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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
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The land of Etherion lies far away from the world of man.

The people living there are divided into many races, and each of them possess their own distinct way of life.

The People of Stone are a race inhabiting the soil-bound lands. They build and maintain many villages, and live a simple and peaceful life.

The People of Air are a race of various physical forms living in the sky-circled lands. Although they are often seen as winged humanoids, they also include a number of fantastic creatures.

The People of Water are a race that live in the densely-forested lands. They possess unique abilities that only they can use, and are skilled warriors.

The People of Fire, like the People of Fire from Tales of Zestiria, are a race that lives in the tropical islands, and are masters of fire magic. They also have many gods and goddesses that follow them, and worship them for their power.

The Country of Forbiddens lies far away from the Lands Between. It is a place of darkness and mystery, ruled by death and force, with neither the living nor the dead coming to rest. There is only one road that leads to this country, and the few who escape to the other side live in the dark and fear.


A limited free trial is available.

• Limited Free Trial:

Free Trial period of 14 days:

Enjoy the land of the Etherion, and see what possibilities there are for the development of your character.

* Restrictions of the trial:

You can enjoy the trial version of the game for a limited period.

You cannot:

• Transfer your progress to the full version of the game.

• Take part in any of the Ranked Battle/Casual Battle or Marketplace battles in the full version of the game.

• Change your character’s appearance

• Use PS Vita features that are not supported in the trial version.

• Create a dual save

• Install software besides the software for the trial version.

• Points earned on the free trial version of the game can only be used for the store.

* Trial period:


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An extensive story and world
  • Customize your stats freely
  • Three amazing classes to specialize
  • Select your class wisely to determine your play style
  • Explore the surroundings and strike a fearsome blow in exciting dungeons
  • Battle beasts and level up through teamwork with your friends
  • Prove your skills across various PvP modes
  • Freely create your own character
  • An extensive campaign with a variety of levels
  • Discover the main tale in fragments
  • Fantastic real-time battles in touchscreen devices
  • A maximum of two people can play
  • Adorable in-game characters
  • Unmissable music and animation
  • Collection of a Tale of Love and War

    In an age when the vast lands around the Elden ring are harbors of anarchy, people who value the Elden ring dwell within secluded castles. The newest of the Lands Below.

    This simple and ordinary fantasy tale of love and war originally aired in 2011 as a DS RPG comic, a light novel, and a TV anime.

    In this new fantasy action RPG, rebuild the land of the Elden Ring, where the last living members of the courageous league that once ruled the world rule.


    Base Management: Commissioned by the Arm of the Elder Council


    Ideal Balance of Strength

    ENERGY: Is your power strained?

    Does the power of your weapons or armor seem insufficient?

    Dig your hands into a useful fur to build up your strength.

    DEATH ATTACK: Will your vitality fail?

    You can only


    Elden Ring [Mac/Win]

    1. YOUR PREMIUM GUN: Shadow of the Elden Ring

    RPG Maker 2018 was released in September 2018. This was the sixth revision of RPG Maker.

    New and notable features added in Version 6.

    * The gender of heroes can be changed.
    * The date can be changed.
    * Players are introduced to the Dimensional link in response to the sense of stagnation.
    * The dressing can be changed.
    * The avatar can be changed.
    * The attribute of the hero can be changed.
    * A special attribute has been added, giving the hero the sense of progress.
    * The Dimensional link’s maximum strength has been raised.
    * The transformation of the dragons has been brought forward.
    * Many bugs have been fixed.

    Fascinating story

    In the game, you explore a vast world that seamlessly connects various places. While traveling, you can freely access an immense story. During that process, various bizarre and exciting situations occur due to your actions.

    Your story will unfold in a way determined by your story line.

    Moreover, the story is made richer with its numerous characters. As you progress through the story, you can learn stories about the countless characters who live in the Lands Between.


    The world in the game is made completely open-world. Thanks to this, you can freely explore various fields. Moreover, you can freely enter various dungeons.

    The world of the game is vast, so we have increased the number of areas to about 500 places. Depending on your play style, you can freely explore these places. You can also freely access various character fields by using an item that creates a dimensional link.

    In battle, you can freely change the basic attributes of each character. You can even increase the stat points of monsters by attacking them.

    Furthermore, the dungeon contents and special dungeons can be set freely. There are also a variety of events in special dungeons. However, the difficulty is set to “Main Stages” by default. If the story is not resolved quickly, there is a “Red-Headed Child” which can turn the difficulty to “Sub Stages.”

    Complex details

    However, the game will not be played only by fighting monsters. In the game, you can freely move around, talk to other people, and even play various minigames.

    By talking to other people, you


    Elden Ring Crack For Windows

    -A new job advancement system that can be experienced with any stat
    -Customizable face and skin tone with haircuts and fashion choices
    -Strategy with a single-player campaign and an enhanced battle system
    -A high-class PvE system that allows you to continuously enhance your status and quest content
    -A variety of side quests and missions that will allow you to experience a new world with charm
    -Support systems including a guild, town facility, and store

    -A whole new role in the game: After you defeat the evil Warlock Lord, he will appear as a summoned character with his own freedom.
    -An endless number of weapon types from the archangels to the bow
    -A variety of dialogue options to choose from
    -Many types of equipment, such as weapons, armor, and accessories
    -A deep story about a high-class fantasy world with a rich history of its own

    -A new currency system with a strengthening system, an increase currency system, and a trade system
    -The class system that allows you to play as a human being or a demon
    -Skill development system that allows you to craft your own character
    -To enhance a skill, assign a skill point to the required skill
    -A variety of jobs and quests, such as questing, gathering, crafting, and trade
    -A role-playing (RPG) system with the ability to enhance your status and experience

    -The Twelve Actors that Share the World
    -Various new animations that support the action
    -Real-time battles with lots of variety
    -An environment that provides an immersive immersion experience
    -A new immersive 3D effect for the characters and the world

    *Please note that this is a playable prototype. The final product may have some differences with the contents mentioned in this post.



    An endless quest for a new Elden Lord has begun.

    Among the players who have gathered to the Lands Between, only one among them has overcome all challenges and become an Elden Lord – but that’s just the beginning. The character of the newly established lord may appear as a mortal to you, but he is in fact a unique being possessing the power of the elden world. As a guardian of the world, his destiny is to guide you, the newly arrived player, in your quest for power, and to ultimately lead you to become a


    What’s new:

    Screenshot of Looking is the new Fantasy Action RPG screenshot


    Phil: (Square Enix @ Nintendo) “Look, I know it’s not Smash. Look at our other RPG’s.”

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII Final Fantasy XIII ON ICE Demo Available Now

     Final Fantasy XIV Online Is Shifting From Land To Ice, Ice And Fire

    Square Enix, Big Downloadable Final Fantasy XIII On Ice Demo comes a solid month after Final Fantasy XV release by another company, and it’s a veritable grand slam-a biblically-sized download of three hours of gameplay as Square Enix shifts Final Fantasy XIV Online from land to ice, ice and fire. Needless to say, the world moves fast, and your party may be so busy taking pictures it won’t have time to walk lest it trip and fall off the edge of the ice…It’s a grand experiment, and with the toolkit you’ll have when you get the


    Free Download Elden Ring 2022

    1. Install ELDEN RING.
    2. Copy crack in directory C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Local Settings\Application Data\ELDRING
    3. Go to game and press close all soft
    4. Press start.exe for install and run it
    5. Enjoy

    How to Activate.
    1. Download and install the trial version and copy “Settings.efr” in the “C:\Users\YourAccount\AppData\Local\MiracleGames\Elden Ring\” directory.
    2. In “C:\Users\YourAccount\AppData\Local\MiracleGames\Elden Ring\” directory paste “Elden_Ring.exe”
    3. Enter the key “D9B948BF” when prompted.
    4. Enjoy the game

    1)Intel3.0 or higher processor
    2)At least 8 GB of free disk space
    3)DirectX 9.0 or higher
    4)RAM 3 GB or higher
    5)Operating System: WINDOWS XP SP 2 / 7
    6) This game does not require a full version of Xonotic and other similar games
    The game is compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, ME
    7) It is not allowed to modify or change the original game
    8) OBS Studio is not necessary to play the game. OBS just view the input but it cannot really help the game
    9) Save has been removed from the game and the current save is not allowed to be saved to other computer.
    10) Savegame file format is saved in xml format (The case is different with others who save files, so we just can give you the advice)
    11) By the way, “i map making” is not needed. Since the game uses no maps, it can save in bulk without any problem. If you use i map making and other similar programs, you cannot play
    12) User interface files have been modified to improve the support and operation of users on the game.
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    How to buy a signature?
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    How To Crack:

  • Extract the game in temp folder and start the game.
    (In case of problems, go to the folder and delete the file called “elnder.exe”.)
  • Double click on crack and the installation process will be completed.
  • After installation, add key in game (press [S] ), and the game will be ready to play.

    Supported Languages: English, Japan, Korean, Chinese, Russian

  • We are immensely pleased to announce that we have released the game for all platforms, and have also concluded the final beta test. Thank you for your patience, support, and willingness to try the game on the early versions. We are moved to announce that we are removing the version 1.19 of the Beta Schedule. Good news for all players!


    Known Issues & Answers

    Launch issue
    The map works fine, but i have the empty bottom-left of the map
    Can’t configure the character
    The Ditto is not working properly.





    System Requirements:

    Windows – 6 GB RAM, 30 GB available storage
    Windows – 8 GB RAM, 40 GB available storage
    Mac – 8 GB RAM, 20 GB available storage
    iPad – Requires iOS 11 or newer
    iPhone – Requires iOS 11 or newer
    Mac – Requires OS X 10.11 or newer
    Playstation 4 – Requires PS4
    Xbox – Requires Xbox One
    Playstation – Requires PlayStation 3
    You can check the FAQs for the Steam or Xbox version.




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