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Additional Information

Name People Eater
Publisher vladbea
Format File
Rating 4.56 / 5 ( 6425 votes )
Update (9 days ago)



Retro arcade classics came together into one and new strong platform survival gamePokka Man Blast. The game comes in three different difficulty levels. Play it for yourself and be a hero and help Pokka Man end up in his doom!!!
All of Pokka Man’s Achievements have been unlocked in this game.
Gameplay Features:
Retro Poser
Auto Save
What’s new?
Album Cover Art!
Bonus Levels
Game Description:

The legendary pilot Pokka Man must rescue Princess Ann, an abducted princess whom is held captive in the underground lair of Count Garole. The only way to reach her is to ride the platform, jumping over hazardous obstacles. To reach the treasure pit, you need to hit the rotating red arrow buttons on the sides. But be careful, the level keeps flashing, and will make you fall down. The enemies in the levels include angry snake, pirate, witch, lion, pirate soldiers, frog, shark, dragon, hungry ghost, ghosts, vampire, zombie, spiders, turtle, witch doctor, crocs, alien, gorilla, zombie lizards, robot, zombie rabbits, zombies and many more. You must blast them as they are close to you to escape from the platform. You can also use gun to kill them. you have to make sure that you can reach the princess.

Applications you may be interested in:

* Gamepad Support – simple change the controls from keyboard to gamepad

* Keyboard Support – simple change the controls from gamepad to keyboard

* Scan codes – Scan codes from games

* Achievements – Some games track your progress and show it as an achievement

* Radar status – Shows any games you are currently playing

* Gamepad configuration – Enable/disable the buttons from gamepad

* Language – Send multi-language messages


* Get all Level Complete achievements

* Get all achievement based on your level score

* Get all achievement based on your skill point

* As you finish each level, a crest will unlock (Shooting Star, Cow & Pony, Fireworks, Blinking Light, Open Chest, Red Arrow, Ok, Blue Arrow, Pink Arrow, and Green Arrow)

System requirements:

* OS – Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

* Processor – Intel Dual Core 2 GHz (6 GB RAM) or more is recommended

* Graphics – NVidia


People Eater Features Key:

    It’s WONDERFUL that all your friends and family enjoy the game on their Android mobile.
    You will get all the latest updates and fun additions with just one click.
    You will always have something fresh and new. We also have a lot of new content and bug fixes in different areas.
    You can choose what kind of feeds you want. You can also change text size, color, etc…

    • FPV Remote Streaming
      If you have any friend on Whatsapp and let’s say, you are anxious for their records, you can do it now.
  • System Requirements:

    • Processor: 1 GHz
    • Memory: 512 Mb or more

    History of how this game came about:

    I was really satisfied with Freeside by SideUp Games. It really challenges my Andriod device and teaches me a lot. That’s why i decided to do a fight or flight clone with more strategic elements. Especially when i saw Distop-1, i thought ‘Yess! This is really what i wanted!’

    Apart from that, here are my reasons why i made so many attempts on the game:

    • If possible, the game must be free.

    • I must avoid buying non-economic materials for the game – like APKs, game backups, textures, etc…

    • I must avoid using crack maps.


    People Eater Crack For Windows

    Make your own duck with an infinite amount of awesome ways to put on any hat you like!
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    People Eater Crack + [Latest-2022]

    1. Place a Private eye on the starling tourist map and find the mission – Locations : You have to perform 5 different tasks to get the call. Some of the locations will be known to you as they are marked on the starling map. Most of the time you have to be active as the starling and earn some rewards for being active. It’s best to use some of the kills to cancel the mission and start a new one in another location.

    2. Perform the mission – On-site : It’s always better to use a firearm with multiple shots and be far away from the starling.

    3. Complete the mission – Handler or Local Handler : If you are lucky to get a Local handler, he will take care of the starling and you can use the skills that you have been given and just follow the handler. If not, you have to do the task yourself, this usually involves fighting a target with a long distance shot, shoot him or her with a ghillie suit. You also have to fight other people who appear in the mission, usually one target and one Handler. Sometimes, you will have to fight two targets and a Handler. If you kill them, the mission is over and you are rewarded with experience, money and items. You can also try to end the mission before anyone is killed. When you first kill a target, you are provided with an option to cancel the mission. When you have only one target left and only the Handler is left, a free shot is provided. If the Handler is killed, you will get free shots at the target and the mission is over. You can also perform a Non lethal shot, to injure the starling, but it’s best to not do it in the final stage. You can also perform a fake bomb shot if you want, with the starling, to distract them and make things easier for you, but the Handler will just see it as a smoke grenade.

    4. Solve the mystery – Find the treasure : The main goal here is to find the Cacao tree. This item is located behind the mansion of the orator Delgado. As soon as you know where it is, go and find it. Only when you find the tree, you will be provided with the mission. You don’t need to kill the starling anymore, but you will have to return to the Delgado mansion.

    5. Deliver the starling – Return to the mansion : When you return, you will have


    What’s new in People Eater:


    Mossad, Hebrew for Secret Intelligence Agency or Shin Bet (Hebrew: מאס”ד; Arabic: مثلية المتحفظين), is an Israeli government agency that is responsible for gathering intelligence and conducting covert operations. It is subdivided into three sections: civilian, counterterrorism, and military intelligence. Mossad is one of two Israeli secret services responsible for intelligence, along with the Israel Defense Forces General Security Service (ועידוי זכויותי לבד אש”ף). The directive of the Mossad regarding covert operations is overseen by the Mossad chief at the time.


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    Free People Eater Crack Activation Code With Keygen

    The 4 major characters are all playable in all game modes. Each of them has a set of skills, abilities and secondary skills.
    +Tia: A witch who is dedicated to balancing out the forces of good and evil. She is versatile in the use of magic and magical spells.
    +Klaus: The dark fox who is dedicated to the calming spirits in nature. He is skilled in summoning and conjuring spirits in order to aid his allies.
    +Daria: The Green dragon dedicated to the wild spirits and is able to strengthen the bodies of his allies.
    +Wei: The angelic knight who has a huge range of attacks to defeat the enemy and a strong sense of justice.
    Each of the characters has a Holy Symbol he can use to cure status effects on his allies. When cured at the end of a battle, he will cure all of his allies with that Holy Symbol.
    Story: A single player story mode where the player is given an adventure to complete.
    Daily and Weekly: Daily and Weekly charts are available to the player. Completing Daily or Weekly tasks earn medals which can be used to acquire new characters.
    Battles: Versus can be created in this game. Completing a missions earns medals which can be used to acquire new character.
    Stages: The player is able to explore the open game area, dungeons and towns.
    Players can buy different costumes for each of the characters. The costumes can be equipped to improve the effects of stats.
    Select where you want to jump in the world of battle and customize your character to your specific playstyle.

    Stealth Assassins: Tactics is a turn-based tactics game with RPG elements. It blends charmingly pixelated graphics with a dark and foreboding world while also featuring awesome boss battles.
    Assassinate the enemy leader!
    Clear the fog-covered town of Oruvale and find his castle, where you will begin your quest to earn the title of “Stealth Assassins” and once again prove your killing skills.
    Explore the town, pick up quests and make your way through the four main quest lines. The randomly-generated towns are fully realized with NPCs, items and an interactive environment.
    A Decent Job:
    Stealth Assassins puts a lot of effort into providing thoughtful and challenging gameplay. Alongside the story and the RPG elements, you will be hunting for the story’s main villain, the same way you


    How To Install and Crack People Eater:

  • Download and install Virtual Diary
  • Start the.exe file
  • Select option in the ‘Other’ tab for sharing
  • Move your mouse next to the website or game you want to share, and click
  • You can also read this.

    The Author:
    Mia POV, virtual diary
    Date: Thursday, December 30, 2016
    Time: 12:00 PM


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    .TargetFilename = “bannersize_” & myRepeater.SelectedIndex

    into this:
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    System Requirements For People Eater:

    * Windows XP or higher
    * 2048 MB RAM
    * 1024 MB VRAM
    * DirectX 9.0c compatible
    * Storage space at least 1 GB for the installation files
    * Internet connection
    * 5 MBPS or more of internet connection for install
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    Additional Information

    Name People Eater
    Publisher vladbea
    Format File
    Rating 4.56 / 5 ( 6425 votes )
    Update (9 days ago)


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