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An action RPG for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system from

Phantom Ltd. and ArtPlay, under the creative direction of

Lead Game Designer Nobutada Minabe.

Pursue your dreams in the world of the Lands Between.


ArtPlay is a small independent company that was founded in 2004

by Hiroshi Tamura, Isao Ninomiya, Kazuhiko Harada, Jun Morikawa, and

Akio Otsuka. We aim to develop games that are loved by both

gamers and game makers and thoughtfully create content that

will continue to exist for a long time.


Phantom Ltd is the game studio that is best known for titles in the

genre of action RPG, including JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All

Star Battle-Vanished Tower, Dragon Quest Builders, and Fate/Extella.

Welcome back to the Lands Between, where your destiny awaits you.

Note: Elden Ring is sold separately.

©2017 The Elden Ring Game. All rights reserved. Published by

Phantom Ltd. Phantom Ltd has published the game “Elden Ring -Producer’s Edition-“.

©2017 ArtPlay, Inc. “Elden Ring -Game Card-“. All rights reserved.

Printed by Imago Print Co., Ltd.

©2017 phantogram Co., Ltd. “Elden Ring -Artwork-“. All rights


Copyright 2017, phantogram Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

Elden Ring Game ©2017 ArtPlay, Inc. Elden Ring is a registered trademark

of ArtPlay, Inc. Elden Ring -Game Card- ©2017 phantogram Co., Ltd.

The Elden Ring -Artwork- ©2017 phantogram Co., Ltd.

This game contains sexually explicit content that is unsuitable for minors.

©2015 to 2017 KODANSHA LTD. All rights reserved.

©2017 Kodansha Ltd. All rights reserved.

©2017 Sten & Ken Publishing Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

©2017 D3 PUBLISHING CO., LTD. All rights reserved.

©2017 The Pokémon Company

©2017 Gamefreak,Inc. All rights reserved


Features Key:

  • New Eredane Map:
    The creative geography of the Lands Between, featuring surreal canyons, rugged mountains, and vast plains.
  • Production of Multiplayer Content
    Development in-depth strategies, new dungeons, quests, and monsters based on your feedback.
  • Development of a self-contained online world
    Full support for users of the world’s primary console, Playstation.
  • Class design changes every 3 months to catch up with the game’s evolution
  • Official Site:

    Square Enix Official FB:

    Rise, Tarnished, where great fantasy tales are told.
    As a young man, you lost your entire family to an unknown evil lurking in the shadows. Now, with a job as a carriage driver, you must travel to a remote secluded kingdom to find the one that murdered your family. But he is not the only one searching for you…


    Elden Ring Crack + Patch With Serial Key [Updated]

    This is a rare RPG being released in such a late stage. It is a game that has many features, such as a boundless online community, an evolving battle system, and even a PvP mode, which will open to you a beautiful world of fantasy adventure.
    I like the story and the gameplay. The diversity and variation of the battles is very unique, the voice lines and the humor for the characters are all appropriate and fun, and the weapon combinations and tactics are fun. I was so excited to go on my adventure.
    There is a mysterious background that encourages you to come forth and enter the world of Elden Ring. The atmosphere is full of action and drama.
    The character and plot are both deep and full of substance. I was fascinated and touched deeply by the narrative. The fate that will play out before the story is rich and deep, and the story itself is fantastic and balanced.
    The game has a high quality of gameplay, and it helps to greatly enhance the atmosphere of the story. I enjoyed it very much. I was impressed by the different upgrades and expansions of the game. The game has many opportunities to expand, and you can enjoy using it at any time.
    I’m a fan of the art and graphics. It is a high-end fantasy game, and the art and graphics are all very high-end. I like the color and the frame of the characters. I like the details and vividness of the atmosphere, and the world, the equipment, and the characters are all very well designed.
    I think the story of the game is quite interesting and enticing. I hope for the game to continue to evolve, and I hope you to continue to enrich the story and content.
    The variety of gameplay is very good, and I am looking forward to your continued support and further development.
    The elements of battles are quite comprehensive and complex. The pleasure of the game is based on the variation of the battle, and the game offers plenty of opportunities to be immersed in the game.
    Battles are quite comprehensive and complex. Since it is a fantasy RPG, I love the imaginative fantasy world and the game’s universe. The battle feels different every time you enter a new battle.
    The game has a high quality of gameplay, and the story is rich and deep. The combat is fun, and the game offers a lot of different options. I like the battle atmosphere. I am interested in the details and developments of this game.
    There are a lot of different upgrades, and


    Elden Ring

    ▶ Video:
    ▶ Story TALKS to be played along with the video:
    ▶ Fan Music selection:

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    Download Elden Ring Crack +

    Double click on the ELDEN RING game icon, choose “install”

    When installation starts, follow the instructions and when installation has completed, close the installation folder

    Double click on the install folder and extract the contents to your desktop.

    copy the content of “install” folder on the desktop

    open the ELDEN RING game

    close the game and in the main menu, click on Settings

    clic on “Save Data” and copy the content of “install” folder to the game installation folder

    open the game

    close the game and save.

    open the game, accept the terms of use and

    install the game patch “patch_2420”

    Find and Download ELDEN RING from ( STEAM or DIRECT LINK )

    Server: Open the server list

    Game Name: ELDEN RING

    Server: Local

    Map Name: ELDEN RING Map

    Wrong Server? Find and download ELDEN RING

    To connect: Enable multiplayer mode in the main menu

    Online game: Yes

    Join a Server: Type your username or your nickname here, that you prefer to use when you play.

    Server hostname: The name of the host where you’re connecting

    Server port: The port number the server is using

    Server IP: The IP address of the server where you’re connecting

    Map: ELDEN RING Map

    Game Name: ELDEN RING

    Game category: Action & Adventure

    You are a new lord in the Kingdoms of Kaerti. The Elden Ring, your only ally in the lands between, has fallen in the hands of the evil Tyrtos, he’s trying to turn everyone to his side. You have been nominated for your post by King Orin. Now you must defend the lands between and fight against the Tyrtos soldiers.

    How to Run the ELDEN RING game:


    1. Download the installer.
    2. Run the installer.
    3. Click Next on the installer.
    4. Go to the location where you downloaded the ELDEN RING game and double-click on the file, “Elden Ring.exe”.
    5. Click on “I accept the terms of use”.
    6. Accept the license of the game.


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • First of all, Download the most recent version of the game from
  • Download the full game free from the original site.
  • Don’t use the key from crackkit tm. Save it in a new folder.
  • Double click on “cracked.msi” to install the game.
  • If you came to the game successfully, there will be a message saying so, otherwise, press back to go back to the main page
  • Finally, extract it in the same folder as “cracked.msi”.
  • You have now cracked your elad game forever. You can also find many new games on tg version and etc.
  • Enjoy
  • Copyright

    Cracked.net and Reverser s.r.o.

    All files of the game are available in and any mirror sites of ypot.


    English & Hungarian (CRACKED)

    Current version:


    Download Elden Ring (Tarnished’s)

    Current version: 004.15.05
    Download Elden Ring (Tarnished’s)

    TDAAaah! Phew! 😀 It’s midnight and somehow I got here… XD I guess I really didn’t pass much time today… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    The update password that it asks for when I click on “Wii Connection” > WiiConnect24 > Network Settings is “franchisee”. I entered that and it worked this time! (HELLO FMLOG)
    THe password need to be a valid



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

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