong…<br />
    <br />[Description Changed]<br />
    You are a young girl who was taken in by the King of Tarnished when you were a child. Now, you must fight to restore the honor of the ring and banish evil from the Lands Between!!<br />
    <br />[Description Changed]<br />
    Elden is a vast fantasy world where the power of magic is accepted by everyone… but not you. The land is bountiful and the people are warm, but a strong sense of distance and loneliness rests within you. Are you just an ordinary living in Tarnished?<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <iframe src=”


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    linette broun june 7, 2018 at 08:36 pm

    In this game i had a role. I had main role and a Secondary role.

    Alexandru Gabrielcu de mijdrecht juni 4, 2018 at 02:43 pm

    The Elden Ring game is a great game. I love it. I played this game for more than a month and it’s really interesting. I like to play from a time where I’m in front of a small screen PC. I like to play RPG games and I like to play from time to time.Q:

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    I’m trying to solve this problem, but not found a solution, nor found any additional information on Google.
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    Anyone, can help me with this problem?
    Thank you


    Logically, a rotation of a layer doesn’t make much sense. The layer is already rotated 180°…
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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download Offline Mode(SFO) here.
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  • Choose language (Adaptation can be tried)
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  • Now Restart your PC.
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Tiny Tower 2 can be played on virtually any platform. You can play it on tablets, phones, PCs, consoles, and anything else that has a browser.
    To get the most out of Tiny Tower 2, your web browser must have these features:
    You can see it in action.
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