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Name Grimoire Groves
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The self-styled “Witch of Blackfield” is responsible for all kinds of mishaps and disasters. However, it is up to the protagonist, Ellen, to get rid of her so she can finally have some peace. Ellen is a young witch with a love of astronomy and, thanks to a TV documentary she watched, has become a sort of sleuth for supernatural phenomena. Ellen is now in Blackfield, where a blizzard has struck and the strange events are becoming more and more frequent.

Ellen’s goal is to search for the local witch, whose work may have left mysterious objects in different places, and solve the mysteries surrounding Blackfield before something bad happens!

Main features:

Dress-up the toilet in order to reach the next level.

Every puzzle provides one or more hidden items for Ellen to be able to dress-up the toilet.

Additional items available in the expansion:

– “Seed”: a tiny plant seed
– “Cake” and “Chocolate Cake”: fruits
– “Strawberry”: a strawberry ice cream
– “Shovel”: a tool used to dig
– “Pinecone”: a burnt pinecone
– “Sugar Can”: a candy can
– “Key”: a key
– “Glass of water”: a glass of water

Find out what went on in the Manor.

Ellen will make her way through the Manor to discover stories that she has never known before.

Her first stop is the library, where you can find a picture of the Elder Witch, her only other living relative.

Ellen will have to continue her journey to solve the mysteries of the Manor!

The Manor is full of witches’ objects and magical herbs. And if Ellen is lucky she can find a few of them.

Items that can be collected:

– “Witch’s Ale”: an herb that makes a witch very sleepy
– “Manicure”: a handy and convenient item that can help you to concentrate
– “Witch’s Potion”: an infusion that can make you sleep or make you better
– “Emerald”: an emerald that will make a ghost appear
– “Quasi-Magical Amulets”: objects full of mystery that can contain special powers


Features Key:

  • Explore 2 new islands – Featuring beautiful islands with plentiful flora and fauna, and more than 90 hours of game play.
  • New core game play – The story begins over 5 years ago. Feel the courage and power of the war between Aries and Aquarius.
  • Upgrade your weapon & armor – Develop your strength and improve your proficiency with all of your weapons, or switch weapons to fit your liking.
  • Cash in rare items – Do you have any items that you don’t use? Want to sell them off and get more coins? Sell them now!
  • The game also features various puzzle elements, collectible objects, and increased difficulty, along with an adjustable slider for how smoothly or slowly the game works.


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