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* With a story born from the myths of the Elden.
* Character development system to be played while progressing through the story of the game.
* Vast open world from the action RPG.
* Drive your Tarnished/Reborn/Reborn, and become a full-fledged Elden Lord.
* Customize your play style, or create a powerful character through variations of weapons, armor, and magic.
* Unique play environment featuring a multitude of mini-games.
* Join other people in a story of world-wide exploration and adventure.
* Immerse yourself in the Elden Ring Full Crack’s world of endless dangers and unlimited possibilities.

Watch the official Elden Ring promotional video and view screenshots at the following address:

◆Elden Ring Game, Official Website

◆Twitter: @EldenRingOfficial




◆Thanks to: NY Soft Laboratory

※Elden Ring is designed and developed by NY Soft Laboratory.

■Development Status

Elden Ring is currently under development. The game is still in a very early stage, and we are not able to guarantee a release date at this time.

Elden Ring will be released for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system (PS4™) and PS Vita.

※Copyright (C) NY Soft Laboratory, Inc. All rights reserved.

Copyright ©2016 NY Soft Laboratory, Inc. All rights reserved. ※Elden Ring is a trademark of NY Soft Laboratory, Inc.

This software may not be reproduced, redistributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, scanning, or otherwise, without prior written permission from NY Soft Laboratory, Inc.

This software is distributed solely for personal use. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

The product names, brands, logos, designs, and slogans reflected herein are those of their respective owners


Features Key:

  • Epic Fantasy Action RPG that deeply ties you to the world.
  • A vast world full of variety of situations and open fields.
  • Create your own character, trade items in a convenient system, and develop your own play style.
  • An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters intersect in the Lands Between.
  • An Online Play that offers another world, where you can feel the presence of others.


    Elden Ring Crack + [April-2022]


    A Memorable Fantasy World

    The dimensions of the Lands Between may be vast, but the route there is strewn with thorns, and the haphazard layouts of the dungeon floors can be particularly hazardous. When passing through them, the thrill of facing the different challenges in them starts to fade, but the sense of accomplishment when overcoming all of them is undiminished.

    A Megadungeon with a Stellar Story

    The Lands Between boasts a multilayered story that lets you witness the contrast between the good and evil powers of the lands on both sides of the great barrier. The story lines are crafted with immense care to allow people to dive into them without being overwhelmed.

    An Epic Drama in an Epic World

    The depth of the lore and the world of the Lands Between gives rise to a drama that is very deep and rich, allowing the character development to progress with every step.

    The Diverse World of Elden

    A World with a Multitude of Races, and a Large Number of Classes

    With a worldwide race mix, a massive number of classes, and an exquisite network of roads, the Lands Between is a diverse world with a vast array of lands with their own cultures and histories.


    Inhale deeply the scent of elemental magic.
    • An Action-RPG Rich with Unparalleled Depth
    An action-RPG that emphasizes the immersion of gamers in the mood of battle.
    • A Bodily-Realistic System While Blending the Uniqueness of the RPG
    A system in which the pleasure of looting, crafting, and experience gain rests on a foundation of realistic characteristics of actions and workforces. A world of real struggles and challenges is infused with the same spirit as in a real RPG game.
    • Demonstrate Your Strength and Grace
    While the strength of your character directly affects your actions in battle, skills, experience, and knowledge of magic all work together to enable you to consistently gain the upper hand.
    • The Dramatic Turn and Bodily Fear of Consequences that Surge with Your Courage
    It may seem easy to start out with a character who does not know magic, but the more you gain experience, the more difficult it becomes to start with a wizard. As the fear of magic attacks is reflected in the system, each battle is intense to


    Elden Ring Crack + With License Code Download

    Development team.


    ● Methods
    – Game System
    – Story based on various MECHANICS
    – Combining Characters to PLAYER EXPOSITION
    – User controls
    – Role select
    – Support system to PLAYER EXPOSITION
    – Action RPG (Avex mode)
    – The game has been developed by the creation team, Power Up, who have gained an excellent understanding of the genre.
    ● Game System
    – Action RPG (Avex mode)
    – RPG (Single Mission mode)
    – Role select
    – Action RPG (Avex mode)
    – Action and RPG (Single Mission mode)
    – Support System to PLAYER EXPOSITION
    – Feature Action RPG (Avex mode)
    ● Game System
    – Action RPG (Avex mode)
    – RPG (Single Mission mode)
    – Support System to PLAYER EXPOSITION
    ● The Mission system has been introduced in the quest.
    ● Support System to PLAYER EXPOSITION
    – Game Features
    – Setting
    – Conflict
    – Character
    – Tools and Support
    ● Game Features
    – Exploration
    – Role select
    – Action RPG (Avex mode)
    ● Game Features
    – Combat
    – Skill
    – Character
    – Tools and Support
    ● Setting
    – Story Based on Various MECHANICS
    – Combining Characters to PLAYER EXPOSITION
    – User controls
    – Role select
    ● Action RPG
    – Playable alone by a single player
    – In multiplayer, 2-player matching
    – Online play (multiplayer and asynchronous online)
    – Collection of All Worlds
    ● Choice of Character
    – Varying difficulty and selectable character class
    ● Varying Difficulty
    – Varying difficulty depending on the experience of the player
    ● Action RPG (Avex mode)
    – The adventure of a new character in a setting that is completely different from the past
    ● In Multiplayer, 2-player matching
    – The ability to switch the position of the current player and allow the other player to play
    – Additional play as a side character (Black Joker)
    ● Action and RPG (Single Mission mode)
    – Action and RPG (Single Mission)
    ● Character
    – With multiple levels, the player obtains stronger allies
    ● Tagging


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    1. How to Earn Items?
    In the World, there are Banker’s Minions flying in the air that respawn in one minute of waiting.

    2. How to Play?
    Starting by talking to the Banker, your House will be built, and you will enter the game.

    3. What can I do while waiting?
    You can travel with the Banker to various places, and you can sign up for guilds.
    Note that selecting a guild determines which of you will be able to travel with the Banker to the Guild Division’s territory.

    4. One-shot Customization Items
    There are Customization Items that can only be purchased in the Shop of the Banker.

    7. Title Information
    8. Gamebox Contents
    9. Package Contents
    10. FAQ
    11. Service
    12. User Manual
    13. Legal Terms

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    How To Crack:

  • Unzip Elden Ring Files & Copy Them Into A Good Copy Folder
    • Install!
    • Now Run! It is Ready!




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    System Requirements:

    Supported OS: Win 7 and 8.1
    (For Windows 7, we recommend 32bit operating system because of the performance. However, if you want to play with 64bit, please change your processor architecture to x86_64)
    Supported CPU: Any Intel x86 or AMD x86_64 processor (Both 32bit and 64bit are supported)
    Any Intel x86 or AMD x86_64 processor (Both 32bit and 64bit are supported) Graphics card: GPU with OpenGL 2.1 or later
    GPU with OpenGL 2.1 or




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