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Devs are known to be busy people, and like most busy people who are also passionate about their jobs, they always seek to stay at the top of their game by being well-informed. But actively seeking reliable and diverse news sources takes a lot of time, which can be frustrating if your main concern is, well, coding.
If you’re a developer who wants to always to be up-to-date while keeping distractions at a minimum, then you might enjoy this extension for Firefox called Daily.
A relevant news feed every time you open a new tab
Supposedly, Daily is made by developers for developers, with the clear purpose of keeping them au courant with all the latest news items. But believe it or not, devs are human too, which means that they don’t search only for news about JavaScript and Python; some may also be interested in entrepreneurship, while others may actively seek personal development tips.
So it’s great that, before you start using Daily, you must first select at least five topics of interest (in the form of tags), which range from #tech and #java to #career and #psychology. Naturally, you can change them later. After you’ve made your choices, simply open a new tab and enjoy Daily.
A customizable well-designed extension
Since the news items are beautifully displayed in the browser window, it’s very easy to scroll and skim through the titles. The extension shows you the approximate amount of time necessary for reading each article, but also allows you to bookmark items for later.
The GUI is also customizable, as you’re able to switch between light and dark mode, but also change the feed’s layout. I’ve mentioned above that you can always choose other interest tags, but you can also add more news sources to your feed or remove the ones that you’re not satisfied with. Since it only opens in a new tab, you could assume that Daily won’t bother you too often while you work, instead inviting you to take a well-deserved reading break from time to time.







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So you’re an avid browser, do you? I’m guessing you probably like to keep up-to-date with all the latest news. But, if it has to keep you busy to be able to stay at the top of your game, then finding a reliable source of information can be a huge task to undertake.
Fortunately, daily tips is a new tool which aims to solve this issue. Instead of opening lots of new tabs to keep an eye on all news about topic X (or any other topic), this extension takes it a step further by enabling the user to pick five different topics of interest.
Upon opening a new tab, daily tips will populate the browser window with a carefully curated selection of the latest news from all of those topics. You don’t need to try and find the news all over the internet, either – if it wasn’t for Daily tips you’d spend all day trying to find the latest updates for React, Node.js, or CSS.
With daily tips, you can curate a customized stream of news which is easily digestible even if you’re a web developer. It’s as simple as putting the five topics you care most about in the description field, and daily tips will do the rest.
You don’t need to fiddle around with filters, either. In other news aggregators, your stream of news can quickly become overwhelming. With daily tips, the amount of content you can skim through is limited only by your imagination.
Whether you’re a writer or just curious about the latest news about the blockchain, there’s bound to be something of interest in the category descriptions. Try it out and let us know what you think. With daily tips, news can finally be both curated and enjoyable.

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Daily For Firefox [April-2022]

Welcome to a new era of news.
At the moment, several news consumers — in particular, you and I — are scattered across the world. You’re on a plane or train while me and other people are in our offices. We face many challenges while finding and consuming what we need to — the stream of information is one of those challenges.
Daily helps you stay connected to what matters to you. It will pick stories from news sources like @nytimes, @telegraph, and @washingtonpost and deliver it to you in an optimized, conversation-ready package. Discover fresh new digital content, even offline, and get to the interesting stuff first.
You can find many bloggers and journalists among my suggested sources. I personally found relevant information about JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, database, mobile, and start-ups. In addition, it also provides you with resources on personal development, career advice, and leadership.
Daily has a variety of plans available, and it is completely free. However, since the team is small, I couldn’t confirm if Daily will manage to retain and update all the things in my feeds. That’s why you should check out its terms of use.
You can find the source code of the extension at the CrowdIn website.
Daily is currently compatible with Firefox versions 31 and up.
Key Features:
Daily Tagged News Feed: You can easily find the stories that you would like to read or watch
Personalization: Mark stories you want to read or watch later
Push Notifications: Get notified by texts, emails, or both
Contextual content: Discover stories according to your interests
Write a review of Daily, leave a comment below.
Daily has been voted #9 out of the top 100 Firefox add-ons by Addons.io users.Download for Firefox Description:
Welcome to a new era of news.
At the moment, several news consumers — in particular, you and I — are scattered across the world. You’re on a plane or train while me and other people are in our offices. We face many challenges while finding and consuming what we need to — the stream of information is one of those challenges.
Daily helps you stay connected to what matters to you. It will pick stories from news sources like @nytimes, @telegraph, and @washingtonpost and deliver it to you in an optimized, conversation-ready package. Discover fresh new digital content, even offline, and get to the interesting

Daily For Firefox Crack License Keygen X64 (Final 2022)

Daily is a portable news reader for developers. Stay connected to all the latest news, from all over the web, in just one single tab.

The extension is available for all three desktop browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Opera.

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Now, if you’re a web developer, you probably would like to use the Gecko Engine in these three browsers, which is a separate extension that integrates the Gecko engine with the three aforementioned browsers.

First released in 2007, Gecko is a fully open-source project that has been frequently upgraded by a team of dedicated developers over time.

What’s it all about?

When Gecko works properly, we’re able to see new features that don’t seem to exist in other browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that these other browsers don’t have a lot of features; they do, but they’re mostly built on proprietary technology that doesn’t allow easy implementation by independent software developers. That’s exactly why Gecko is designed to be completely open-source.

What if Firefox was open-source?

For example, the Gecko code was part of the Firefox source code until 2006, which means that people who were interested in Firefox could have easily made modifications to the engine by adding or removing modules from it. However, as the Gecko source was already part of the Firefox source, it wasn’t easy for web developers to make changes to it.

Additionally, the engine currently requires you to restart Firefox after installing it in order to make it work properly. So you would also have to reinstall Gecko every time you restart your machine, as well as re-install Firefox.

They are one but two really different things. You can have a Gecko/Firefox version or a Gecko/Chrome version (the latter will install, without even checking, if you already have the Gecko engine installed).

The first one includes all of the features that are available on all Firefox versions that include Gecko. The second one only includes what is available on the Gecko engine, and the modules on the extension; for example, the “elements” module.

The first one has more features, for sure. The second one has a lot of features, but not everything. For

What’s New in the?

A relevant news feed every time you open a new tab.
Supported News Sources:
The Daily Star
The Huffington Post
BBC News
Business Insider
Do you know of any other good news sources that developers should have in their arsenal? Let us know about them in the comments below!


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