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NPTracker is a free of charge PPC Tracking Script.
Breath New Profits into your PPC Advertising Campaigns by Dumping Looser Keywords and Keeping the Profitable ones with this New FREE Script. Looking for easy solution to your PPC problems?
A tiny little script will allow you to track performance of each keyword you have in your PPC campaigns 24/7. Now you can see which keywords bring you money and which ones actually costs you big time. Assign a special code to any keyword and you are set.
And not only that. You will also discover hidden search keywords & referring sites!
As soon as clicks start coming, the script automatically generates a special text log file generated, where you will see a load of useful statistics all the search keywords people actually searched for on Google before clicking on your PPC ads.
You will also get an access to other useful statistics along with sites that referring you clicks. How nice is that? And you already know the best part – its free and very easy to setup.
Here is how to do it:
■ Edit Redirection URL in the np.php to where you want visitors to redirect to. This should be your sales letter, email squeeze page or merchant page.
■ Upload a script and a blank log.txt file to any webhosting of your choice.
■ Create destination links for every keyword you wish to track by:
– adding your keyword to the script as is; or
– assigning special codes for every keyword you have in any given advertising campaign (suggested)
■ The form of the destination link should be like this:
■ Add new Destination links to your PPC campaign.







NPTracker With Registration Code Free (April-2022)

NPTracker is a free PPC Tracking Script for Google that lets you Track Performance of Your Campaigns 24/7 and get stats about clicks, referring sites and competitors.
NPTracker basically saves a unique ID that you can configure for each keyword, and that’s it. As soon as you get clicks (and you will get a lot) NPTracker will display all the stats you are looking for. It will also give you a good idea of who your competitors are and what they are doing to succeed. NPTracker also comes with your own filter system to filter keywords that never bring any clicks or don’t have enough money to consider them. This way you can pick keywords that are actually bringing you money and focus on them.
NPTracker was designed by Amal Nagrath the developer of Haggis Media’s Futile Friday. NPTracker is totally free and requires no payment. It can be used on up to 5 campaigns at the same time.
– See Visitors
– See How Many Visitors A Keyword Gave
– See How Many URLs A Keyword Gave
– See Referers
– See Domain
– See Referrer
– See Referring Domain
– See IP
– See Country
– See City
– See Time
– See Count
– See Min Score
– See Max Score
– See Min Name
– See Max Name
– See Count
– See Avg Score
– See Avg Name
– See Total Score
– See Total Name
– See First Seen
– See Last Seen
– See IP
– See Avg IP
– See Avg domain
– See Avg Country
– See Avg City
– See Country
– See Date
– See Count (Average)
– See Count (Maximum)
– See Count (Minimum)
– See Count (Count)
– See Count (Names)
– See Count (Score)
– See Count (Visitors)
– See Visit Duration
– See Visit Duration (Average)
– See Visit Duration (Maximum)
– See Visit Duration (Minimum)
– See Visit Duration (Count)
– See Visit Duration (Names)
– See Visit Duration (Score)
– See Visit Duration (Visitors)
– See Avg Time
– See Average IP
– See Domain
– See Domain IP
– See Country
– See Count (Avgs. IP)
– See Count (Avg. Domain)
– See Count (Avg. Name)
– See Count

NPTracker Crack + Torrent (Activation Code) Free [Mac/Win]

– A tiny little script allows you to track performance of each keyword you have in your PPC campaigns 24/7.
– You will get statistics about keywords that people actually searched for before clicking on your PPC ads.
– You will also get an access to other useful statistics, sites and bids your people are making when clicking on your ads.
– When you add new destination links, the script will automatically generate some new log.txt file with the statistics.
– The generated log.txt file will be automatically emailed to you whenever anything happens.
– All the data is saved to a special statistics database that allows you to use it whenever you need it.
– All the statistics and any “log” files generated by the script are saved in your web browser. You can open it and analyze it whenever you wish.
– Also, you can export to Excel format (comma separated) any statistics you want.
– You can give your own codes to each keyword you want to track and instantly get all the statistics to your mail.
– NPTracker will also send you some statistics in your mail box.
– You can setup unlimited destination links and keywords to track (just add as much as you need).
– The script does not load any ad tracking or referrer software. So you don’t have to worry about any errors or any negative effects it could have.
– NPTracker will not open a new window. It does not use any pop-ups and it does not load any add-ons.
– NPTracker is completely free and easy to setup, it does not have a long list of requirements. You only need a web browser on your computer.
– NPTracker has no limit on how much traffic you want to track.
– It will not track off site traffic.
– It has no limit on number of keywords.
– NPTracker uses real google keywords. It will not track any keywords that are not actually made by google.
– There is NO limit on number of keywords you can track.
– NPTracker is easy to use. Just upload a script, a destination link and log.txt file in any web hosting.
– Enter your login details for statistics database in the file included with the script.
– Easy to setup. Anybody, even a newbie, can use this script with a few clicks.
– The statistics are stored to a statistics database and you can view all your stats at any time
– You do not have to

NPTracker Crack Patch With Serial Key

This script will allow you to check statistics of your PPC campaign, 24/7, without any problems with pay-per-click ads.
You will have a list of Keywords, your website domain and all the places where people visit for all of them. You will know the real time visitors and searches for every keyword.
You can add custom keywords at anytime. You will know which are the keywords that bring you money, and which keyword are lossers.
Also, you will have access to traffic statistics like:
• Country
• Time zone
• Keyword
• Session length
• Per keyword statistics
• Referring site
• Referring IP address
• Referring URL
NPTracker Requirements:
– PHP Version 5.0+
– Network support
– CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)
– GTK or similar
– Your web-hosting support
– FTP Server
Download NPTracker!
Download Source Code
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Add NPTracker to your advertising campaign!Q:

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What’s New In?

Allows you to track and dump unused keywords or keywords that dont bring you any clicks and helps you save money and time.
With NPTracker you will:
• Track used keywords and their performance, set keywords and ad versions at once.
• Check if your keywords make you money or you just waste money.
• Enter PPC’s related keywords as many times as you want and set how many keywords from list to track by.
• Track search referrals and referrers automatically or through log files.
• You can use the name of the keywords as their code.
• You can assign your keywords to campaigns and adgroups of your choice.
• You can edit log file name and create a log file with name of the keyword.
• You can assign a code to every keyword and it will change automatically into the real keyword name and the log will just show the real keywords you’re actually tracking.
• The script will show all keywords and the adversions they are used with.
• The scripts will record all click data, including search referrals and referrers, redirects and all standard log data.
• The script is smart. It will collect all the data in one table to show results at once.
• The script has a graph to show all data, including referrals and logs.
• You can export data for further use.
• Quick statistics of all keywords including “Export to Excel”.
• The scripts includes a click counter, visit counter and a conversion rate counter.
• The script is very easy to use.
• The script is free! You only need to fill up the form on the hosting site to download an installer of the script.
■ You can use it without limitation!
It will help you to:
– Analyze used keywords and check if they make you money, if not – collect data about them (how many ads they are running, keywords they are used with and even search referrals and referrers)
– You can keep a keyword that didn’t bring you any clicks
– Check how many clicks your keywords get
– The script will count all the clicks and visit, and they will be kept in a hidden log file of your choise.
– You can delete all deleted keywords from a campaign to save money.
– The script shows all keywords and how much they are used
– The script is easy to use: a user-friendly interface of the script is easy to use.
– If you use a web-host

System Requirements For NPTracker:

STA compatibility
Hardware requirements:
– 64 bit processor
– 1 GB RAM
– 1 GB free disk space
Software requirements:
– DirectX 12 compatible video card (varies with games)
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, or Windows 10 Anniversary Update
Windows 7
– Windows 8
– Windows 8.1
– Windows 10 (64-bit only)
– Windows Server 2012
– Windowsجرائم/


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