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Those who own mobile phones and often send messages to their contacts might occasionally feel annoyed by the tiny screen size and the fact that it might take them a long time to finish typing the text.
This is where Microsoft SMS Sender can come in handy, as it enables users to send SMS (Short Message Services) by using their computer.
One first needs to connect their GSM mobile phone to the PC, then launch the application and use the PC keyboard to type their message. If several devices are connected, users can select the one they are interested in.
The GUI of the utility is highly intuitive and user-friendly, so that even computer novices can effortlessly send messages to their phone contacts.
Users first need to start by setting up a phone book where each record features a name and a phone number – alternatively, the phone number can be directly typed in the dedicated field, assuming the user knows it by heart.
A handy feature of Microsoft SMS Sender is that it supports both default alphabet (GSM standard) and international letters (UCS-2), and it is up to the users to choose which one they prefer.
Moreover, logging can be activated by those who want to keep track of all the messages they have sent.
It needs to be mentioned that the application can only be used to type and send messages, meaning that one cannot use it to receive SMS from their buddies.


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Microsoft SMS Sender For PC

With Microsoft SMS Sender Cracked Accounts, you can send SMS messages without having to connect your mobile phone to your computer.
It enables you to type and send SMS messages from any Windows desktop computer, anytime and anyplace.
It supports both default alphabet and international letters.
It provides a simple GUI and is highly intuitive.
If you do not know the phone number to contact, it is possible to search for the one on the internet.
Available languages: English, Spanish, French and German.
Key features:
– Simple GUI: no need to learn complex options before starting using the program
– The program is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
– Supports both default alphabet and international letters
– Supports the SMSC/Mobile Phone Interchange Standard (MPI) that enables users to send and receive SMS from any mobile phone compatible with the standard
– Logging function: One can keep track of every SMS one sends
– The program is compatible with any GSM-compatible mobile phone
– The program can be used to send and receive SMS from any Windows desktop computer, anytime and anyplace.
To begin using Microsoft SMS Sender, one can download the installer from its website, activate the option to automatically install updates and follow the on-screen instructions. Once Microsoft SMS Sender is installed, one can run the program from the Start menu.
How to use Microsoft SMS Sender:
The Microsoft SMS Sender works in two steps.
First, the program needs to be installed and needs to be activated. Then, one needs to log in and select the contacts they want to send their messages.
To begin using the software, one just needs to click on the option «Set this computer as SMS sender» and then launch the application.
It is necessary to first ensure that the phone needs to be connected to the PC, so that Microsoft SMS Sender can send SMS messages.
After the mobile phone needs to be connected to the PC, simply start the Microsoft SMS Sender.
This way, there is no need to type or search for the mobile phone’s number, as it is automatically being loaded into the program and identified.
After the user selects the device to which they want to send their SMS messages, they can then fill out the message they wish to send.
It takes a few seconds to send the message to the intended recipient. Microsoft SMS Sender works much like the built-in messaging application from the mobile phone,

Microsoft SMS Sender Crack + [Latest 2022]

• Type to send SMS messages to phone numbers and use the built-in GSM or UICC card.
• Sends SMS using the default alphabet, or optionally the UCS-2 alphabet.
• Logs, filters and sorts SMS.
• Password protection.
• Names the log file.
• Incoming call, make calls,…
• Chinese/Japanese language packs.
• Compatible with most Windows operating systems from Windows 98 to Windows 10.
• Full Unicode support.
• Win32/64 bit compatible.
• Widely supported.
• Software size: ~35M (incl. Sender update).
• User-friendly.
• International language support.
• Full Unicode support.
• SMS encryption: 3DES-AES,…
• PCMCIA slot.
• Can be used as “sender only”, “sender and receiver” or “recipient only”.
• Built-in help.

Microsoft SMS Sender:

Microsoft SMS Sender is a software tool that helps users send SMS (short message services) messages. Many people use their mobile phone to send text messages. This type of communication is very popular in the USA, but it is also very common in many countries of Europe and Asia. Nowadays, SMS is the preferred way to communicate, but it is useful to send messages via the computer, from time to time. Sending SMS from a PC differs from phone to phone. Sometimes it can take a long time to type in the text, but with an application like Microsoft SMS Sender this can be done very quickly. Moreover, users have the ability to create multiple messages at once, and they can select the device they want to send the message to. Microsoft SMS Sender lets users do this very easily.

Key Features:

• Sends SMS messages to phone numbers.

• Supports both the default alphabet and UCS-2, so users can select the one they prefer.

• Logging.

• Names the log file.

• Compatible with most Windows operating systems from Windows 98 to Windows 10.

• Win32/64 bit compatible.

• Widely supported.

• Software size: ~35M (incl. Sender update).

• User-friendly.

• Full Unicode support.

• SMS encryption: 3DES-AES,…

• PCMCIA slot.


Microsoft SMS Sender Keygen For (LifeTime) PC/Windows

This is a simple application for sending SMS via MSN Messenger.
It allows you to type in the message, type the phone number for a person that you wish to send the message to, click’send’ and after a short while the SMS is sent.
You can also click’send’ when you enter the phone number instead of typing in the text.
Additional features of the application include:
– per-contact sort of phone numbers.
– send by default the text given in the address box.
– select between default alphabet and international alphabet (UCS-2).
– logs all messages sent with the unique identifier of the application.




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MS Office Productivity Suite




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MS Office


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MS Office Productivity Suite

MS Office is one of the leading and the most popular Office suites that basically enables users to share and edit data, create professional documents, spreadsheets, and more.
Nowadays many people tend to use a PC at their homes and businesses because it has a lot of advantages.
MS Office productivity suite enables users to work comfortably and it is also useful for other products, as it enables the user to share data between their colleagues and their customers.
The Office suite is available for Windows Vista and Windows XP and it enables users to install it to their computers at no cost.
Microsoft Office Key Features:
There are multiple features that are worth mentioning in the Office suite; the most important one is the compatibility between the various applications.
As they all work on the same platform, users can share and manipulate data easily; furthermore, this compatibility enables users to use the Windows XP product in the MS Office Windows Vista counterpart.
Another useful feature of the Office suite is the option to clean and repair the program itself; this is useful if the user wants to take extra care of the product, thereby ensuring it works consistently and at top speed.
Users can easily transfer files with

What’s New in the?

– Send / receive Short message Service (SMS) messages on your Windows computer
– Type / send SMS messages with your computer keyboard
– Support GSM and UCS-2 standard
– Support GPRS and EDGE modem
– Send message directly from computer
– Real-time log of sent messages
– Used Sender ID & phone number
– International character support for locale
– Prompts for number and message
– Support several language (English, Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese, etc.)
– Automatic detection of mobile phone on network
– Support Windows 7 / Vista / XP

This software offers the ability to send a message with a keyboard on a computer. Microsoft SMS Sender can use Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, PC, and even Mac OS X support. For the Mac user, you are only limited to the one available program: Mac SMS Gateway. It lets you type SMS text messages on your Mac desktop.

What is the software good for?
You can use Microsoft SMS Sender to transfer text messages between a cell phone and your computer. Typing SMS messages on the computer is much more flexible and convenient than typing messages on a mobile phone.

How does this software work?
Microsoft SMS Sender connects to the Windows Mobile phone, which includes Mobile Phone service or PDA service. The program then transfers text messages between the cell phone and your computer.

Microsoft SMS Sender supports Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP for development and Windows 2000 and Windows XP for run-time. Besides, the software supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE modem. As you may know, the modem is used to send data from the Internet and perform a variety of applications. As long as the data is sent to the GSM gateway on the computer, and the gateway to the mobile phone, you can send the messages easily with this program.

Now let’s take a look at the detailed function:

Types the short message

Select which devices you want to use to type messages

After the program launches, you can type a short message on the computer. The message automatically notifies the cell phone to send it. The cell phone number must be registered in the list of your cell phone.

Logs the sent messages and other detailed information

The log file can display different information according to your need. For example, you can choose to only view your sent messages. If the log file is full, the message is automatically deleted

System Requirements For Microsoft SMS Sender:

Windows XP SP3 or later with DirectX 9.0 or higher
2GB RAM minimum
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX+/AMD HD3xxx series or higher with latest drivers
1280×1024 screen resolution or higher
Controller: XBox 360 Controller
How to Install:
Make sure the controller is connected
Download this file
Extract it
Run VibraCraftLauncher.exe and install VibraCraft Launcher with the default options. Click “Continue” on the error message, it’s expected to


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