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Name Elden Ring
Publisher alopax
Format File
Rating 4.37 / 5 ( 2766 votes )
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DPS, Support, Tank for my buddy.
Loot all the blue stuff or the green stuff, or the yellow stuff. Nothing else in the world is important.
The guy who added this map is doing a great job so far.
ADD ME TO YOUR FRIENDS IF YOU LIKE THESE ORIENTATION PEDONS! 😀 (Birthdays are in the summer, so it’s random, but i tried to make it as few or more for you as possible. XD)
Spawns on Phygus’ Island.
All the sections are connected and it isn’t that big of a map, just a nice hunt.
I don’t have enough time to make all the items, i’m a college student, but i’m doing my best.
I made the map on Supershake just so it’s easier to move stuff around, the size is better than the Autotiled.
Don’t be evil and thank me if you use it, i just don’t like it when people feel like im stealing from them.

Magehunter_Doctor is now in the recruitment process for the Deep Roads expansion!

October 22nd, 2014 marks the announcement of a new DLC for Skybound Games’ “fantasy action RPG,” Bloodborne. The new DLC, which goes by the codename of “The Deep Roads,” will be released on the PlayStation Network next year. The new expansion will allow players to get deeper into the lore and the history of Bloodborne, and will feature a new, lengthy co-op campaign on new levels set in the underworld.

The DLC will also release the “Bloodborne on Gamecube” PS4 version, which was not announced when the game first came out in 2013. The PS4 version will include a gallery, gallery viewer, and the ability to “visit and explore the mansion” of one of the co-op protagonists in the expansion.

Need more info on the DLC? Look no further than this video where we get our


Features Key:

  • Magic and Prepared Weapons await in a vast world! You must use the power of the Elden Ring to be free from the Darkness that swarms the Lands Between!
  • A gorgeous and stylish anime-style graphics are sure to delight both men and women!
  • A unique system that lets you combine magic and weapon styles together!
  • Freely Create Your Own Adventure
  • Five major campaigns are laid out in advance for you to enjoy.
  • Play as either male or female characters.
  • Or up to four characters can cooperate on a single Online, Fight, or Role-play session.
  • Enter dungeons in a party!
  • Play Guide:

    • Campaign 1: “Festival of the Madness”. Tarnished is taken by an unknown force and transported into the Lands Between. He tries to make it back home to his beloved, but more and more obstacles stand in his way. The main character of the game!
    • Campaign 2: “Trial of Thythonos”. A hidden village that contains the secrets of the lands. A large-scale battle between the Guardians and the Legion of Darkness? The appearance of new and different enemy threats?
    • Campaign 3: “Return of Therastus”. After the death of Therastus, a young man who took the burden of his age upon himself, the world below has undergone dramatic change. Are you ready to meet the sinister armies who came to take upon themselves something of his lessons?
    • Campaign 4: “The Storehouse of Zoltun”. When the prisoners at the Zoltun underworld are freed, they go to a strange world that floats above the Lands Between on a tower. These companions have doubts about their purpose here, but the group accepts them.
    • Campaign 5: “The Door to the Fremen”. After a long time, the Fremen have returned. Their main destination is an unknown destination. They don’t know the purpose of their journey, but they begin a journey…
    • Campaign 6: “The Land of Light”. A mysterious girl who does


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      “There’s truly nothing better than the feeling of welcoming a new adventure in an RPG. I feel that Elden Ring has that feeling for me.” (Bryan McTernan)

      “RPG Maker FM:Elden Ring is definitely a game worth checking out. It has a fantastic visual and sound track, a good story line, and a ton of hidden secrets to discover. So in conclusion, if you’re into RPG Maker or even just games in general, then you should definitely pick this game up.” (Jack Whiting)

      EDITORIALEden Ring is the latest title from indie developer MMACollective. There has been plenty of anticipation for this upcoming RPG game, and with all of the buzz and hype surrounding the game, it could have gone either way. I for one was extremely excited to play the game. MMACollective has done an incredible job with the technical aspect of the game and it shows in full force during the story mode. When I initially played the story mode, I was able to immediately see how this game was going to play out. It seems to follow the time-honored tradition of RPGs. The characters have strong attitudes and the story flows along, with a few twists and turns along the way. I was surprised at how well thought-out the story and pace of the story was as the game continued, with the events that transpire throughout the story progressing alongside the game and not dragging along. Even the game’s late developments were interesting, with the unexpected twists and turns that the story took ultimately making it all the more enjoyable.
      The game definitely feels


      Elden Ring Activator Free PC/Windows

      The Return of the Last Dragon God

      The Last Dragon God of the lands of Urist is back for the first time in almost a decade. In the story-driven fantasy RPG, explore a vast world with your friends and defeat the dark lord that is awakening once again.

      Operation Dragon God

      Achieving and expanding the lands of Urist.

      As a system designer and producer responsible for the creation of the new fantasy action RPG, Tarnished: A Curse of the Elden Ring, I was inspired by the action RPG system of Dragon Quest and the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) series. Originally, the action RPG system Tarnished featured a main and sub-plot, but because of the necessity of offering choices to the users, I changed the main and sub-plot to make the plotline unfold in an interactive way.

      Since the release of Tarnished, I have gained a lot of feedback from fans. While being excited over these opinions, I wanted to gather a new development team to work together with me on Tarnished 3. While developing Tarnished 3, I was inspired by Team GODE’s new RPG, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, as well as the Kuro’s Game and Final Fantasy XV related discussion, which reflected a change in the way that the players approach action RPGs. To adapt the new reality of gamers, I decided to develop Tarnished 3 with a new system.

      The gameplay system of Tarnished 3 is an action RPG of turn-based battles with a strong-connectivity feature.

      In the new system, the user chooses the characters that they want to use in battle. While attacking an enemy, you can decide to use the characters’ status effects, or you can attack them with a normal attack. If you hit an enemy with the status effect, the status effect will have an effect on that enemy.

      If you successfully land an attack, your characters will receive experience points and have their combat abilities expanded. You can also repeat the same move with different postures and attack ranges.

      After you successfully turn your opponent into your ally, you can continue to enjoy the battle with party members. I want to create a multiplayer game in which everyone can enjoy their own party members. Also, a lot of the users have commented that they wished they could move on with their own party, and I think Tarnished 3 will offer a new method of enjoying


      What’s new:

      More Information:

      ©Shinshokan Co., Ltd. © Sega Corporation


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      Over 10 years have passed since the culmination of the destruction of Kaiba’s Dark Plan. Ten years of hope as well as new hope. Near the end of his dramatic struggle, Kaiba lifted his eyes toward a new dawn. With a blazing light as his focus


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      How To Crack Elden Ring:

    • First, Go to Official Page at Official Site
    • After installation complete, After installation, Close Steam>Go To File>Create archive
    • Save it as a.sitx file in your Elden_R_Setup (for windows)
    • Open the folder (Elder_Ring_Setup) and open the file called Installer.Ini>Right Click and Generate Patch
    • Put Patch in your Elden Ring setup folder
    • Go back to Steam>Launch the installation
    • Open the install folder (Elder_Ring_Setup) and patch it
    • Launch the setup and complete
    • Go to Elder Ring>Profile>Set Administrator (for admin users).
    • Set the configuration settings
    • There is a global setting called Enable Music Recording.Please deselect it (left click then select to deselect)
    • Last, click Open in Bluestacks
    • Enjoy!

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Unstable beta, alpha, and release candidates (RC) are recommended to be downloaded from our download page. You can download Ubuntu Studio installer for your specific architecture from Ubuntu Studio website.
    If you are using a 64bit operating system, download 64bit installer.
    If you have any issues installing or running Ubuntu Studio, please visit our Installation Guide and our troubleshooting guide.
    . If you have any issues during installation, please run Ubiquity –help and launch it with –debug.
    It is recommended that you download Ubuntu Studio 16.04.1



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