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Players will also move with more realistic pacing and more closely mirror human movements.

Other key new features include dynamic weather across the globe, the ability to play with up to 99 players in a single match, real-time tactical strategy, and more advanced AI.

FIFA 22 will be available on PS4 on September 28. For more information, visit FIFA or find us on Twitter at @EAfootball.Lost Memory

“Lost Memory” is a 2008 song by Japanese rock band Supercar. It was the ninth single released from their album Magnificent. It was released on July 3, 2008.

Track listing
“Lost Memory”
“Memory Song (Music Fu Oh! Remix)”
“Lost Memory (Instrumental)”
“Memory Song (music video)”
“Memory Song”
“Song for You” (B-side)
“Lost Memory (Music Video)”

M.C-Drum: Hiroshi Hoshino
Vocals, Guitar: Chikaya Mai
Vocals, Guitar: Masafumi Nakai
Bass, Keyboards: Yoshihiro Yamanaka


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Category:2008 songs
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Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Revolutionary new soundtrack with heart-racing music throughout the game.
  • Matchday – An all-new matchday experience. Goalkeepers now make crucial saves and hits in their box, through balls have been blown sideways to create openings at the far post, and they can get back and block shots from anyone on the pitch. The most significant changes to the game occur inside the box.
  • Career Mode – Live out your dreams as a manager and a player in FIFA 22. Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions.
  • Player dynamics – Shooting and tackling have been reworked, including improved accuracy of on-ball hits. Interactions with the ball and out of possession have also been enhanced, while you can now push and pull the ball to create openings. There is also a revised control system that makes it easier to pass in tight situations and easier to dribble the ball like Zidane.
  • New camera perspectives, including flexi-cam for true first-person control, new ball moves and throws, and new bow-and-arrow controls.
  • Deeper, more committed saves, more realistic reactions to defend-or-clear challenges, and more attention to individual matchday situations.
  • Smart chip system – now you’ll receive token rewards for making minutes-saving saves in the box, starting with a massive shield, Kante and Ulreich chips, and eventually earning you more high-value Grand Prix wins.
  • MVP system – improve your player ratings to become a better matchday hero, and receive rewards to improve individual attributes, including stamina, speed, dribbling and tackling.
  • New Skills Engine features defensive playmaking, medium speed dribbling, long passes, and intelligently weighted headers.
  • New five-a-side, eight-a-side, and UCL modes for quick pick-up and play sessions.
  • New user-defined settings, including Show Player Ratios, Player Decision Making, Corner Kicks (for both goalkeepers and strikers), Defend Or Clear, Compound Training, Balanced Game, and others.
  • A new “Arcade” mode.

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    The world’s greatest football game returns and EA SPORTS FIFA 22 sets a new standard with the most realistic player models and gameplay innovations to date. FIFA is back, taking full advantage of the new generation of game consoles while pushing the FIFA franchise forward in new directions.

    Realism & Skill Acquisition

    Player models are more realistic than ever, with an anisotropic player motion system allowing players to run and change directions with unparalleled detail. Combining a more realistic physics system with new animations, players react realistically and exhibit greater variation in their movement.

    The Physics system has received a number of improvements to ensure every player’s style and play is natural and realistic. Players are now less predictable than ever. They run at different speeds, they change direction more naturally, and dribble the ball differently. You can also choose from a variety of movement styles, from the traditional “flick” style, to more intuitive “ripped” and “dribble.”

    Additional visuals tweaks have also been made to further enhance the realism of the game. Highlights include the player’s full body point of view when taking shots, and observing how teammates manipulate the ball with their feet.

    New gameplay animations have been added to ensure that the game is more natural. For example, players make fewer cuts and side-stepping and behave more like a true professional player. Looking more natural and fluid, players perform more natural and fluid movements on the ball. Player animations also have a more natural fluidity. Players move more quickly and more naturally, with running animations looking smoother and more realistic.

    New gameplay AI has been introduced to ensure that all players use each new game system in a logical and balanced manner. Additionally, with the introduction of Skill Points, all players will exhibit real-life attributes, such as stamina, pace, and teamwork.

    Mobility, Dynamic Threat Assessment and New Attacking Possibilities

    The all-new Player Intelligence System also allows all players to behave more intelligently and make decisions during gameplay. As a result, players perform new moves and take new initiatives in the game, showing increased intelligence and unpredictability.

    Reacting to your tactics and planning play, players now show more intelligence in play, so you can make better decisions and create a more dynamic game.

    The responsiveness of the game has also been increased, increasing the speed and fluidity of players’ moves.

    Improved Control System & Free K


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    FIFA Ultimate Team puts the power of the world’s most popular club in your hands. Buy, sell and trade more than 20,000 real players from 500 clubs. Gain Fame and Fortune by winning EA SPORTS™ “The Dream Team” for the Club you build.

    EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 The Journey –
    Take your journey to the FIFA World Cup™ to Russia 2018 with EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 The Journey. Go behind the scenes with a player who takes you through EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 The Journey.

    EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 Awards –
    Celebrate the best of the best in global and national competitions, as voted by the fans.

    Player Career Mode – Build, play and become your club’s legend. Compete in numerous fixtures in order to progress your career and unlock new challenges. Rediscover the joy of playing with your favourite club.

    Online – Fight for trophies in epic online clashes and players of all abilities. Take on the world in FIFA Ultimate Team™.

    Road to Glory – The Community team has been at the heart of FIFA since the game’s debut, and they are always looking to push the boundaries of football and connect with fans. As a community team leader you will be expected to join the conversations, engage with the fans, lead by example, and drive your team to new heights.

    EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 Features*



    Refreshed squad editor with new challenges.

    Refined squad building and compare with other players around the world.

    Face the FIFA World Cup™ on Home soil.


    New chances to dominate the Matchday. With a new Squad Builder interface and new customisation options, the chances to win your ideal World Cup™ team are even greater.

    The new Dream Team mode allows you to create your ideal World Cup™ squad and play online head-to-head matches against other users’ Dream Team in the mobile version of FIFA on a global scale.


    The Community team has been at the heart of FIFA since the game’s debut, and they are always looking to push the boundaries of football and connect with fans. As a Community team leader you will be expected to join the conversations, engage with the fans, lead by example, and drive your team to new heights.



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