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In the Lands Between, adventurers go about their daily business and settle into a life of profit and labor.
One day, a young noble called Tarnished suddenly appeared there with a mystery.
Though he had already settled his affairs, he seemed dissatisfied with the life that had been chosen for him and asked to be given a new life.
As the task of deciding his fate came to be entrusted to a young woman named Larpyr, Tarnished set out on his journey to follow her guidance.
From the ancient Land of Elden, Tarnished and his guardian Larpyr set out to reach the faraway Lands Between, which has been deemed a forbidden land by the rulers of the Lands Between.
Please enjoy the story of Tarnished and Larpyr.
A report on a country called Alden.

A country with two lands: the Alden world and the Elden world. In the Alden world, a union of the two peoples has taken place, so the two countries are one. The Elden world, however, a land of destruction and bondage, is said to be land created by the Old Gods. Elden, a shabby country where order is maintained by the authority of the Elden gods, is sealed by the Elden gods themselves. In this place, only monsters wander the desolate and barren lands.
The Elden World “Revelation”
A mysterious Elden lord named “Godsman” appeared.
One day, in response to a “Call for Gathering” by Godsman, adventurers from the Alden world and humans go to the Elden world.
However, within the Elden world, they find that the only human-like people are monster-like creatures called “hikes.”
And where there are hikes, there are Elden gods.
Can the Elden World be saved?
Will adventurers die there?
In the world of Elden, monsters called “hikes” exist.
“I want to ask you for a favor.”
As the only adventurer who is a human, Haride, decides to meet with Godsman.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • 4 game modes including Survival (increase in difficulty for a greater sense of involvement), Versus (split into two teams with different abilities and switch between them), PVE (player versus environment), and PVP (player versus player)
  • Unique full-body attack motions (Kick, Jump, Dodge, Climb, Jump Jump, etc). Delivering a sense of immediate response to moves.
  • 21 virtual items, including weapons, armor, and accessories, for example, Set (items that can change your appearance)
    You can equip an active and passive component and make a total of 30 weapon types. Choose from among tons of weapons, armor, skill accessories that improve your value added skills.
  • Unconsciousnesses and illnesses are real and reversible events. If a part of your body or mind collapses, you can suffer a slight collapse.
    Depending on the situation, you can experience emotions such as fear and fright. These events are not controllable, and the severity varies
  • Rated E for Everyone.

    The game is playable at an early level. However, the completion of certain content includes restricted content. If you are from a nation where restricted content is not available, you can play other content for free. For additional information, see Key Features.

    Content that may appear in the game:

    • Use of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs is not only prohibited in Elden Ring, but also dangerous. Effects include negative impacts on your user interface, interference with a number of actions, and increased Durability.

    Detailed System Requirements:

    The minimum requirements for installation of the game client are:

    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM, more if the system configuration permits
    • Video card: DirectX 9.0c GPU, a PC of at least 1.5 GHz CPU

    In addition, you can enjoy the following contents with these requirements.

    • Network connection: Direct, LAN cable, Wi-Fi, Network adapter


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      “This is a game with character, strong writing, and a well-paced story that actually gets better as it goes on. I would definitely recommend it.”


      elden ring: POWER UP Edition

      We’re not a ratings site, but the reviews below are what attracted us to the game in the first place.

      If you’ve not watched our HD gameplay videos, be sure to do so right now:



      “It’s kind of like an RPG, but it also has dungeons, weapons, combat, and a storyline that’s the best and worst of what the Internet has to offer.”

      IGN – Based on Games – TIGA Awards 2017 winner


      Here’s a preview of what you can expect from our new Fantasy Action RPG:


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      (Content) Campaign and Multiplayer Play
      A single-player campaign featuring 8 dungeons and 3 stages.
      • The current status of the characters and scene changes for each dungeon.
      • During multiplayer play, you can play through 4 stages, and the various activities and events in the progress of your play become reflected in the online world.
      Offline Play (BOSS) Equipment and Magic
      The current status of the characters and stage changes based on the Boss’s missions.
      The Boss’s mission is to obtain two items (power and equipment) and enter the final stage.
      * Equipment can be unlocked once you enter the dungeon and by progressing through the stage, and in the case of monsters of the same type, equipment can also be shared.
      * The power of equipment varies depending on the level, skills, and traits of the character, and can be equipped during multiplayer play.
      * In the event of a character level, starting from levels 15, equipment of level 1 or 2 can be used. In the case of character classes, the starting equipment has a variety of categories, but in the case of individual classes, the available starting equipment may not be the same as the equipment of the same level class.
      * Magic is an unlimited resource that is used to control Monster or to destroy existing equipment.
      * Magic is used when you defeat a monster, and it cannot be modified during a dungeon.
      * In addition to characters and equipment, there are neutral items, which are items that you can equip without modifying your characters or equipment. Neutral items can be obtained during Dungeons and Boss battles.
      In this realm, Tarnished Gold, will be the goal for many battles.
      The Tarnished Gold originated from Anubis, who was a god of the underworld, and was the most powerful weapon in the last era.
      The Tarnished Gold has been given to the human worlds by the Dictator of the underworld, a god who rules the rest of the underworld.
      A battle through a single-player campaign where you fight against plenty of monsters with the Tarnished Gold, and when you win, you can obtain a special item called the “Saved Crown.”
      The Boss fight using the Tarnished Gold, and is one of the main components of the single-player campaign.
      (Content) Online Play and Multiplayer Play
      In addition to the campaign, players can enjoy the game online through both local multiplayer and online multiplayer.
      Local Multiplayer Play
      * Opponents


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      "If it were to be a game like Dungeon Fighter Online, players could play the game for an indefinite amount of time, but the scale and scope has been definitely increased with Dominions 3rd Edition"
      —Producer 'BBIS' Makoto Hashimoto

      First game art for Dominions 3

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      How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

    • Download Elden Ring and install or put the cracked item into the main directory. Immediately, whether it be now or in the future, download "Crack-updater.exe". In small icons, double tap on "Elden Ring.exe", and click on "Scan".
    • Upon completion, the registration box will pop up. Please fill in the form and activate the product. Click on "OK"
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    • You can also crack the file "Elden Ring Gold Edition.exe" and crack the "Elden Ring.exe" files in your "data" folder.

    System Requirements:


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