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The Creative Assembly, the award-winning game developer of critically acclaimed titles including the Total War® series, ROME, and AUTOMATION, is pleased to announce Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version, a bold new fantasy action RPG set in the Lands Between.

Elden Ring is a fusion of RPG and action game with multiple classes, epic battles, and highly detailed graphics. In addition to its unique style, Elden Ring is an epic fantasy story of lost destiny that seamlessly combines an original plot with a classic fantasy world.

Elden Ring sees the player take on the role of a 2D avatar as they fight for their place in the Elden World, acting as one of three available classes: Warrior, Mage, and Nightblade. Ranging from elemental magic to weaponry, each class will choose their own path of dominance, and playstyle, as they ally with an initial group of three adventurers and travel the Lands Between to stop a mysterious threat.

As you explore the Lands Between and meet the inhabitants, a plot twists and unfolds that will determine whether your chosen avatar will receive a greater destiny, or be destined to live a lonely existence. The decisions you make will be instrumental to your adventure. Will you choose to slay dragons, wield swords, and grow close to female companions? Will you be the savior of a frozen kingdom? Will you be a hero or an evil villain?

The Stories of Elden Ring

As the story unfolds, you’ll play with a group of adventurers that includes a female warrior, a strong combatant, and a mage that wields magic spells. They are your allies, and together, you’ll embark on a journey that takes you beyond other lands, while revealing secrets and fighting against monsters that plague the Lands Between. The game’s storyline spans five episodes and over 30-some hours of gameplay. Elden Ring’s story is divided into three separate branches that interconnect – each separate story is a piece of a bigger picture.

Each episode unfolds in a different region, with a story and goals unique to that region. Each episode begins with an episode objective, which will give your characters a specific goal such as collect gold, discover a puzzle, or defeat a boss monster. This is your mission, the prize that you are after, and what drives the story forward.

What’s It Like to Play Elden Ring?

Elden Ring was crafted from the ground up to draw you in and excite your imagination. From the opening cinematic,


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Contrary to most MMORPGs where the majority of the time is spent on leveling up and class skills, the focus of the Elden Ring is less on combat and more on engaging in turn-based battles.
  • Various PvP and multiplayer match-making modes that regularly occur in the world.
  • A world in which you can freely choose your character profile, weapons and armor
  • When you select an area, an open-ended task that you will be given allows you to interact with the various event plots
  • A unique online play in which different states of consciousness are reproduced on the screen. When the controller is touched, online play turns on, and the settings are changed to a gameplay version.
  • An original story in which various thoughts of the Characters are connected, creating a multilayered story.
  • A comprehensive Field Service system in which you experience the entire story through Field Service.
  • The Elden Ring demo is available for PC Only.

    We will provide a link to the download, once it is made available.
    Until then enjoy the beautiful previsualization above!
    Come talk to us on our Facebook Page for the latest news!

    Elden Ring (Demo) ESRB Rating: M

    One of the most popular games from Capcom is getting even better as Capcom looks to bring together even more actors from the MCU!
    Although confirmed for release this September, we now have even more details on the heroes that are coming to the game!
    Darrell Sanders has been confirmed to be joining alongside Angela Bassett!
    Along with the players of Marvel Infinite he has also said that the game will feature Captain America, Black Widow, War Machine, Rocket and Groot from the MCU!
    If that wasn’t enough, Mick Wingert (Agent Toro from Marvel vs. Capcom 2) and Jill Hennessy (Captain America: Civil War’s Falcon) have also been confirmed as well!
    Finally, both Dave Franco (Spider-Man, Deadpool) and Frank Grillo (Red Blooded) have also been confirmed to be making an appearance.
    We can also say that a Colleen Co


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    – Beautiful Graphics and Development, 100 out of 100
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    – Easy to understand tutorial from start up to end of game, 90 out of 100
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    1. Beautiful Graphics and Development, 100 out of 100

    I’ve played a lot of RTS games, but from the very beginning, I thought that this game seemed totally new because of its gameplay and graphics. The interface is straightforward, but yet easy to understand. The simple graphics are easy to see and distinguish. It is a game that can be played by one person, or a couple, without any problem.

    This is how you can fight other players in a multiplayer match. When this is implemented, you can directly connect with other people, and so you can play around the world.

    – Environments that are based on a 2D perspective are breathtakingly beautiful, 90 out of 100
    – The houses, the facilities, and the weapons are all based on shapes and scenes, 90 out of 100
    – It is easy to understand. There is not a lot of text, 95 out of 100
    – Surprising visual effects. The landscapes, unit skills, and the attack effects are all really eye-catching. The units move with a smoothness, 93 out of 100

    – Simple to understand tutorial, 100 out of 100

    – Interface that is easy to use, 90 out of 100

    – System that allows me to choose who I want to be the leader. The game ends once one of the members dies, 100 out of 100
    – Strong enlgish voice, 100 out of 100
    – The game has lots of strange monsters, 100 out of 100

    – Hordes of monsters attack the player. People can be injured, but they can die only when they encounter a horrible monster, 90 out of 100
    – Absorbing online games that I can play with my friends anytime


    Elden Ring Crack Activator

    Team work character creation:


    – Adventure Online Game About the Lands Between
    A Vast World Where a Mythological Action Game is Born
    Expanding on a real-life myth, an action-RPG setting in the Lands Between, where the characters can freely travel with their quests, will take an unexpected turn. In the midst of the darkness, a great power and a mythological figure appear, and you become the protagonist to decide what kind of story will be born.

    Starting with a choice between four races, you can freely create your own character. Play a strong warrior in order to protect the people from monsters? Or play a magician to freely set up chain reactions? Or interact with other characters through conversations and arrange their quests?

    Gather strength, knowledge, and strength, and finally manifest your power as an Elden Lord and raise a party of powerful companions!

    The experience that your character receives is greatly affected by the formation of your party. As you grow and the tasks to which you are given increase, your party will grow as well, and as you grow, you will find abilities that you can use to form an offensive party, and as you grow, your party will grow.

    Tasks are missions to which the protagonist is given. As your levels increase, your combat skills will also increase and you will get the chance to learn new skills.

    – ACTION RPG The Lands Between
    It is an action RPG that allows you to freely create your own character. Gather strength, get more diverse and stronger skills, and become a strong protagonist!

    Assemble a party of varied characters to explore the Lands Between. With the element of customization, you can freely develop your character according to your play style. Customize your character appearance, weapon, armor, magic, and more.

    Enjoy a 3D battlefield and a map that changes dynamically.

    Meet party members that can use an item to help you along the way.

    Explore an online world that allows you to feel the presence of others. It is a game that feels at home when you want to connect with others.

    It is an action RPG that allows you to freely create your own character. Gather strength, get more diverse and stronger skills, and become a strong protagonist! Assemble a party of varied characters to explore the Lands Between. With the element of customization, you can freely


    What’s new:

    Now a new expansion! We have sent a letter to the Mayor of Aluston (actually was sent to all the Kingdoms because we are friendly). We asked for some help for the world of Rohan, because without you we can’t have this amazing world! Thank you so much again!
    Get ready for another exciting adventure!

    Steam Greenlight

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    Show Less

    About The Silver Blades

    We are a Limited Life Line Society!
    Don’t you believe in GOD?
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    I want to use functions called RecordStats()/StopRecord() (simplified here)
    Suppose there is a structure with data:
    {0: 0.1, 1: 0.2, 2: 0.1, 3: 0.2, 4:0.1, 5:0.2}

    and you want to call RecordStats by passing an int variable:
    var key = 5;

    Now, as I need to get the key from a list, I must call that array of “if else”s.
    The performance aspects are like this. Every time RecordStats() is called, the returned results (the precision is not important, so the raw values


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    This work of art is credited to Tom Joseph, and is in the Public Domain, free to share, modify, and use for any purpose. You can even make money from it.

    if you like it, leave a comment…and the game. :3Follow or contact me on Facebook: if you’d like to show support, or if you are a vocal, active supporter of the indie game maker. :3

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    © JASMINE RRee. All rights reserved.

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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download it from the below link
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  • Features

    • A Fantasy Action RPG full of surprises
      Beginners and experts alike will enjoy the game as the interface is simple and intuitive.
    • Strong combat system that customizes its difficulty based on your class
    • Develop unique characters by changing your equipment in an easy interface
    • MMO action RPG designed for the PC
    • A large number of enemy types and allies

    How To Play

    • Expanded learning with the new upgrade feature of two characters with a single account
    • Experience the unique online play
    • Enjoy a huge universe of worlds and adventure


    • Download crack from links
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    Crack System Requirements

    • Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista
    • 2 GB of system memory
    • 1.6 GHz processor (Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2)
    • 2 GB of video memory
    • DirectX 11 compatible video card

    Source 2:

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    System Requirements:

    Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
    Intel® Core™2 Duo or better
    2GB RAM
    2GB available HD space
    DirectX® 10
    64-bit OS
    As of the update, the NVIDIA GameStream feature for GeForce GTX GPUs is no longer available. NVIDIA’s plan is to offer an alternative streaming solution and will be providing more information on it in the coming weeks.
    NVIDIA today announced new high performance graphics cards designed to help users maximize the performance of their Microsoft Windows®




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