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LightProxy License Keygen X64 [Updated-2022]

========== LightProxy Crack Mac is a real-time packet capture and web debugging proxy for macOS and Windows. LightProxy captures and replays web traffic, allowing developers to monitor a remote browser directly from their development machine. Unlike other tools, LightProxy does not require a remote desktop connection to the client machine or installation of a remote service like Charles. LightProxy is a standalone app and runs independently from a remote server. It does not require any authentication and communicates directly with the remote client. Unlike other packet capture tools, LightProxy can replay the captured traffic exactly as it appeared in the remote client. You can leverage LightProxy to debug your web apps, investigate network errors, or monitor a web server in production. LightProxy Features: ================== Packet capturing and replay You can capture HTTP, HTTPS, and even HTTPs over Websocket traffic. LightProxy supports the most common protocols, including HTTP 1.1, HTTP 2, Servlet API 2.3, REST, Websocket, WebSockets, Gecko, iOS and Android. Filtering rules You can control the processing of packets based on criteria including headers, ports, domains, hosts, path, URLs, or even full requests or responses. The data that LightProxy captures is sent over a TCP connection to the local machine. That means it can be easily modified on your local machine using scripting languages such as Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP, or any language supported by the remote server. Log files You can view the packets captured by LightProxy in a log file, which you can easily modify to add custom filtering. The log file contains the name of each packet, its URL, protocol, payload, headers, response code, data body, time, and other important information. Real-time replay LightProxy replays the captured packets to the remote client at the same speed they were sent. Since LightProxy is cross-platform, it works on macOS, Windows, iOS and Android. Log and notifications LightProxy can monitor network activity and errors from the local machine. You can view all of the network activity via the GUI or the command line, modify capture filters, and receive notifications whenever events occur. Caching LightProxy works with remote services, so you don’t have to download and install remote services on the local machine. LightProxy caches captured data to reduce network latency. Working with LightProxy is easy. Just download the app’s installer, launch it, and click the button on the upper-

LightProxy Torrent (Activation Code) Download

—- LightProxy is a tool designed to help web developers analyze and debug the traffic going across their local network. —- LightProxy Features: —- * Use proxy to get a greater insight into your network traffic * Filter and capture all data going through your proxy including HTTPS traffic * Analyze content of the captured HTTPS traffic using your text editor * Filter and change the content of the captured HTTPS traffic using your text editor * Get “Host Binding” feature that automatically hosts web applications on your machine * Clone websites and modify content inside the application using your text editor * Get “Advanced Wifi capturing” that helps in capturing all traffic going through wireless channels * Get “Remote Fiddler” feature that lets you simulate a remote HTTP server by routing traffic through your local network * Get “Local Mock” feature that lets you use your local network as a remote HTTP server * Get “Local Domains” feature that lets you use your local network as a remote HTTP server * Get “Local Web page” feature that lets you serve static web pages from your machine * Get “Local Web GUI” feature that lets you serve web pages from your machine using Web GUI design * Manage the local development of web applications using LightProxy * Manage the local development of web applications using LightProxy For more information, please see the following page: Key Features: —- * Supports HTTP/HTTPS traffic * Supports cookie, Set-Cookie, Referer, Post-Form, Request Headers, URL, etc. * Supports HTTP_Via, Request_Body, Request_Body_Without_Header, Request Body * Supports HTTP, HTTPS, WebSocket, WebRTC, RTCP, SCTP, SIP, RTSP, SMTP, SSH, SCP, Telnet, TFTP, Tracert, TUNNEL, VNC, VIM, WINDOWS SOCKS, VMWARE VNC, VNC, VNC, IXECVNC, VNC, RSAT and more protocols * Supports send and receive time * Supports modifying headers and cookies * Supports modify request and response * Supports modifying page, URL, domain name, RDP, SMTP, IMAP, RTP, RTSP, SSL, SSH, Telnet, TFTP, VNC, VNC, VMWARE VNC * Supports mobile apps 2f7fe94e24

LightProxy [32|64bit]

Web application development gets a lot easier with LightProxy. The app lets developers change the content of a web page, analyze a page’s behavior, simulate common settings, and bind a web server to its app without the hassle of using various tools. LightProxy works with the most popular web servers including Apache, Apache Jetty, Nginx, mod_proxy_balancer, IIS/Apache, Lighttpd, and so forth. And it can be used for both Android and iOS applications. With LightProxy, you can: – Add a new rule, edit an existing rule, click on a rule to see its details, and create a new rule to work together with other rules. – Save rules as they are, or edit and save a rule in the binary format. – Add a new rule, delete a rule, create or edit a mock interface, or bind a web server to it. – Modify the content of a web page, capture the requests and responses of a web application, preview the mock interface, and add a mock interface to a web page. – Use SSL, or not, and use HTTPS, or not. Use a mock interface to generate a certificate, or do not. Use SSO, or not. – Navigate the website using real devices in a network, or simulated devices, including mobile apps and devices not running LightProxy. – Bind the current page on your computer to a website, bind the website to a server/mock interface, bind the server/mock interface to a page, bind an iOS/Android/web application to a page, bind an iOS/Android/web application to a server, or bind a port to a server. – Use different protocols (HTTP/HTTPS/SSL/HTTPS/HTTPs/HTTPS/SSL/TLS/HTTPS) in a network, or use their real SSL certificate (or not). – Define an encoding in the request/response that is being captured (default: ASCII), or not, and can be UTF-8, Big5, Bz2, EBCDIC,… – Create an anonymous proxy, or use a proxy that is already established with a certificate. – Modify the URL of an existing request, the document being downloaded, and modify the content of a mock interface. – Change/modify the HTTP response, or change/modify the response content, and change the HTTP response. – Use

What’s New In LightProxy?

✔️ Accepts network data and packets and offers a command-line interface (CLI) with enhanced profile support (capture, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, IP, SSL, HTTP/2, DNS, AD, VPN and more). ✔️ Packet Fence support. ✔️ Chrome extension support (tested with Chrome v59 and later). ✔️ Replay file format support. ✔️ iOS Simulator support. ✔️ OpenSSL support. ✔️ macOS system level support. ✔️ Chromium system level support. ✔️ Java system level support (tested with v8). ✔️ Ping the world (see below). ✔️ Capture any profile that is available to capture from within LightProxy. ✔️ Batch capture. ✔️ Replay any file from a file explorer (both on Windows and macOS). ✔️ Filters for file traffic. ✔️ Filters for TCP traffic. ✔️ Filters for UDP traffic. ✔️ Normal mode (default). ✔️ Transport mode. ✔️ Host mode. ✔️ Header mode. ✔️ Broadcast mode. ✔️ Inline mode. ✔️ Proxy mode. ✔️ DNS mode. ✔️ HTML mode. ✔️ AJAX mode. ✔️ Mocking mode. ✔️ JSON mode. ✔️ Packet Fence mode. ✔️ Custom mode. ✔️ WebSocket mode. ✔️ Legacy mode. ✔️ Simple server mode. ✔️ Advanced server mode. ✔️ My rule. ✔️ No rules. ✔️ Configuration file. ✔️ Packet Fence configuration. ✔️ A tunnel through HTTP/S. ✔️ A dummy. ✔️ Raw. ✔️ JSON/P. ✔️ Plain text. ✔️ JSON/P Payload. ✔️ Text/XML. ✔️ JavaScript. ✔️ Remote. ✔️ Hidden. ✔️ Body/PDF/… ✔️ Headers. ✔️ JavaScript script. ✔️ Swf. ✔️ Flash. ✔️ Inline content. ✔️ Custom file

System Requirements For LightProxy:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS X (10.5+) CPU: Intel Core i3-2xxx/AMD Phenom II x2xxx/Pentium III, 2GHz or greater Memory: 2 GB or more OS: DirectX 11 compatible DirectX: Version 11 Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or ATI Radeon HD 7870 (or greater) Drivers: 64-bit DirectX 10 compliant Video: Windows Media Video 9 or QuickTime 7 HDD:


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