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Players are now able to move and use the ball better and more intuitively as they are able to react to and anticipate real-life movement. Players are now able to move and use the ball better and more intuitively as they are able to react to and anticipate real-life movement.

Tactics have been revisited to better reflect the way players play football: with a tactical emphasis on teams’ structure and counters rather than only player attributes.

Players have also been given AI assistance where they can teach the player on the ball to move more intelligently, regain possession or score a goal.

With over 250 new animations, players perform realistic and varied movements, in a variety of different poses.

Real-time player analysis has been advanced to identify key moments and patterns in the match through in-game performance.

New broadcast features allow viewers to find their favourites, find out what’s going on by team and for individual players, and learn more about playing styles for the different categories.

A new running mode and Player Career presents players with a new challenge in the virtual environment.

The player model and animation have been improved, with more realistic and detailed clothes. Players now dynamically breathe while running, perform more natural moves and slide as they run, and feel more like a real athlete.

Players now run with a better pacing, make better use of space, and perform more realistic body lean changes as they change direction.

The audio engine has been re-engineered to account for a wider range of pitches, the quality of which has been improved.

The video engine has been updated to improve the quality of replays and more intelligently allocate resources for the different camera views.

Player runs have been adjusted to ensure that players aren’t occasionally zig-zagging as they go forward, although players will only execute these shots in certain spaces.

The Ball & Net (BN) system has been updated to make it easier to move and pass the ball, including through walls, while in possession.

Ball moves have also been improved, as the ball will not float nor can it be dispossessed as easily, while passes take longer to release and can be performed more accurately.

The ball now follows the players when they dribble, cuts out obstacles and allows the ball to come in at a more consistent angle.

They no longer appear to knock the ball on when it crosses midfield,


Features Key:

  • Authentic Motion Simulation™: Bring the best-looking, most authentic gameplay to your TV on FIFA 22. Power the AI and physical animations by seamlessly coupling the movements of 22 players while they play in a real-life match, in a completely new and original way.
  • Park The Park: For the first time, our park creation tool lets you design your very own stadium from scratch. Whether you’re into kits or old school colours, City, Christiano Ronaldo or black stripes, every detail can be customised to your custom taste!
  • New Player Movements: Players react and move in ways they never have before, creating an unrivalled deep and diverse set of gameplay moments for players to make, run, shoot, tackle and pass the ball. What’s more, the new Player Movements engine is built from the ground up for FIFA, as we apply lessons learned from our four years of FIFA game development.
  • Player Interactions: The new engine for Player Interactions dynamically adjusts and engages players according to their position on the pitch. Attackers are more likely to do their best work in the last third of the pitch and defenders are more likely to make the tackle when they’re at the edge of the penalty area.
  • Ability Switching and Interfaces: Now, you can switch between abilities simply by changing a number of control settings.
  • New Mastered Player Presentation: Define your style and play exactly how you want on the pitch. Creative freedom is now a reality to create the best presentation possible. The new moulder engine allows fans to tweak player faces, customization and presentation, and view player edits in real-time.
  • New Player Design and Agency: FIFA 22 introduces the latest playable builder – Huba. Designed by Football Focus podcast host and Principal Statistician himself Thierry Henry, Huba empowers players to create their own identities and playstyles. He’ll also bring out players’ character and personality, by automating their player histories based on their strengths, weaknesses and journeys. We’ve also extended the single-player Superstar system, and have designed a new career path for all players – regardless of experience. That system gives players more opportunities to develop themselves – and get the recognition and rewards they deserve.
  • New Spectators


    Fifa 22 (Final 2022)

    ‘FIFA’ is a live-action massively multi-player online game that combines world-class real-world athletes with iconic real-world football clubs, giving fans the chance to live out their real-life sports fantasies. FIFA is a brand of Electronic Arts, the world’s leading interactive entertainment software developer.

    What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

    Ultimate Team is a highly-active platform that offers a life-like simulation of player trading, dynamic competitions and a unique game mechanic allowing players to develop and manage their very own virtual team of real-world stars.

    Why buy FIFA?

    FIFA is the most recognised and best-selling video game franchise of all time. The FIFA series is the best place to live out your football fantasies and a great companion to the FIFA World Cup™, the most famous football tournament in the world. FIFA is now even better than ever with FIFA 22.

    How to play

    FIFA 22 is the most comprehensive and authentic football experience to date, with re-designed gameplay features, new training modes, improved player AI and a host of other fresh new features. Live your football dreams through enhanced gameplay with both FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA 2K Pro-Am – only with EA SPORTS FIFA 22!

    It’s time to dive in.

    FIFA 22 features

    · Compelling AI control – Live every attack, tackle and goal with the best-ever AI in FIFA.

    · New Goalkeeper AI – Make life-like saves and block shots like the pros with new AI challenges.

    · Goals – Over 6,000 goals – the largest goal-scoring tally in the history of the franchise – all re-imagined to be more authentic and exciting.

    · Shot Precision – More accurate shots with greater accuracy and accuracy levels in both 1v1 and 2v2 gameplay.

    · A complete overhaul of the defensive system – Block more shots and complete more interceptions with faster and more confident build-ups and break-downs.

    · Player Impact Engine – Imagine how one player’s positioning and movement will affect others in the space. The momentum of play now feels more authentic and the game is much more variable in terms of decision-making.

    · New engine on the pitch – Less predictable with increased ball possession and individualistic playing styles.

    · Building your Ultimate Team

    – Manage your squad with enhanced trading features

    – Customise team kits


    Fifa 22 Product Key Free (Latest)

    Join millions of players around the world and create your own dream team, including superstars like Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Wayne Rooney, with FIFA Ultimate Team.* Use and control the best footballers in the world and build a team that’s right for you. Build the ultimate team of up to 500 players made up of real players, in-depth user feedback, trades, and set-piece bonuses. In FIFA Ultimate Team, everything you do on and off the pitch matters. Use your head and use your heart, to be the greatest.

    •Authentic Foot Ball Physics: FIFA Football is back with a whole new feel. Improving on real life physics, every player will feel more responsive, and the ball will react like it does on the pitch. There are also thousands of new animations to capture the fluidity of play. FIFA Football delivers a football experience like no other.

    • Create your ultimate team: Choose from over 40,000 real-world players, complete in-depth records with amazing accuracy and depth, and create your ultimate team with over 500 players.

    • A new Champions League: Experience a brand-new tournament with all 32 clubs and a format that both rewards and challenges you.

    • Multiplayer: FIFA Football on the pitch is now a more social experience, with improved online connectivity and improved cross-platform gameplay.

    • New Career Mode: The new Career Mode offers a more immersive and complex experience. Get in the game and play as a Manager or a Pro.

    • New Techniques: Create and use powerful new techniques, like the Goal Line Swinger, to put the ball past the goalkeeper.

    • New Editor Feature: The new game engine features a new Player Creation tool which allows players to create replicas of their favourite player and manipulate their hair, tattoos and other personal details.

    • New Player AI: Games get more unpredictable when your players take control. In FIFA Football you have even more options than before. You can give your player’s precise instructions or let them decide on their own.

    • New Body Types: Every body now has its own unique shape, from the classic muscle-bound look to the refined silhouette of the pro athlete.

    • New Ball Physics: A change to the footballs design, allowing you to better control how the ball bounces.

    • Possession and Shots Control: Control how the players take control of possession and shots with the new Shot Control system.

    • New Goalkeepers:


    What’s new:


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