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PydeMe is an application which has the goal to make it super fast to develop programs to tweak and manipulate Windows. That’s why it has been made from the ground up and with the best technique in mind, which leads to a solid visual as well as a great UI in addition to a complete set of options and features to manage everything through a yet-easy-to-use user interface.
Key Features:
• Save as standalone application, in a compressed folder on your thumb drive.
• Get all details about components, programs, processes and any window class or set of styles.
• Manage, get information about all active windows, most powerful windows, windows from other users, and pretty much anything for advanced users.
• Examine the properties (size, position, properties, class, etc.) of any window.
• React to every event that a window generates.
• Hide windows, kill processes, show non-active windows, edit windows, change their properties, view them in another UI with user customization.
• Manage you entire Desktop with all windows enabled.
• Move programs, right click them, or kill them with a single click on an application.
• Get an overview of all programs with processes under Windows and show more details about those.
• Get window information from any process, including executable files, and build up reports.
• Take a look at windows that are left behind after closing an application.
• Manage all programs, processes and windows manually, with a free tool.
• Prevent a window from moving or going away.
• Invoke a program to run in a specific window or just focus on it.
• Change certain behaviors of windows and programs.
• Hide all windows of any program when it’s launched, and make them reappear when you launch the program, as well as perform tasks inside them.
• Start in the preview mode.
• Manage advanced UI details, with an UI customization tool.
• Set alarms when a certain application needs to be launched.
• Watch live system events from the IDE and show them on your windows, programs and more.
• Protect your system from potentially harmful programs.
• Kill a specific process, or the entire system, with a single click.
• Change desktop icons by killing the respective programs.
• Hide windows of other users, kill idle processes or prevent them from launching.
• Hide all windows of a specific program, or react to a


Portable App with a ready-to-work interface. Have a computer
and don’t want to install anything? Download this application and start working now. You’ll have all necessary information about your computer on the Internet right in your
computer when working with the application.
Applications which do not need constant Internet connection can also be used without problems.
* Detects windows for a list
* Detects windows of the system tray
* Detects applications and open windows
* Detects windows and their classes based on the master process
* Detects windows based on their name
* Detects windows based on the application they belong to
* Detects windows based on the title of the window
* Detects windows based on the class of the window
* Detects windows based on the name of the class
* Detects windows based on the specific class name
* Detects windows based on the class of the window
* Detects windows based on the generic class name
* Detects all icons of the windows
* Detects windows based on the image of the window
* Detects windows based on the window icon
* Detects all processes
* Detects the window manager
* Detects windows and their classes
* Detects windows based on the class of the window
* Detects windows based on the class of the window
* Detects windows based on the generic class name
* Detects windows based on the specific class name
* Detects windows based on the specific class name
* Detects windows based on the image of the window
* Detects windows based on the window image
* Detects windows based on the generic image
* Detects windows based on the specific image
* Detects all shortcut windows
* Detects applications
* Detects the master process
* Detects the system tray
* Detects the desktop
* Detects icons on the desktop
* Detects open windows in the system tray
* Detects the number of open windows
* Detects the type of window
* Detects windows of the system tray
* Detects the application that controls the system tray
* Detects windows with window classes
* Detects all windows based on their class
* Detects all windows with generic classes
* Detects all windows with specific classes
* Detects the process with a generic name
* Detects the processes of an application
* Detects the window manager
* Detects processes in a system

PydeMe Activation Key Download

The PydeMe 1.0.0 application provides a lot of functionalities that enable you to handle the window classes of a desktop application.
Some of them are:
Show window classes by target process or by name (title)
List windows with all their elements
List window that contain a specific process
Read window attributes
List windows in a specific application mode
Read window handles
Read window resources
Read window styles
Get window border size
Get window positions and dimensions
Get the real window position
Calculate windows geometry
Identify a window based on the number of a specific style
Identify a window based on a specific button state
Identify a window based on a specific button state and condition
Activate the window or its process
Identify a window based on a specific action
Identify a window based on a specific name
Identify a window based on a specific text string
Identify a window based on a specific application name
List windows with a specific style
Activate a window
Terminate a window process
Get a window handle with a specific style
Detect if the window is activated or not
See a window object from a specific class
Do window automation tasks
Detect an app window class for a specific window name
So, what’s new and what’s changed in the current version of PydeMe
Apart from the date, there’s new features, fixes, and some usability changes that might come in handy in the future. As for usability, a few features have been streamlined, and the application has a few new buttons available, including the one to display a helper panel for additional window info, and even a command to handle a window list by title.
To start with, the sidebar has two new options to display:
Windows which have a specific instance of the “PydeTool” icon
Windows that have a specific application
Now, PydeMe isn’t restricted to show all windows, but can focus on one by displaying them in a sidebar. This feature is nice to know when there are a lot of unrelated windows open, so you can easily check which is the one to focus on.
Regarding the control panel, that’s still a toolbar drop on top of the window, but it now brings up specific features depending on the type of window. The button that displays all windows by name shows the same window title in all windows, so you’

What’s New in the?

PydeMe is an application that is capable of reading all details related to windows and their elements, as well as a set of management options. It can therefore be used in any window environment without the need for specific drivers.

Advantages of a portable app

The first thing you notice is that you’re not taken through a setup operation to make the application work, and it’s good to go from the moment download is done. It can thus be carried around on a thumb drive to use regardless of the computer you’re working on, without having an impact on stability, because registry entries are not modified in the process.

In order to get all details right, the application relies on the PyWin32 set of libraries and components for Python. Truth be told, the level of detail provided is quite thorough, and beginners might have a hard time understanding all elements. On the other hand, little accommodation time is required, especially because of the target function which is dropped over a desktop window to identify it in the list.

In-depth window information displayed

All windows are detected right on launch, but there’s also a refresh option in case you consider it’s not updated. Some processes don’t really come with their own window, but the application can reveal associated classes and instances for in-depth analysis. All of them are shown in a tree list based on the master process.

Apart from details shown in the main window, there’s the possibility to bring up an info panel with more details. These are organized in tabs and show styles, windows, classes, processes, handlers, reactions, and more.

A few last words

All things considered, we can state that PydeMe is sure to help you develop applications and properly handle window classes and styles. Info is shown in great depth, with dedicated options to hide and terminate a window based on either the name or related process.

All in all, it’s a very in-depth application which is perfect for any developer looking to work with the Windows environment.

PydeMe – Full Screenshot

Copyright: PydeMe Team




Windows Resource Kit

PydeMe – License

PydeMe – FAQ


System Requirements For PydeMe:

OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home / Vista Home Premium / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Processor: Intel Pentium 3 (500 MHz) or better
Graphics: Pixel Shader 2.0 (8-bit or higher) capable 3D graphics accelerator (Voodoo or Radeon)
Hard Drive: 1 GB available space for installation
Sound: Microsoft DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card


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