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Konst Pinger Crack+ With Product Key Free [Updated-2022]

Konst Pinger Crack is a software tool that can be used in order to trace of ping a specified hosts, configure a few options and enable or disable logging.
Smooth setup and clean interface
The installation process is a piece of cake, as it does not offer to download or add any third-party products and it does not last longer than a few moments. After you complete it, you come face to face with a simple and clean GUI, which only includes a few buttons and a pane in which to display a graph or some information.
Although no Help contents are supported, it becomes pretty clear that both power and novice users can find their way around it, without facing any kind of difficulties.
Trace, ping and bring up Whois information, and configure particular settings
This program enables you to easily input a host in the appropriate box and start pinging it with just a click of the button. A custom and color-coded graphical representation of the ping is available, while you can also adjust the retry time period (expressed as seconds).
In addition to that, you can easily switch to a trace mode, so as to view a list in the main window with information such as host name, IP address, time, network and country. Whois information can also be displayed, just by clicking an item present in the aforementioned list.
It is possible to set up SMS alerts, if a ping has a lower or greater value than the user-defined one, as well as send the utility to the system tray so as to make in non-obtrusive, enable logging in one single file and viewing the latter.
To sum up, Konst Pinger For Windows 10 Crack is a pretty efficient piece of software when it comes to pinging and tracing a specified website. The interface is suitable to all user categories, the response time is pretty good, yet you should know that in our tests, the app failed more than once and in different circumstances. Moreover, we also have to take into account that it has not been updated in quite a while.

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Konst Pinger With Key

Konst Pinger is the simplest host tracing tool.
– trace a specified host.
– turn on/off logging.
– set retry count.
– view host name and country info.
– view host details.

System Requirements:

– Windows 2000 SP4 or higher (XP is not supported)
– Java installed on your computer


Almost everything is gone. But it doesn’t have the best interface or those features. Konst Pinger is a pretty poor tool. – WhitAppen

Konst Pinger is a very tiny tool, however, very basic and simple interface.
– Bleachappens

Konst Pinger is a lightweight software. But it does a lot. – Cesar

Efficient in its purpose and simple to use, Konst Pinger is the tool you need if you want to trace a web page. – Softewallet

Konst Pinger is a simple software with a user-friendly interface and a good experience. – Moira Kutehova

And the software is really basic.
– Rolo

Konst Pinger is not suitable for Windows XP, as well as Java plug-in is mandatory for it.
– Rolo

Konst Pinger is a Java app that does a lot of the work for you by tracing your favorite web pages, pinging it, and presenting the results in a neat and tidy way. You can also configure Konst Pinger to monitor the speed of the website page you’ve traced, your friends and even your country.

Konst Pinger Overview:

Konst Pinger is a tool that traces a web page, and then pings it in order to have the correct speed. The tool is lightweight and easy to use. The interface is very basic, however, it allows you to configure a few options, such as the number of retries and the maximum time interval, among others.

Konst Pinger is a free program. The interface is simple and clean, however, the response time of the application is quite bad. Therefore, it could be called an alternative for people who want to trace a web page, but feel a bit uncomfortable with the interface and the response time of the software.1. Field of the Invention
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Konst Pinger

Stop soliciting your colleagues, friends, and family members with your annoying text messages. Now you can easily prevent receiving unwanted text messages on your mobile phone – and avoid the headache that text-messaging can cause. This is how it works:

Turn OFF an existing text-messaging alert

With Konst Pinger you simply disable text-messaging alerts for as many numbers as you want.

Wait up to 25 minutes after you disable text-messaging alerts on your mobile phone. Then you can expect no more texted messages from that number. Note that some carriers may keep a copy of your text message history, so it may take up to 60 minutes before the text-messaging alerts are disabled.

Konst Pinger Reviews:

“Qun Shouliang4/26/2014 – 12:03:29 AM”

“Konst Pinger is wonderful.”

“Konst Pinger is a wonderful solution. It’s perfect for those who can not live without text messaging.”

“Konst Pinger has a great feature: it does not interrupt your voice connection and does not delete your friends’ messages.”

“Konst Pinger is a practical and efficient solution, thanks to the great team behind it.”

“I was looking for a way to block unwanted text messages, but I couldn’t find any app on the market that could do it. Well, here’s my new best friend.”

“Konst Pinger has helped me a lot to control my friends when they sent too many text messages.”

“Konst Pinger is great and I am satisfied with the service.”

“I used to be under stress when getting too many text messages from my phone but now, thanks to this software, I enjoy a more peaceful life.”

“Konst Pinger is the solution I’ve been looking for.”

“Konst Pinger is a must-have app, and I’m an avid adopter!”

“Konst Pinger is the best way to limit the amount of text messages that you receive.”

“I’m a big fan of Konst Pinger and I think it’s the best solution on the market.”

What’s New in the Konst Pinger?

Trace, ping and bring up Whois information, and configure particular settings.
Konst Pinger Screenshot:

Determine if your computer or network can cope with remote web cams.
Type an IP address into the box and press the ‘Ping IP’ button.
If it is successful, the information from remote cameras will be displayed under the ‘Camera Information’ section of the main screen.
Using the mouse, it is possible to select a specific camera from the list.
Here, you can also view the actual picture on the specified camera, as well as select a specific video stream.
Other features :
* Automatically captures and displays video from numerous streaming sites in which current viewing is available.
* Easily connect to any Windows Media Center program on your computer.
* View and launch the specified websites from the ‘Web Videos’ section.
* Captures video directly to the designated folder of the computer.
* Allows you to view particular websites when there is no internet connection.
* Use the remote controls to switch channels or stop and start playback.
* In the back log, use a mouse cursor to select a specific time to view.
* Supports webcam and voice function.
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System Requirements For Konst Pinger:

Operating Systems:
Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Linux/Mac OS X
Minimum RAM:
512 MB RAM
OS Requirements:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 8, 7, or later.
Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other web browser.
Firefox or Safari cannot be used on XP.
Chrome cannot be used on Windows 7 and below.
You may have a problem with Java if you are using a 64-bit version of



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