REPACK Elden Ring crack exe file SKiDROW [v 1.02 + DLC]

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* Rise as a “historically human” being.
* Embark upon the journey of a “historically human” being, awakened by an “occult” force.
* Decide your own fate in the Lands Between.

* This VR game is not available on Android devices.

We use technologies such as Google Play Game Services, a cloud-based account system that is provided by Google. The developers of the VR titles will use certain technologies to guarantee the security and quality of the VR application.
The respective information can be found on the corresponding application pages (Google Play). By downloading and installing the VR application, you accept these terms.

Internet (towards the cloud)

Network traffic is transmitted via a wireless carrier. If the installed app uses the Internet, it requires access to the Internet.
In order to minimize the load on the carrier’s network, we use a technology called offloading. In the event of network congestion, offloading will cause the data to be temporarily transferred to the cloud. Google Play Game Services provides a back-end server that stores the data received from offloading.
When an app requests data from Google Play Game Services, the request is first transmitted to the servers in the cloud. If the servers are overloaded, the requests cannot be responded to. We use the Google Play Game Services technology so that the data received from offloading is temporarily stored in the servers in the cloud.

Sign in for gameplay

The Facebook app can be linked with Android devices. This link allows the mobile device and PC to be used to sign in.
When using the Facebook app, if you select “Nope” in the dialog, you can select “Me” as the sign-in method. You can also disable logging in to the account.
If you choose “OK” to “Facebook Account” in the dialog, you can use your Facebook account to sign in.

Instant Games:

If you are already logged in to Google Play Games, your sign in information will be automatically saved. You can access your Google Play Games account information (Game Center ID, your wishlist, rankings, achievements, etc.) by selecting “Settings” in the menu on the mobile device, and you can change your “game” settings from your smartphone or tablet. If you have any questions regarding your Google Play Games account, you can contact us by visiting


Features Key:

  • Create your own character in the world of Elden Ring

    • This fantasy RPG offers a wide variety of weapons and equipment. You can create your own character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior or mastering magic.

    • Personality and appearance are shared between game worlds

    • New items and abilities will be added on a regular basis. The game is in development so, please play and provide us with feedback.

    • Save your customized character and characters in the world can exist separately.

    • Your save data and progress are not shared.
  • The game world and character appearance are highly detailed

  • The variety of enemies and dungeons is immense

  • Enjoy the deepest online games possible
    • Over 30 weapons and armor

    • An infinite amount of equipment to enhance the weapons

    • Combining up to 10 weapons and armor

    • Artificial intelligence (AI) depending on the appearance of your character.

    • A variety of enemy types and their sub-archetypes

    • Realistic level of difficulty

    • However, damage will be determined by the equipment you equip
  • Realistic combat moves and battles

  • Unique movement methods, such as casting a spell while running, are included

  • Multiple stages to choose from when encountering enemies

  • A variety of battle methods, including powerful assault mode

  • Experience the satisfaction of defeating rare enemies

  • The environment has been recreated accurately in the 3D engine

  • Superb background of the 3D engine

  • Expertize two types of battles, including an intense system-cross battles and a simple single battle

  • Superb graphics

  • Moving parts will change when weapons are equipped

  • Battles with party members will change the development of the game
  • 15 Online Types