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The reason is, that the subprocess starts a new, separate program.
If you pass command-line arguments to the subprocess, then they will also be passed to the new program, but the new program ignores it and doesn’t know how to use them.
Anyway: If you really want to run two programs, that share data, you need to pass them the data they need through the subprocess’s environment. That can be done by passing a dict to Popen:
import subprocess
p = subprocess.Popen(‘cmd’, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)

Other examples are os.environ and ctypes.windll.kernel32.SetStdHandle.
You probably don’t need to pass the whole environment to a subprocess. If you only need to set some small flags like in your case, you can use the process type callable():
import subprocess
from _subprocess import call_and_check_retcode
with open(‘file.txt’, ‘r’) as f:
call_and_check_retcode([‘cmd’, ‘-s’,])

This call returns only 0 or 2, which the os.system() command would do too.


Convert local date to xml format in objective-c

I need to convert the date in local time to XML format like this:
Thu, 04 May 2013

Is there any easy way to do this in objective c?
Thanks in advance


You can use this:

NSDateFormatter *dateFormatter = [[NSDateFormatter alloc] init];
dateFormatter.dateFormat = @”EEE, dd MMM yyyy”; // Wed, 05 Oct 2013
NSString *formattedDate = [dateFormatter stringFromDate:[NSDate date]];

NSLog(@”date : %@”, formattedDate);

Output is:
date : Thu, 05 Oct 2013

Learn more about this function from Apple Docs.

import { Component } from ‘vue-property-decorator’
import { USER_LIST } from ‘../../../../shared/generated/constants’
import { InvalidationGroup

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