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Aimed at users who are usually dealing with the command prompt, Dnote is a lightweight command line based piece of software that allows anyone to write notes and organize them within books. The purpose of this peculiar utility is to help keep users more focused while using the command line by providing a way of swiftly capturing new information and writing notes without having to switch the environment. Of course, the content is locally stored, however, users with a strong liking towards the concept behind this minimalist CLI app might also be interested in checking out Dnote Cloud, a useful add-on that allows you to keep data safe and always within reach in the cloud. That said, working with Dnote is just as straightforward as with most other CLI tools with users only having to run the app using the Command Prompt. The app's command list is quite basic, and users can add, edit, remove, and list notes, edit books, remove notes from books,  login to a Dnote server, and sync content with a server, and that's pretty much about it. More information about every distinct feature can be found by using the "–help" command or by visiting the command dedicated section from the app's official GitHub repo.







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A lightweight CLI app for taking quick notes and organizing them in notes or notes inside books. Available Features: Organize notes into books, excluding the search field, notes, and content Edit notes directly Add notes Organize your content Sync with an online storage Command Description: –help – Prints the full help menu for the app. –help – Prints the help menu for the command specified. –man – Prints the man page for the app. –man – Prints the man page for the command specified. -x – Exits the application -x – Exits the application and the current session Start the application: Dnote.exe View the help menu: Dnote –help Exit the application: Dnote.exe -x Status Bar: –status-bar auto – Checks if the status bar is enabled, then automatically hides it and restores it upon exit. –status-bar hidden – Disables the status bar –status-bar default – Restores the status bar status to the default setting View the status bar: –status-bar – Opens the status bar and displays its messages. Open a new book: Dnote.exe –new-book Open a new note: Dnote.exe –new-note List all books: Dnote.exe –list-books List all notes inside a book: Dnote.exe –list-notes List all the content inside a book: Dnote.exe –list-content View the last note: Dnote.exe –last-note Remove a note: Dnote.exe –delete-note Remove all notes of a book: Dnote.exe –delete-notes Remove all the content of a book: Dnote.exe –delete-content Remove all notes from a book: Dnote.exe –delete-notes –delete-content Create a new note in a book: Dnote

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Dnote is a command line application that was developed to take advantage of the Windows Command Prompt. It is designed to be very simple and to be very easy to use. It is written in pure C# and is very small, lightweight, and fast. Dnote is a very lightweight application, however, the developer suggests that the limited memory means this application is not suitable for all uses, however, we are confident that it will meet most user’s requirements. Dnote features: Create and edit notes Add notes to books Add notes to books by providing a list of books, or by providing a book name Remove notes from books Delete books De-author books Sync books with Dnote servers List notes by author List notes by title List notes by key Print notes to file View notes in the editor View notes in the browser List notes by content Create new notes (Simple notes) List notes by tag View notes list in the editor Import notes from other applications Paste notes from the clipboard Add notes to the clipboard List notes by author List notes by title List notes by key Import notes from other applications Paste notes from other applications List notes by content Play or listen to audio/videos List notes by tag Print notes to file View notes in the editor List notes by author List notes by title List notes by key Import notes from other applications Paste notes from other applications List notes by content Play or listen to audio/videos List notes by tag Print notes to file View notes in the editor View notes in the browser List notes by author List notes by title List notes by key Import notes from other applications Paste notes from other applications List notes by content Play or listen to audio/videos List notes by tag Print notes to file The app is of course not without flaws; nevertheless, users might find it a decent piece of software for getting things done on the command line. However, we are sure most users will find the app to be more than enough for their basic needs. With that said, here are the Dnote Key Features: 02dac1b922

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IMPORTANT: This app is experimental and is likely to change. I need two apps written. The first is an Appletsave (like the ones used in Apple’s Pages). It would be a file save utility. When you open the app, you see a menu of file types, and you can choose from the menu a save option or cancel. You can save as any extension of file type. The next app I need is a folder. It would have a window and you can select a folder and subfolders/files or create new folders. I will provide source code and files I am using. The app will be a Mac App. I want you to make a functional test file for me to review. It will take 1-2 days. We are a market research firm and need a native iOS app (Delphi). The app will be a “downl…needed the app to be robust enough to handle and reply to all of the data. By design we offer the user multiple ways to answer questions/responds to survey questions. So, we need an app that can handle all of this. We are not big on animations or graphics or pretty graphics, even if they’re well implemented, so we need an app that can be as functional as possible. We need the app to be developed as fast as we can possibly get it, even if that means not getting all the bells and whistles, etc. (because we’re on a limited budget.) We need the app to be free or at least very affordable. Please provide examples of apps that do most of what we want done in the app. We want the best. The app will be similar to a simplified Google Doc. The best example I can think of is: 1) Insert a survey. 2) N …you may “compose” your email reply in most webmail client. Additional features – Operate a simple chat room (takes no more than 50 lines of code) – Post images/files – you may upload from your PC, your phone or “drop” the files into the app (no need to upload these to my server) – Multiuser, no login needed – Deny access to some if you need (e.g. sign-ups) • No Content-Type! Your reply HTML message will be sent as text/plain (not html) – Post your reply back into iMessage as “image

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=================== Dnote lets you create notes within individual books. Notes are basic attachments to books that contain content inside and are saved locally using the Note Store. For a deeper understanding on how to use Dnote check out Dnote Cloud. Notes: ======= Dnotes are the basic notes that users can create, edit and remove from books. You can view notes while you are using the Dnote app, however, to make things easier, Dnote Cloud allows you to synchronize notes and views with remote servers. Notes can be attached to a book and therefore it becomes an entry in the Note Store of the user who created the book. The Note Store is persistent. It will keep notes that have been removed until the user removes them or the Note Store is cleared. Once the Note Store is cleared, the notes will be permanently removed from the Dnote app. When switching between notes in the Note Store, use the button above the note or below the note to swap between current and previous notes or move to the next note in the list. Notes can be copied or moved to other books. To view the book where a note is attached, use the “Edit Note [Name]” command and click on the bookmark button in the top right hand corner of the screen to open the book. You can find the list of books in the User app by selecting “My Notes” and selecting “Books”. You can list notes in books from the list of the book. For more detailed information on Dnotes and Dnote Cloud visit the wiki: Resources: =============== Dnote Cloud Wiki: Repository: Usage Examples: ================== – Create a note: Dnote –book [note-name] Examples: – Create a note named “FirstNote”: Dnote –book firstnote – Create a note named “SecondNote” that moves to “FirstNote”: Dnote –book firstnote –move firstnote – Create a note with a link: Dnote –book firstnote \* Link To FirstNote Links: ====== Icons: – The * icon (underlined) is used to create links. – \[name\]


System Requirements:

Minimum specs: -OS: XP SP3 or Windows 7 -Processor: 2.5 GHz Dual Core processor -Memory: 4 GB RAM -Graphics: 4 GB video card -Hard Drive: 40 GB -DirectX: Version 9 Minimum recommended specs: -OS: Windows 10 -Processor: 2.5 GHz Quad Core processor -DirectX: Version



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