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Alongside adding hyper-detailed animations and a new Physiological Attacking Intelligence, we’ve also seen improvements to the camera while further changes have been made to the game’s AI.

And for the first time ever, you can play using your smartphone or tablet with the PlayStation App.

How to download and play with FIFA 22 on PS4

Please ensure you are on the latest (1.55) version of the PlayStation App

If you cannot see your cartridge or you just want to take a quick look at what is coming to FIFA on PlayStation 4, we have made a video that introduces each new feature for FIFA 22.


The UEFA Champions League comes to FIFA 22’s ROUND OF 16 stage, with some fantastic new improvements.

Galatasaray, Gzira FC and Vorskla Poltava have been added to the UEFA Champions League.

The St. Petersburg Stadium has been added to UEFA Cup matches and, new for the FIFA franchise, a stadium will appear in iconic locations across UEFA Leagues matches.

Player-created stories are back and this time we’ve brought back Cloners! Cloning, dodging and tackling are all back and even more precise, this year there is more variety than ever. There is also an improved Concussive Shot mechanic, and a new “Edge Judgment” screen that allows you to pick up the ball before players or with your feet. There are more tools for defending, tactics to use off the ball, and more to come, as we make sure your team is prepared for a new generation of gameplay.


We’ve added 4 new stadium options, with 16 more to come in the following months. You can now play as Porto, Spartak Moscow, Spartak Moscow, Lyon and Sevilla. We’ve given the game a new look and feel, bringing the game to a new level. The improvements come from the ground up; new animations, new audio, new stadiums, improved ball physics, and so much more.


Dynamic billboards and communication billboards have been added to the game. Dynamic posters have been added to the game, including Miroslav Klose, Mesut Ozil, Gareth Bale, Lionel Messi, David De Gea, Paul Pogba, Steven Gerrard and others.


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Game-changing Frostbite technology brings the game to life like never before and enables an unprecedented number of authentic player movements and unique animations and real-life player faces  to bring the game to life.
  • Specially selected players and Elite Players are upgraded to post-release by unlocking special title textures, Ultimate Team trophies, and skins.
  • New game-changing Frostbite AI technology enables and adapts to the changing gameplay each week so you never get the same game as someone else.
  • Career Dynamic Player Pathways make real-life progression more logical and make every decision you make count.
  • Intelligent Reactions: every touch, move and shot now leaves its mark on the match, dynamically adapting to changing tactics and conditions.
  • High stakes games: create your dream team for important, match-changing games. Pick an All-Star squad of your greatest playmakers and stars and compete in front of live stadium crowds.
  • Automatic crowds: introduction of both a real time and historic crowd, reacting to scoring and fouls.
  • Curved Ball Physics: 60,000+ animations and 60+ ball physics controls allow players to move and dribble the ball like never before.
  • New Skills: innovative and game-changing skills such as a ten yard passing dummy, a powerful shooting demi-volley as well as a number of new headers and overhead shots.
  • Improved Goalkeeping: make calls, save shots, challenge and stop penalties, predict and parry shots.
  • Improved Handling: ball mastery and improved player control make professional touches as easy to pull off as a tap of the A button.
  • 4K SUPPORT: bespoke 4K display optimisations means no more black bars and no more pot-luck.
  • Visual fidelity: filters on graphics ensure every team has their own unique look.
  • Amazing performance: the vast majority of CPU and GPU intensive tasks are deferred to give far more responsive gameplay.
  • Improved Passes: make quicker and more accurate short passes with new options, intelligent collision logic and more.


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    FIFA is world soccer’s videogame. A complex simulation that allows you to show your playing skills and compete against the world on FIFA Ultimate Team™, FIFA is more than just a game.

    Powered by Football™, the award-winning FIFA brand is now delivering the most authentic soccer experience. This is a game about skill. The difference between being good and being great comes down to one thing: ball control. It’s your ability to be great by mastering the skill of dribbling, passing, and shooting, all within the context of real-world soccer.

    From an extensive game engine to a performance-driven animation system that puts over 150 million polygons on the pitch, EA SPORTS Fifa 22 2022 Crack offers the most immersive soccer experience on any game console.

    Key Features:

    FIFA Ultimate Team

    The all-new FIFA Ultimate Team is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for the first time ever. Build the team that plays how you want, whether you’re focusing on strength or speed, movement or explosiveness. Now you can customise your squad by choosing from over 1,000 players from around the world and slot them together into your dream team, like Wayne Rooney as a striker and Joao Gomes Jota as a right back. Find that perfect formation or superstar squad by using the Academy to unlock incredible FIFA Ultimate Team cards for your players like Neymar, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba.

    With new cards and packs coming all year and weekly live content on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the FIFA Ultimate Team keeps you motivated and engaged for an incredibly immersive experience.

    I Def, I Bet

    Test your skills with the new I Def, I Bet system, where challenge opponents to new ways to win. Play head-to-head or challenge your friends in the new I Def, I Bet option, where you can challenge teams of players from the same club or around the world. Let the fight begin.

    Skill Play

    The all-new offline Skill Challenges system is just one part of FIFA’s focus on improving ball control. There are now nine new modes of gameplay. Ease into the game and dominate in Superspeed. Find your rhythm on Skill Sack. Skate the ball out of bounds and score a great goal with manual control. master FreeKick. Go hands-on with controls in Handball, and face defenders in one-on-one Soccer. If you’re looking to get a taste of the


    Fifa 22 Download

    FIFA Ultimate Team is back and better than ever. As always, you’ll spend your game time developing your skills as a player, earning real-world money, and unlocking collectables to boost your roster. But Ultimate Team also evolves beyond the pitch, offering the same spirit and energy that made Madden Ultimate Team special. In FIFA Ultimate Team, you’re a manager, not just a player, so build the strongest team, develop your squad, and lead your team to success.

    Tackle the ultimate edition of football management – FUT is all about winning on the pitch, from designing your team, to assembling and training a team, to playing with real clubs and players in FIFA Ultimate Team modes. No other football game delivers a deeper mode for you to create your Ultimate Team squad, with improved player models and a slick UI.

    Enhanced ratings and badges – FIFA 22 includes more than 50 badges and ratings, with the ability to customise ratings to suit any team, including retro badges such as the World Cup winners badge. There’s never been a better time to become a real-world Football Manager.

    Show off your footballing skills with the all-new Blitz KIt skill game, which takes place entirely on the pitch and supports up to five players. Get into the game and compete against your friends with new co-op-friendly and online/offline challenges.

    Cup your hands with exclusive FIFA 22 fitness content to get you fit for the big game. The FIFA 22 Fitness App is available free to download on iOS, Android, Xbox One and PlayStation platforms.

    The new Healthy Goals feature, available in the FIFA Ultimate Team App, challenges you to make health a priority throughout the campaign, putting you on a fitness path towards reaching your personal and social goals. Healthy Goals can be accessed from the Main Menu or the app’s Community Tab.

    Players will be rewarded for unlocking new content and products that can be found in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team App.

    You’ll take your first steps as a student striker in the new Tutorial. Get into goalkeeping mode, select a goalkeeper, and experience what it’s like to hold the sheet in FIFA 22.

    MOVES 2016
    The brand-


    What’s new:

    • Improved face and body registration which provide more precise prediction of a player’s movements.
    • Precision dribbling controls
    • Referee awareness warnings and activities when turning
    • Improved player ability to predict, match, and intercept a pass
    • Player shape, position, and movement weighted to how the player is used in real life; makes effective use of space and the player is agile against both in-play and deceleration
    • Aerial duels which will adjust in the ball’s location depending on the distance to the referee and opponents.
    • Tackle responsibility where the player will be forced to regroup and wait for the referee’s decision.
    • Improved collision physics that will deal with pitch surface and force the player to settle on a new position
    • Intelligent Weighting of ball movement so you can change your approach based on your situational awareness
    • New soundtrack and official licensed music to create atmosphere in the game play.
    • UI and navigation is based on the new user interface metaphor called UI4


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    FIFA is the world’s most popular football video game.

    What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

    Experience Champions League™ action like never before! Collect and trade over 30 footballers from around the world with authentic kits, tailored to players’ unique attributes.

    What is Football?

    Football is played with a game ball and involves players running up to, tackling, and then regrouping on the pitch to pass, shoot, or dribble the ball. If they catch the ball, they can pass it, and so on.

    What is Squad Management?

    FIFA Ultimate Team combines Skill Games and Squad Management to bring a depth of gameplay you simply cannot get in FIFA Ultimate Team Mode alone.

    What is Ultimate Team Mode?

    Build the ultimate squad of footballers and compete against friends in a number of game modes:

    • Compete in the League Mode and earn trophies and victory medals to unlock new kits, training sessions, players and more!

    • Choose from a variety of leagues and competitions in the Ultimate Club Mode and create your own fantasy club.

    • Compete in head-to-head Skill Games for more than $6 million in cash and prizes in the Skill Games mode. You can also compare your progress in a series of leagues against other players’.

    • Play and win Freekicks in the Freekicks Mode. The ‘Freekick King’, among other achievements, will be rewarded with a new kit.

    • Take on challenges in Battle Royale and earn rewards for each victory.

    • Set up your own private league in the Leagues Mode and compete against opponents in a number of settings.

    What is the Master League?

    The Master League is set against the backdrop of European football, with all-new stadiums, players, events and challenges.

    What is the Community Create Mode?

    Take a shot at being the next FIFA Ultimate Team™ legend in the Community Create Mode.

    What is Master League Mode?

    Compete against opponents from around the globe in the Master League Mode. In total, there are 1,700 online FIFA Ultimate Team™ managers and over 70,000 players competing in the Master League.

    What is the Career Mode?

    As you progress through your career, take on new challenges and compete in


    How To Crack Fifa 22:

    • Press on below button and wait for the crack exe file to be download
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    System Requirements:

    Note: Since this is a VR game, the minimum requirements listed here are for both Rift and Vive.
    Minimum Requirements:
    OS: Windows 7 SP1 or newer
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6850, 2.66GHz
    RAM: 4GB
    VRAM: 2GB
    Video Card: Nvidia GTX 860M / AMD Radeon HD 7850
    Recommended Requirements:
    Processor: Intel Core i5 6600K, 3.5


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