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The story of Innovena
Innovena is the land of myth and legend. It is said that it was shattered by a great conflict thousands of years ago. The people that survived became light and shadow—Lords and Lore Masters, who established the legal structure of the Elden Land that has been the same ever since.
Based on the fantasy tale of “Innovena” written by FUJIWAKI Kazuko, this is a new fantasy action RPG by tri-Ace Inc. New fantasy action RPG makers, tri-Ace Inc., have released multiple titles such as “Fullmetal Alchemist”, “Metal Gear Solid”, “The Legend of Dragoon”, and “The Last Remnant”. We will strive to provide amazing gameplay, a vast world, and a realistic narrative.
Warden’s Observatory

Since the beginning, the Lands Between have been known as being a turbulent land where many fairytale monsters roam freely. As a protectorate of Elden Land, Warden’s Observatory holds the complete laws and regulations of the Lands Between, and are in charge of its defense. Wardens are the top members of the observatory that protect the Lands Between from monsters and wars.
The observatory is the logical center of the world, where one could hunt monsters and find one’s path. In order to hunt monsters and obtain their data, you need to join the training school and become a Warden. You will be able to hunt monsters and obtain their data with weapons found in the dungeon. The more data you obtain, the higher your Attack and Magic Rate will be.

Hunter’s Tent

Since the beginning, the Lands Between have been known as being a turbulent land where many fairytale monsters roam freely. As a protectorate of Elden Land, the Guards Division is responsible for maintaining the peace in the Lands Between. The higher the statistics of a child, the more likely he or she will become a Hunter. Hunters are a mix of strong warriors and magic users. They will head into the Lands Between to discover items and monsters to collect their data and aid in hunting.
In order to hunt monsters and obtain their data, you need to become a Hunter and enter the Lands Between. As a Hunter, you will obtain items and fight with monsters to collect their data. The more data you obtain, the higher your stats will be


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Online Play
  • Totally Free-roaming
  • Cinematic Combat Scenes with Real-time Battles
  • Gear-Related Rewards
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Story: Designed by Yoru Fujisawa
  • A Huge World
  • Elden Ring is a massive RPG that liberally combines highly developed explorations with combat tactical gameplay using real-time battles.
    At the focus of development are smoothly exploring a massive world while feeling the excitement of battles, and in addition, there are new elements that enhance gameplay provided by account management and news sites.

    Over the course of the adventure, you will listen to a multilayered story in fragments as you meet new characters who hold the memories of those involved in the historical events of the Elden Ring.
    By freely combining gear, weapons, and magic, you will bond with new characters and their experiences to in turn forge your character’s story.
    In addition to multiplayer, by leaving your account management and news sites open, you can experience online aspects that connect to other players, you can progress in the adventure as if you were travelling together.

    In addition to many settings, there is a multitude of content, such as a large number of dungeons, with many players and unique bosses and shops.

    A campaign that takes place in the Lands Between is also available where you can travel between seven lands, become a powerful lord, and explore vast fields.

    The wildly unique world is a vast farm in the midst of exclusive and engaging combat adventures.


    2018-08-23T09:54:24.0477377+09:00Mon, 23 Aug 2018 08:54:24 +0900(c) R-Locker – the essential component of Elder Scrolls Online

    Hi all,

    As announced, we will officially release a multiplayer component called “Stacker” on August 24th


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    RUE W. on 2018-05-23 14:03:32

    I’ve read about this game for quite a while now and I’ve always been waiting for more videos/trailers. I read it’s pretty much a Witcher game but its refreshing and looks incredible from what I’ve seen of it. Looks like a game I want to play for sure.

    FANREALON on 2018-05-30 03:04:25

    I’ve been waiting for this game for so many years. I’m glad to see its finally here and hopefully it’ll get better.

    Ius, on 2018-06-01 22:45:08

    Could it be like the Soulborne and Abyss Ring of Azure?

    Oscar on 2018-06-02 03:40:23

    Do you think you might get a sequel?


    Ius, on 2018-06-02 04:16:28

    Um. No.

    Fluxus on 2018-06-02 05:25:25

    I saw they have a new game out called Fate/Grand Order coming out for iOS.


    Fanrealon on 2018-06-05 03:55:20

    Because it never got the sequel that Abyss Ring of Azur was promised for.

    Ius, on 2018-06-07 02:13:14

    Well I doubt that will happen unless it takes place in the same universe like League of Legend.

    Oscar on 2018-06-07 03:43:27

    > Abyss Ring of Azure took place in the same universe as League of Legends

    > And has a sequel.

    As a matter of fact the Ring of Azure spawned the popular mobile game called Anima Mundi that was the precursor of League of Legend. What happened in that game was when Cloud decided to take the andromeda race to space it’s necessary to explore other worlds. This was where the Abyss Ring of Azure came about.

    Going into the discovery of the Abyss ring of Azure is like exploring another universe. It’s where all the different races and planets originated from, some of which start out wanting to consume the planet. They eventually form their own civilization and end up destroying the planet. The goal was to gather the weapons left behind from the planet’s destruction. This was all controlled by the god Y


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    What’s new:

    Elder Eorzea’s Promise: 

    Tinteract Online.

    Sun, 12 Aug 2018 15:03:06 +0000>Yva, Character File Reference
    Yva is a character class that handles typical melee jobs, such as Warrior, Armorer, and Thug. Each class has its own Signature Weapon, as well as three sub-classes to handle certain tactics. With careful planning, you can mix and match the subclasses and the weapons to suit your own play style.

    The Warrior Subclass is composed of Wyndon and Roman.
    Wyndon is a main-class special class that has been around for a long time. The first head-tailudron player, and he’s excellent in swinging his head-tailudron around, dealing heavy blows and breaking the bones of your opponent.
    He has a balance between physical strength, high flexibility, and Attack skills. His Signature Weapon is the Wyndon, which is swung like a sword. The modifiers greatly vary depending on the armor equipped, and depending on weapon elemental type, priority is given to one


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    1. Unpack the release.
    2. Run the installer.
    3. Press the “Play” button, or if you choose to install it, press “Install”.
    4. Once the installation has been finished, have fun.

    General Notes:

    1. Make sure that you have a consistent internet connection. 2. When playing on a public server, make sure to be aware of team status because a public server is a team-based game. If you are not in a team, you will not be able to communicate with the other players. 3. Always be friendly and have fun playing the game, and try to not kill other players. 4. Be respectful to your opponents and not intentionally attack other players that are not your opponents or allies. 5. If you have any problems playing the game, contact your customer support via e-mail and the website and they will help you. E.g. if the game freezes, close it and open it again, or if you do not know how to use the weapon you are equipped with, switch off your own attacks, use a random one, and learn how to use it. You can practice in the Practice Area.Q:

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