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dbForge Data Compare for Oracle is an application designed to help advanced computer users, such as developers or database administrators, to simplify their work.
It enables end users to connect to their Oracle databases directly through the application, by typing the required details in the designated fields. Among the mentioned details, it is possible to find connection type, host name, port number, service name, SID, username and password.
Users can test the connection before using it within the application, by clicking the Test Connection button on the Database Connection Properties window.
Creating new data comparison projects can be done from the main window, by clicking the dedicated button. Additionally, users can save a current data comparison project on their computer and access it later, if needed. The application also supports schema snapshot creation.
Administrators can compare data between various Oracle databases, analyze the differences, generate reports, synchronize databases and also run advanced SQL scripts.
The script execution feature can be accessed by clicking the dedicated button from the main window. This might come in handy if users want to quickly synchronize data between two databases, so that the information matches.
The interface can be customized by adding or removing toolbars, assign commands to various categories and also enable a series of extra features, according to the user's preferences.







DbForge Data Compare For Oracle – Standard Edition Crack+ [April-2022]

DbForge Data Compare for Oracle is an advanced Oracle database connectivity tool that allows users to import, export and compare Oracle databases. The application can export relational or complex data in most major file formats. It allows users to compare any data between any two Oracle databases.
DbForge Data Compare for Oracle takes care of all of the specifics for connecting to your Oracle database. The application makes it easy to perform the following tasks:
– Data Snapshot Creation
– Compare Data
– Import Data
– Export Data
– Synchronize Data
– Generate Reports
– Run Scripts
DbForge Data Compare for Oracle comes with a very large library of standard features that are included with a standard license. This allows users to use the software as a powerful Oracle database connectivity tool with access to all of the features.
Key Features:
? Create and manage Oracle data comparisons
? Synchronize databases
? Generate SQL scripts
? Backups
? Reports
? Restore data from backups
? Customizable user interface
? Support multiple Oracle databases
? Import any file format
? Exported data can be restored back to Oracle
? Export data in XML
? Generate reports
? Relational data export
? CVS export
? CSV file format export
? MS Excel export
DbForge Data Compare for Oracle – Standard Edition includes all of the following features:
? Comparison from and to Oracle databases
? Support for two or more Oracle databases
? Exporting to various data formats
? Synchronization with databases in other locations
? Backup support
? Restoring databases from backups
? Advanced SQL capabilities
? CVS backup
? RMAN backup
? Schema backup
? Database recovery
? Access to all features
? Fully customizable interface
? Unlimited databases support
? Customizable toolbars
? Fully customizable commands
? Generate report
? Execute scripts
DbForge Data Compare for Oracle – Standard Edition Price:
DbForge Data Compare for Oracle is available at highly discounted rates from Alawar Technology. This is a great opportunity for you to get the application with a discounted price.
Additional questions? Want more information? Contact us by sending an email or schedule a call. We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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DbForge Data Compare For Oracle – Standard Edition Crack +

dbForge Data Compare for Oracle – Standard Edition is a database software for users who are looking for a quick and easy way to compare and synchronize data between Oracle databases.

dbForge Data Compare for Oracle – Standard Edition has the following features:

Views support. It lets users organize and filter view elements according to their requirements, so that the main list of items is presented in the specified format. For example, users could display the available databases in one column and compare tables or views in the other.

Create and execute SQL scripts. Users can create the scripts manually or configure the options for predefined scripts. Depending on the settings, scripts can be executed or saved in the project file to be used later.

Use the script execution button to import the results to the main project list.

You can access various tools from the main window, such as the Setup Wizard, Import and Export Wizard, etc. Additionally, dbForge Data Compare for Oracle – Standard Edition comes with a couple of wizards for the most frequently used tasks.

Creating new projects is done from the main window. The projects are divided into categories, depending on the actions performed. For example, users can create a new project from one of the predefined schemas or, conversely, create a new schema from a project.

The application supports schema snapshot creation. To create such a snapshot, click the button from the main window, then, enter the name of the database to be converted into a snapshot and define the snapshot name.

Users can save and access the data comparison projects they have created on their computer. The saved projects can then be used as a reference when synchronizing two Oracle databases. The application supports three types of synchronization:
– Compare between database instances (which are saved as the project files).
– Use the Compare Projects Wizard, which is similar to the Import and Export Wizard, to compare data between two databases.
– Back up project files and restore them in the destination server, if necessary.
For more information, see dbForge Data Compare for Oracle – Standard Edition.

When configuring dbForge Data Compare for Oracle – Standard Edition, users can optionally decide which data items, in addition to the project files, they wish to synchronize between two databases. These might include the following:
– Tables
– Views
– Procedures
– Stored procedures
– Triggers
– Functions
– User-defined functions
– Materialized views
– Packages

DbForge Data Compare For Oracle – Standard Edition Free Download [32|64bit] [Updated-2022]

dbForge Data Compare for Oracle allows you to download and compare Oracle data. The easy-to-use tool comes with a wizard that helps you to connect to your database, create a data comparison project and synchronize database objects that you need to synchronize. Built on graphical interface, you can manage your data directly from the interface. The program allows you to compare different versions of the same row, different rows with the same IDs, different columns from the same or different tables and rows in the same or different tables. The software can be used to synchronize data and synchronize database objects between databases on the same computer. You can also check the differences between various SIDs of different database tables. It is used to download and compare various versions of the same or different database tables, the same or different rows, and compare various IDs. The comparison can be done manually, or scheduled.

What’s New In DbForge Data Compare For Oracle – Standard Edition?

Once you downloaded and installed dbForge Data Compare for Oracle, simply run the application and click Start. The application is designed to connect to your Oracle database through local or remote connections and open the Data Compare window.

On the project creation window, users can add any new data comparison projects, in which they can create schema snapshots. Additionally, they can create project views from source or target tables, to see the differences between the tables.

Administrators can synchronize the tables between the source and target databases, so that the data from the source database exactly matches the target database. There are a few options that can be used to synchronize databases, such as:

Change Synchronization mode to account for the differences between tables. It is possible to use all the changes from the source database, all the changes from the target database, one of the changes, or none.

Create synchronization scripts to be executed.

A history log can be saved with the synchronization scripts, which might be useful if users want to synchronize specific tables in the future.

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System Requirements For DbForge Data Compare For Oracle – Standard Edition:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Mac OSX 10.4.11 or later
Processor: Intel Pentium III or above
Memory: 256MB of RAM required
Graphics: Intel 915 G, NVidia 8600 GT
Hard Disk: 1GB or more
Sound Card: MIDI compatible
Operating System: Windows Vista or above
Other: A driver for the game may be required. Download them from:
Registrant Details:



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