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In FIFA, “HyperMotion Technology” will enable players to improve their on-pitch performance, creating various on-pitch ‘augmentations’ that will impact their game. For instance, players can dive towards the ball faster and show improved dribbling skills. The game will also provide greater decision making and awareness on the pitch.

“You can also perform more precise dribbles and sharper turns,” said MLS Player and Player Ambassador, Daniel Royer.

Additionally, the “HyperMotion Technology” introduced in FIFA 22 will also complement the new sprint, acceleration and deceleration speeds introduced in FIFA 21.

The character animations of players have also improved and players move more fluidly with AI-controlled players standing taller and stiffer.

MLS players can also customize their exact playing style by selecting from the plethora of movements and physical attributes, including: body shape, acceleration, agility, balance, vertical leap, sprint speed, aerial dueling, heading and tackling.

FIFA 19 released earlier this year became the best-selling FIFA game in history, with more than 64 million players worldwide, shattering past records. FIFA 20 is set to be released in fall 2019.

FIFA 22 Features

“HyperMotion Technology” creates additional augmentations on top of the five existing attributes (Dribbling, Strength, Speed, Skill, and Agility). Players can now enhance their attributes with better controls in augmented actions:

-Jump height: You can now jump higher and more accurately.

-Dive: You can now dive more quickly and accurately to get more touches on the ball.

-Turn: You can perform sharper turns and turn more accurately.

-Heading: You can now lead opponents to the ball with more precision.

-Body shape: You can now stand taller and stiffer, making you harder to press in the air.

Enhanced Soccer Broadcasting

In an effort to provide more detail and understanding in the action on the pitch, FIFA 22 will offer better-quality broadcasts.

FIFA 22 will feature more dedicated action replays by quality producers and additional coaching and crowd analysis for the most accurate in-game situation.

Furthermore, Bespoke matches will provide access to additional camera angles and unique data.

Match Day Feeds

The FIFA broadcast team will be able to


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Player MyTeam – Take a mobile-first approach with player-customization in FIFA. Live your dreams and style your team on your mobile device like never before with Player MyTeam, a new take on Total Football with totally unique in-game actions and traits, all powered by state-of-the-art LiveMotion Technology.
  • Series Finale – The full FIFA awaits you for the first time. Play all the way to the FIFA Ultimate Team Finale with over 700 events, 30 leagues, 35 stadium locations (more than FIFA 18), and 72 strikers.
  • Premier League 2015/16 – Engage in over 100 matches as Real Madrid or Leicester City, with updated rosters and improved gameplay. Play against the all-new north coast BPC as well as content made specifically for your platform.
  • Real Madrid and Barcelona – New game engine, more action, real players, and Authentic Living FIFA level. Live out your dreams with any team in any era – play as Real Madrid in La Liga, and in iconic stadiums across Europe.
  • Player Impact Engine – Create and play as any player in the world, with a more immersive skill pipeline in real-world player actions, Context Progression-driven progression through professional football, and individually tailored traits.
  • New contextual play – Unique and authentic reactions to in-game actions, delivered with a mix of originality and respect for the way real football players play. Prove your skills in new ways with up to 64 players on the pitch at once.
  • Improved tutorial – Whether your first time with FIFA or your new favorite game, be sure to master the basics in the new tutorial mode that teaches you the fundamentals of the game.
  • Up to 8 simultaneous player matches – Experience the sheer scale and excitement of a Champions League final in a single player match.
  • New Commentary Team – Live out your dreams as a football journalist by interviewing and making notes on players in action in multiplayer matches.
  • New Commentary triggers – The best commentary team in the world is called on to deliver commentary triggers specific to the moment in a game, with different prompts for shooting, creating, and other gameplay opportunities.
  • New Draft tools – Choose your squad with a brand new All-Pick and All-Choice tool, and make it even easier to find


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    The world’s most popular sports videogame franchise returns with the most realistic experience to date, featuring all-new game engine, an all-new intro, improved Ultimate Team, more team and player animations, “bend it like Beckham” features, and more.

    Significant Gameplay Advantages

    All-New Game Engine

    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 brings a new depth and realism to gameplay thanks to the all-new Frostbite game engine. This engine includes a new physics system that uses deep-learning, giving more detailed and responsive player ball control on the pitch. The engine also uses real-world textures and field dimensions, detailed player faces, and photogrammetry to give the highest quality of detail.

    Get up close and personal with your opponents, referees, opponents and spectators as they react in real time to your on-pitch actions with real-time goal celebrations and brand-new player reactions for all game modes.

    All-New Intro

    Now you don’t have to wait for a new game mode or season to see players, stadiums, and national teams in the all-new EA SPORTS FIFA 22 intro – the official one-minute long player introduction of all online matches and story campaign mode.

    NEW INTRO: Controversial Coach Calls Out Referee

    Introducing Relive, a new form of commentary replay, allowing you to view a game from any angle. Relive even allows you to view a game using a different camera angle to the one you are playing in the real world.

    Other new commentary features include commentary updates to new game modes that occur during the match and a full Live Commentary option for those who want to use it, whether there are other people around or not.

    Improved Player Creation

    You can now create the players from your favorite teams in your Ultimate Team squad with the improved Player Editor. For the first time, you can now only create 11 players on a specific team using the Player Editor, with personalized names, abilities, and kits, which are not transferrable to other teams. Players can now also be set as “sold” after the game is finished, allowing you to be pick for the next game.

    EA SPORTS FIFA 22 featured the addition of optional pre-match build-up, available for all modes; wide-angle shots that depict goalkeepers and goal-line technology to ensure high-quality replays; and the introduction of an extra-time penalty


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    FIFA Ultimate Team continues to inspire fans with brand new ways to build the ultimate football squad. By creating your own Team of the Week-style format, you can play locally, online or against friends and complete your collection of the latest football stars.

    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – Take your favorite PlayStation heroes from across the PlayStation brand into the ultimate battle for entertainment domination. Featuring appearances from your favorite PSone, PS2, PS3 and PS Vita game characters, you can take the PlayStation All-Stars Band on the go with other PS4 or Online play and put your boxing, fighting, motocross or music making abilities to the ultimate test.

    More Ways to Play – FIFA is more than a game. With the All Access Pass, you get a unique interactive companion to FIFA 22 that will take you through the entire season as a manager and compete in all modes and modes around the clock. Also get the FUT Team Packs, featuring the hottest, newest, and most-demanded players from the last two years of FIFA, as well as the Ultimate Champions Club which gives you special rewards for reaching the pinnacle of Ultimate Team and community voting.

    Get behind the scenes with the Ultimate Team on-screen camera, and share your gameplay with other PS4 owners thanks to Share Play.

    Free FIFA Content Updates and More – As a PlayStation Plus member, you’ll receive free access to all the updates, additional content and more when it releases.

    For starters, PS4 owners have access to the EA SPORTS FIFA 22 demo via the PlayStation Store beginning at 9 AM PT today.

    Update 1.08, will be released later today (Saturday, June 12th) and will include the following:

    Transfers and Injuries – In addition to introducing Clubs to their brand-new and improved Transfer Market features, EA SPORTS FIFA 20 will also feature a more realistic approach to injuries in the game. Injuries in FIFA 20 will not only be visible on the game screen, but your teammates and opponents as well.

    Lists & Matching – Lists and Matching returns to FIFA, helping the game create competitive matches. These two features, as well as the Match Stage System, help drive gameplay, particularly in closed down, delayed or televised matches.

    A NEW WAY TO PLAY – FIFA 20 introduces a new, more fluid, and faster gameplay style, while adding some exciting new features. FIFA 20 features a new style of online play allowing for the right amount of


    What’s new:

    • Create the ball from multiple parameters including weight, size, type, surface type, and more.
    • Manage your play style – is it short or long passing? Is it direct or sideways? &
      Adjust for where to take your shots or set-ups. Change the pitch or the goalkeeper numbers to get a different style.
    • Execute the pass through the goalkeeper’s legs.
    • Execute the ball into space as if being kicked, not just punched.
    • Learn how to control the ball while not even touching it.
    • Take your shot from long range—cover the whole pitch to be rewarded.


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    Over the course of a career, you’ll manage your professional team, compete in official FIFA tournaments and create leagues and clubs from around the world. And in FIFA Ultimate Team™ you’ll assemble and manage an army of over 700 player Legends and start dreaming of glory.With FIFA Ultimate Team™ you’ll assemble and manage an army of over 700 Legends and start dreaming of glory. The new, all-new Ultimate Team™ mode features all-new ways to build and manage your Ultimate Team™, including FUT Draft, Autoclass, the all-new Skill Stick, Active Builds and FUT Draft Champions. Ultimate Team™ will soon become your new favorite way to play your favorite game of all time.Prepare your players for the new season with over 600 new player faces, including goalkeepers, goalkeepers’ gloves, uniforms, boots, boots’ glides, kits, players’ kits and kits’ font. The all-new Player Impact Engine™ will create dramatically more reactive animation and physics, in addition to the real-world movements of hundreds of players on the pitch.

    Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 delivers the most authentic football experience to date, with the most convincing players, the most intelligent rules, and the most visceral, authentic football atmosphere in the franchise.

    Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 delivers the most authentic football experience to date, with the most convincing players, the most intelligent rules, and the most visceral, authentic football atmosphere in the franchise.

    Powered by Football™, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 22 delivers the most authentic football experience to date, with the most convincing players, the most intelligent rules, and the most visceral, authentic football atmosphere in the franchise.

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    Play the best soccer experience on the Xbox One.

    Get the most out of your gameplay with FIFA Ultimate Team™ on Xbox One. With the best platform-exclusive features like the new Skill Stick, Active Builds and FUT Draft Champions, there is never a dull moment. Pick, customize and train your players in FUT Draft mode, in a way never before experienced with EA SPORTS FIFA.

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    FIFA Mobile and Xbox Live Gold: Up to 400 Ultimate Team Skills such as new Skills and improved effects, new abilities and more. Xbox Live Gold: Up to 400 Ultimate Team Skills such as new Skills and


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