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Aloe is a time traveler from the year 201X. She makes her way back to the time she left to find her husband, who has mysteriously disappeared. But every day she wakes up in her apartment, not knowing what has happened, and with no memory of her travels through time…until one day she wakes up in a strange world. One that looks like ancient times. Where the women are in charge and men are nothing more than slaves. And in the center of it all, a tragic forest with the Flame Who Was once a beautiful maiden.
Cal is a guy who made an oath to protect people from the evil of war and genocide that lie in wait around every corner. Now he is the last of his kind, a non-aligned Paladin. When he finds Aloe he will have to battle his inner demons to protect her. The two have two starkly different views on the world and on their relationship. Will they be able to come together?
Character Design:
Art by Mike Teitelbaum.

Soundtrack CD1:
Scenario 1 – Uncertainty
Scenario 2 – Drawn – Part 1
Scenario 2 – Drawn – Part 2
Scenario 3 – Forest
Scenario 4 – Tides of Evil
Scenario 5 – Deception
Scenario 6 – Master of the Art
Scenario 7 – Oath
Scenario 8 – The Realms of Forgotten Men
Scenario 9 – Judgment Day
Scenario 10 – Light Beyond
Scenario 11 – The Endgame

Soundtrack CD2:
Scenario 12 – The Lords of the Night
Scenario 13 – The End of the World
Scenario 14 – The Tower of Fire
Scenario 15 – The Unfairness of Life
Scenario 16 – End of the World (Finale)
Soundtrack CD3:
Scenario 17 – The Batte of Desolation
Scenario 18 – A Cry in the Wind
Scenario 19 – Missing
Scenario 20 – Sloth
Scenario 21 – The Hand of Death
Scenario 22 – The Road of Tears
Scenario 23 – The Wand of Destruction
Scenario 24 – The Obedience of Soul
Scenario 25 – The Hermit and the Warlord
Scenario 26 – The Forest of the Sea
Scenario 27 – the Death of the Beast
Scenario 28 – The Reversion of Time
Scenario 29 – The End

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Cosmic Trip – Soundtrack Features Key:

  • The first episode of our first cartoon Sigmund, as executive producer Jim Dalrymple and I look back at our first year at FunStuffIt up to the end of our first season. We also have a hat tip to some old friends for hanging in there with us in this first year.
  • If your beginning to develop your interest in webcomics and the comic book medium, then this is a great place to start.


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In the game, players delve into the world of the kamas with an awesome title. A jet-setting plane pilot who wishes to become a “god of chaos” at his own destiny. The concept is that the player can choose which character they want to use and what quests they want to take on. Depending on the choice, the player will be able to get help from the Divine being or the evil dimension.
The ending to the story of the “Gods of Chaos” involves a decision that will lead the story to the next chapter.
Character Creation:
Characters will be created at the start of the game. Depending on the choice of the player, there will be different kinds of events that may occur during the events of the game that will influence the creation of each character. Depending on the choice of the character, a protagonist must be born into the game.
The game takes place in a world called the Chaos. That world is divided into three regions: the Heaven, the Earth, and the Demon World.
The Heaven
It is the region in which God exists. It consists of its own God and its four Gods. All are generally nice to mortals. In order to enter the Heaven, humans must be blessed by the Gods. A blessing consists of giving them a special energy, called Chaos. The Chaos that is received from the Gods will be used for the One True Hero.
The Earth
It is the place in which mortals exist. It has been divided into four regions: the Celestial Kingdom, the Astral Kingdom, the Shadow Kingdom, and the Hell Region. It is the one that most of the players will reside in. Most of the NPC will be of the mortal race and there will be some opportunity to receive their blessing as well.
The Demons World
It is the region that exists in between the Heaven and the Earth. It is the site of the Demon Lords, the two God Lords, the two Goddess Lords, and some other creatures that are connected to the “God of Chaos”. It can be entered by talking to certain Gods on the Heaven.
Development team:
The “Gods of Chaos” is a team project developed by the Unity3D game engine team.
Akihiko Morita
Toei Animation
Hirokazu Uzawa
““God of Chaos” exists”
“God of Chaos” exists�


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What’s new in Cosmic Trip – Soundtrack:


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