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The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG with a deep story and a unique multiplayer experience. Featuring online play with asynchronous elements, and an epic storyline that does not sacrifice enjoyment.
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Finally, he found the sword, the biggest, his heart filled with joy, “Sword, I am honored to be worthy of wielding your power, Blade, before that, I hope to learn more about the wisdom you have…”
Chris and Asura touched weapons in hand and struck again.
Chris: “Pretty cool!”
“Yeah, it is.”
Asura: “Chris, Asura!”
“Give me your Silt Sickle.”
Asura picked up the Silt Sickle, he held it in his hand, he looked down at it a bit.
Asura: “Oh, the cleverest weapon? You said you were going to pick one of three weapons, yes? This is the third, right?”
Chris nodded.
Asura took out a piece of paper from his pocket.
Asura: “I made a poll, and I found that, this is the most popular. Other two are, I guess, not very useful for the final boss.”
Chris: “Probably not.”
Chris looked down at Asura’s paper, he held out his hand to read the poll.
Chris: “Silt Sickle, best weapon?”
Asura: “Yes. Best. Of. Course. It’s..”
Chris: “Leave it to me, swordsman…”
The voice, Asura could not ignore it, “The one who wields wisdom, Chris, I am honored that your vote is the Silt Sickle.”
“Thank you.”

“I am honored, Chris. Sword


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Fields: A Fantasy world made of fields and winding roads.

  • Huge Dungeons: Dungeons with vast expanses and a variety of unexpected obstacles.

  • A Real World Artistic Style: A wonderful atmosphere that draws you deep into the fantasy world.

  • A Huge Cast of Characters: Characters with a large number of costumes, stories, and emotions contribute to the development of the entire story.

  • A Voice Acting Cast: Majestic voice acting that does not make you feel weary even while listening to the voice of your own character.
  • System Requirements:

    Windows XP/Vista/7/8

    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.67GHz (SSE2) / AMD Phenom X3 965 (SSE3)
    • Memory: 2GB RAM
    • Hard Disc: 1GB Space

    **EPDM Ver. 1.04 Recommended**


    Story (latest version available free):
    1. Title: Atrocia Byline


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    Monster Collection RPG Guide

    Monster Collection

    RV of the Compassionate

    RV of the Depraved

    RV of the Vanishing

    RV of the Murderous


    The mighty and mysterious forces of the Demi-world known as the Ages continue to shape the lives of people living within them.

    Now the tide of history seems to be turning. A new threat to the Ages is emerging, which has the power to destroy the world with a single blow.

    To deal with this threat, the players have banded together in a makeshift party, taking the form of a village and fighting their way to the heart of the Demi-world through a series of mysterious ruins. Along the way, they are afflicted by forces beyond their comprehension, and will have to make difficult decisions if they want to come out of this alive.

    As new characters are added to the party, the story continues to evolve, with the players having to grow more powerful in order to take on the menacing power of the lurking threat.

    Extended Story & Graphics

    The main focus of the RPG system is the combat system, which allows you to not only to fight with your fists, but also use your magic, as well as specialized weapons belonging to each character.

    Not only does this combat system allow the players to become stronger by making the most of their skills, it also lets them customise their gear to suit their own play style.

    Additionally, the game includes a “Senseless Match” feature, where the main objective of the battle is to protect your teammates from getting killed, to which the system keeps a tab on your stats and health.

    Moving through the main story, the game also provides a series of optional stories that can be freely accessed during gameplay, where you will be able to play as a Witch to fight against an enemy army, or as a Vampire to defeat the leader of a monster-hunting group and acquire the Legendary Sapphire Sword of the Vampire Hunter.

    The opening scene of the game

    The fates of the main characters, who have been recruited to investigate the mysterious ruins

    The Ability and magic systems used in the game


    Elden Ring Product Key Full [Mac/Win]


    The expansion to the first fantasy action RPG in the setting of the Lands Between where you grow powerful by winning against enchantments within the Lands Between is now available!

    While you were defending the Lands Between from a swarm of enchantments, you began to experience a failure that was unlike anything you have ever encountered. After dealing with it, you discovered that the incredible strength you had seemed to disappear.

    That strength was a curse. A curse that is said to make the person who received it lose their mind, spurn themselves, and retreat from all of the world.

    You know a great deal about this curse, but you can’t stop your thoughts from touching on the idea of spreading it all over the world.

    Conversations with people who know something about this curse have led you to the castle that is known as the Fallen Castle.

    This is the castle you call home, the world where your mind is lost.

    To return home, you will not be able to stop the curse you received.

    As a hero that is lost in the Lands Between, you play as a young man named Tarnished who is fleeing from the Fallen Castle with the hope of returning home.

    In this game, you and your companions will engage in new story-based combat while also exploring all the underground facilities within the Fallen Castle!

    ◆ Story Character “Tarnished”
    Tarnished is a young man with a troubled past. From the time he was a boy, he always did everything he was told by his mother, but he could not help but feel that something was wrong.

    As he grew up, people told him that he was even more like his mother than he could ever imagine.

    He decided to leave that country, but became swept up in a new danger.

    Returning home at the request of a friend who also wanted to flee, Tarnished ended up in a place where he was unable to escape.

    Tarnished’s suffering began. The people he had known began to attack him.

    Just when it seemed that his journey was over, a voice called out to him. In that voice was the answer he had sought since he had left the country that was no longer his home.



    What’s new:

    ■ Mechanism:

    – The player takes on the role of a soul that “dies”, named Tarnished, and travels to the dying world through “Gate of Transition”.
    – Players enter the “Land Between” by accumulating spirit energy.
    – Players can acquire and use digital items (magic stones, golds, and so on) by interacting with the environments or demons.
    – Players are given a variety of ranks based on acquired gold and spirit energy in order to improve statistics such as HP, skills, and magic.
    – Equipment with different stat boosts (up to 3 times) can be additionally equipped, allowing you to fully enjoy the depth of the battle system.
    – Boss battles with unique features are randomly generated in dungeons.

    ■ Region of Origin, Theme, and More…

    A fantasy world born from the myths of the Lands Between, a region of death.
    During their journey to save a dying world, the characters wander in this world full of beauty and danger.
    The characters’ adventures unfold with the voices of an eccentric cast of colorful characters. You can dive into the story through the anime-like mini-dramas that take place between battles.
    The crescendo of the action, the voice acting, and the anachronistic sound and music all make the game a delight for the eyes and ears.

    ■ Battle System

    The battle system depicts battles in a style reminiscent of the best action games like God Of War and Devil May Cry. Four commands (jump, move, attack, and use special skills) and two mini-combos (dash and T.O.U) allow for a variety of elegant attacks and helpful techniques. A variety of items, such as potions, buffs, and life-restoring items are all equippable and can be freely used in battle at any time.

    Character skills that can be evolved are required to defeat bosses. These skills allow for gameplay that is intuitive and fun to play. Using an intuitive menu interface, there are “Learn” skills to equip that can increase your level. Using the healing ability of level progression, enjoy an epic adventure!

    The battlefield is enormous, so defeat harder enemies with team play.
    – Partner Party

    Join a party of up to four characters, each


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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • 1. Unrar.txt – Extract the zip folder and install patch within (use the extractor included or WinRAR).
  • 2. Uninstall any games or program associated with Elden Ring
  • 3. Download EDRI-Menu-I02.exe which is a modern version of the first menu screen and the sound for the game, and unzip EDRI-Menu-I02.exe to any location where this file is installed
  • 4. Unzip and install the game in normal windows installation
  • 5. Start the game and follow the instructions in Play Manual
  • 6. Run the game. Click on register.
  • 7. Click on the start button and follow the onscreen instructions. Congratulations, you have successfully finished your first installation!