Photoshop Elements 9.0 2020

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Used Photoshop’s photo retouching options to retouch a few images to show you what a difference it makes.

Used Photoshop’s image-retouching options to change the look of a few images to show you what a difference it makes.

Chapter 2

# What You Need to Know to Be Successful

In This Chapter

Taking an overview of the online class

Figuring out what to wear, pack, and bring

Settling on a mood to create in

Checking out the equipment you need

Photoshop comes to you, ready to be used right now. No need to buy it. No need to go to a store. You can create professional-level images right in your computer, no software to buy or install. You don’t have to do anything special to use Photoshop, but what you need to use it is that much more than you need for other software, so knowing what to do and what to bring is important.

If you want to be successful with this book, you must be able to take a class. It’s the only way to learn enough about the program to be truly effective, and the only way to get around the somewhat limiting and confusing interface (see Figure 2-1). Don’t have the money for a class? That’s okay — you can take my free online classes as well.

Congratulations! You’re ready to learn how to use Photoshop. In the rest of this chapter, I give you the lowdown on which tools you need and how to get your gear ready and set up. Chapter 3 focuses on your Photoshop workspace and Chapter 4 shows you how to get started creating images. I provide plenty of tips and techniques in both chapters.

Note: The Online Slideshow found at `` is a great way to test out many of the concepts and tools in the book.

## Testing Out the Online Course

Check out my _Photoshop CS6 All-in-One for Photographers_ (Wiley) eBook for the lowdown on how to work through the book and the Online Slideshow. You get a window that displays a program that features all the content and tools of the book, including chapters and sections, exercise files, and the Web app. (For more on my eBook, and to download it, see the sidebar “Testing Out the Online Slideshow”.)

Figure 2-1: Some people

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Photoshop Elements is a powerful tool, but it’s not easy to use. Although it is a simple tool that allows you to make changes to images quickly, it is essential to be able to learn how to use it. This guide will show you some of the basic features and how to use the interface.

The features of Photoshop Elements include image retouching, color correction, and photo editing. You can also make videos, create web graphics and add effects. You can download Adobe Photoshop Elements for free from the official website.

Basic Features

Although the only major feature that the program differs from traditional Photoshop is the interface. It has intuitive features and is made to be easy to learn and use.

The features are as follows:

Retouch – This feature allows you to resize, crop, and rotate the image. You can adjust the size of the image and select an area. After cropping you can use effects to retouch the area, such as rotating the image.

The adjustment tools include the following:

Sharpen – This tool makes the edges of the image sharper. It also lets you use noise reduction tools, blur, and sharpen using adjustments.

Selective Color – This tool allows you to remove color from specific areas of the image.

Effects – You can apply effects to select areas of an image.

Adjust Lighting – The Adjust Lighting tool automatically corrects the colors of the image. You can also add effects like a color temperature tool.

Adjust Shadows – This tool adjusts the shadow of the image. You can also create a more natural or a hard-edge shadow. You can adjust the amount of shadow and create a soft shadow.

Adjust Lights – The Adjust Lights tool automatically adjusts the brightness and contrast of the image. It can also add dramatic or subtle effects. You can also adjust the specific lighting of a specific area.

Adjust Saturation – This tool allows you to adjust the tone of the image. It increases or decreases the colors of the image to make the image more or less vivid. You can make images look more vivid or vignette by adjusting the colors and making them appear more muted.

Adjust Hue/Saturation – This tool lets you adjust the colors of the image, as well as the contrast and luminosity of the colors. It allows you to create saturation and tone by adjusting the amount of light and dark.

Adjust Color – This tool allows you to adjust the color,

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