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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


This module is compatible with Fantasy Grounds version 1.5.3 or later.


Features Key:

  • Suitable for young
  • Exclusive
  • Citrus Care game
  • Alien gameplay
    with critical spirit.
  • The game is
    powered by an innovative real-time
    grid engine.
  • Recommended
    Windows platform:

    • Windows XP SP2
    • Windows 7 SP1
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 10 (with
      specify IE)


    • Play with the Tsubasa
      team – commercial 
    • 28 tournament
    • 6 different Taro Eévo
    • Complete
      portfolio of 8 events.
    • Meaningful
      price for each mode.
    • One month of
      free access for advanced
    • Easy to master
    • Innovative critical
      capture method.
    • Game modes –
      commercial and hobby game.
    • Multiplayer (LAN)


    Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions marks the
    culmination of more than a decade of work
    and the beginning of a new journey. NewChampion
    is aiming to evolve the mission to reach all
    players — casual and serious — from the
    original fans of Tsubasa to those who are
    completely new to the franchise.”

    Game of NewChampion features state-of-


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    You can download characters created by a mod of the game. There are two mods available and I’ve successfully played the characters created by them: Revolution SJT Characters and On Your Marks Characters.

    Revolution SJT Characters

    The characters created by Revolution are very detailed and realistic. Some of them even have links to their respective website.

    Download (1.03MB)

    Mod on Github

    On Your Marks Characters

    The characters created by this mod are slightly less detailed and realistic but the animations are much smoother. However they don’t have any website link.

    Download (2.48MB)

    Mod on Github

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    Overseas Version:

    Music List:

    OST Information:

    In our current era, the people of the eastern nations have lost much of their previous virtues, and are now covered with layers of pollution. The atmosphere in Eastern regions, especially for the people in lower class, has descended to a terrible state. The people of these regions are also involved in the importation and trading of illegal items. That’s why even if the whole East nation is destroyed, it’s impossible for them to go back to their previous state.Therefore, these people cannot follow the laws of nature. There is a law of the universe for even the smallest thing, a law to not make any unnecessary movements. That is the mysterious power of blood. Is it because of the need to make a contract with the elders to bring a peace of mind into their lives, or was it because of the presence of a tiny insect which was actually a small spirit, all that was needed was a drop of blood. In the Western era, the people knew the true value of blood, so they only used the blood of their friends and family. But in this age, even those who love each other and are family are no longer in a peaceful state. If they haven’t yet done so, it will be very painful for the coming future.After they heard the strange rumor of a drop of blood that was found, the people from these regions are really surprised. For them, the fact that there was a drop of blood was unbelievable, and the more surprised they were that this drop of blood actually had a meaning. They also can’t really fathom the fact that there is such a small piece of blood in the world that can erase the bad thoughts of all these people, and that can even kill the invading intruders and monsters. They also were shocked by the kind of power hidden inside the tiny drop of blood. Because of their astonishment, they immediately stopped all activity, and they all took off to the countryside in large numbers.There were also a few people who heard the rumour, and wanted to hunt down that small drop of blood, but they couldn’t find it. For those people, they are looking for a bigger piece of blood, because the small blood had no meaning for them, and they need to be able to erase all the bad thought. Unfortunately, they all died in the process. This is also an evidence that only the people from Eastern regions are filled with hatred and hate


    What’s new in Copperbell:


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