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Used by millions from around the world, Flickr is a popular website for photographers and bloggers, as well as those who simply wish to share their photos with others. However, if you are tired of the web UI and want to try something new, this app may be just what you need.
Fliky is an unofficial Flickr client that provides you with an alternative method of accessing the service and managing your account. It supports most of the features offered by the web service, and it sports an intuitive UI.
Browse the extensive Flickr database from your Windows 10 devices
By default, the application displays your feed upon launch. Here, you can see new photos uploaded by users you are following, so you will never miss anything important. However, you can also change what the app displays on startup.
Of course, Fliky also lists popular images that have been made public, and you can use the built-in search function to find interesting content.
Favorite and share photos, download files and leave comments
When clicking an image, you are presented with additional details about the camera, as well as other photos from the same user. You can favorite and share the picture and, if the user has allowed it, even download the file.
Comments are listed in a separate tab, and you can also leave your own thoughts if you find a photo to be particularly impressive.
Manage your account and upload content
The account management screen is almost identical to the one featured in the web app, so you should have no problems getting the hang of things.
As expected, the application also allows you to upload new images, as well as create and manage albums, groups, favorites, followers and followed users.
All in all, Fliky is a great third-party client for those who are tired of accessing Flicker from their browsers. It offers a decent set of features, and first-time users should find the UI to be very intuitive.


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Download » DOWNLOAD






Fliky Crack Free Download

Fliky Free Download is licensed as freeware for Windows 7 or later and macOS.
Download/Installation Instructions:
Save the file to your desktop. You need at least 8MB of free space in order to complete the download process.
Restart your computer to activate the installation.
Open your Start Menu and select the desktop icon to start the app for the first time.
If you are an authorized user of the web app, you can also install it via the app store.
License/Legal Information:
Fliky is fully functional software. Once you’ve obtained it, you’ll be able to use it for free.
However, we do not and will not claim responsibility for any damage that might be caused by using the app.
You are free to make back-ups of the software and to share them with your friends, but we are not responsible for their use.
While all of our clients are in good health, their performance does not always match the strength of their immune system.
So please, never hesitate to contact the helpdesk if something doesn’t work as you expect.
Although Fliky is completely free of charge, we do request that you help us by rating the app.
Your feedback helps us create the best possible software.

**When you rate the app (using a 5 stars rating) please indicate what you like and what you don’t like about the program and include the subject line “I want to rate Fliky 5 stars.”
**Do not be afraid to use Fliky comments. You can simply make an announcement stating that you want to rate the app without actually putting a rating on it.
**Fliky Community Guidelines:**
We do not moderate or monitor comments posted to Fliky.com so please use common sense when interacting with other users.
The Fliky Community encourages users to interact with other members of the community through the use of “tags”.
Please try to refrain from labeling other members as being racist, homophobic or endorsing violence.
Remember, this is a community focused on providing helpful tips and tricks to those who use Flickr. If a user feels you have crossed a line with your comments or interactions, they can contact the Fliky Community Team by clicking the “report” button under your profile name.

Fliky Crack + License Key Free

The most popular photo-sharing website is now even more fun to use on Windows 10 devices with the official Fliky App.
Not only does it feature an incredible design, it’s also packed with all the features of the official Flickr App.
Fliky is the official Flickr client for Windows 10 devices and comes with a clean, fun and intuitive interface.
Enjoy the best photo-viewing experience with your Windows 10 desktop computer by browsing the full Flickr service in your browser, or download the official Fliky App for a new way to browse and enjoy photos.
– Browse images in your Favorites folder, follow and be followed by other users, download content and more –
– Manage your account and your content in one place –
– Upload new images or download the files for offline viewing –
– Share photos on social media by copying or leaving your own comments.

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What’s New In Fliky?

Have you ever wished to have a Windows 10 native app to access Flickr? Thanks to Fliky, you can now do so. In this article, we provide a full look at the application and show you how to install and use it.
All you need to have:
• A Windows 10 device
• An active account on the social network Flickr
With Fliky installed, you will be able to:
• Browse the entire Flickr database
• Manage your account from the app
• Search the photos on Flickr
• Find interesting pictures
One of the biggest drawbacks of having a web app is that you are forced to use a browser to access your account, which can be quite inconvenient. To ease this problem, Fliky has been built to provide an alternative method of accessing Flickr.
With this free and open source application, you can now browse Flickr and even access your account from your Windows 10 machine. However, before getting started, you should know that this is an unofficial client, and you will have to expect some bugs and quirks as a result.
Be sure to keep in mind that this is still in development, so you are more than likely to encounter a few bugs and, of course, Fliky is not affiliated with the service.
Fliky also features some less-than-intuitive bugs, and you may want to disable some of the options in order to avoid them.
Known issues
• Dark Mode is currently not working
• Uninstall does not work, and you may need to restart your machine
Once you have the application installed, you will see a fresh look for Flickr on your PC.
This is not a real browser, nor does it have a user interface that matches the one featured in the official app. Instead, this is a complete reimagining of the service that provides you with some added security.
Here, you can see your feed and browse the complete database of the service.
You can also access some of your favorite pictures, as well as the advanced search function.
There is no toolbar at the top of the app, and you can only access the settings by clicking the gear icon.
Just like the official app, this version also features a section where you can find and share the images you deem the most interesting.
Lastly, you can even install add-ons to extend the functionality of the application, as well as customize the way it looks.
While the app should work fine on most machines, there may be times where you have issues. Of

System Requirements For Fliky:

•Supported OS : Windows 7/8/8.1/10
•CPU : Intel Core i3/i5/i7
•GPU : Intel HD 4600
•RAM : 4GB
•HDD : 6GB
•Additional Notes:
Full Product Description and 4K Graphics Compatibility
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