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Having to deal with vast numbers of tabs in our browsers has long been an annoying problem for most of us. And, happily, there are multiple good tools (mostly in the forms of browser extensions) which can single-handedly make managing large numbers of tabs seem like a walk in the park rather than a pain.
A tab manager with a twist
If your weapon of choice of daily or office browsing is Google Chrome, then you might want to check out a neat, little extension called CloseMyTabs. As its name suggests, it’s designed to help you close many browser tabs in a convenient and efficient manner.
If up until now it does not sound all that impressive, it should be noted that CloseMyTabs has one unique feature that makes it stand out from other similar tools, namely its ability to help you close tabs based on the last accessed time.
A lot more useful that it leads you to believe at first
This means that you can close specific tabs based on their last active state and, better yet, you can also adjust the duration in question according to your needs in half hour increments. At its core, CloseMyTabs may be a simple extension with a straightforward GUI, but it has a lot of features built in.
For example, it allows you to easily navigate through all the opened tabs, locate distinct tabs using the search bar, ignore specific tabs, and close them as you wish. There’s also a big CLOSE ALL button on the extension’s GUI which is sure to make life easier in case you quickly want to end a browsing session with dozens of opened tabs in your main browser window.
Super-handy tab manager for Google Chrome
To conclude, even though CloseMyTabs does not have a general utility like most typical tab managers, that does not make it a lot less of an efficient extension. It will surely come in handy for users who work with large numbers of tabs and require a quick way to close and manage them based on their last access time.







CloseMyTabs Crack Download

Closing browser tabs based on their last activity.
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CloseMyTabs — A Tab manager with a twist,
CloseMyTabs — More Information.Q:

WPF Combobox Selected Item as String

I’m using a combo box that looks like this:

I want to be able to select the items in the combobox and have it bind to a string…
So the string can be formatted as
String.Format(ComboBox.SelectedValue.ToString(), ComboBox.SelectedValue.ToString());

Instead of being just

What is the best way to go about doing this?


I wasn’t specific enough in my question to know how to do exactly what I’m looking for. But after reading a couple of blogs, this is what I did:
if (System.Convert.ToBoolean(ComboBox.SelectedValue))


private void comboBox_SelectionChanged(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e)
ComboBox cbo = sender as ComboBox;

string SelectedValue = cbo.SelectedValue.ToString();
string SelectedValue1 = cbo.Selected

CloseMyTabs Serial Number Full Torrent

CloseMyTabs Cracked 2022 Latest Version is the simple yet powerful extension for Chrome that closes ALL your open tabs with a click of a button.
– Close ALL open tabs with a click
– Categorise Tabs
– Set preferences
– Include/Exclude Categories
– Ignore specific tabs
– Search open Tabs
– Edit Ignore patterns
– Manage Preferences
– Rich Help Area
– Save and import preferences
CloseMyTabs Torrent Download Features:
CloseMyTabs is the simplest and fastest way to close all your open tabs.
CloseMyTabs can close all of your tabs with a single click.
CloseMyTabs by default, closes all tabs on exit and on new tab creation.
CloseMyTabs does not interfere with your browsing experience.
Configure CloseMyTabs to open new tabs with a single click in the browser preferences.
Add, move, and remove categories of tabs.
CloseMyTabs ignores tabs if you have your browser set to open a new tab.
CloseMyTabs ignores tabs from any category if you exclude specific categories.
CloseMyTabs ignores tabs even if they were included in a category.
CloseMyTabs ignores tabs that were opened via Desktop.
CloseMyTabs ignores specific tabs.
CloseMyTabs searches and closes all tabs that match a search term.
CloseMyTabs searches all tabs for a search term.
CloseMyTabs ignores tabs you already closed.
CloseMyTabs ignores tabs you ignored.
CloseMyTabs ignores text in tabs you don’t want closed.
CloseMyTabs ignores tabs you ignored when ignoring specific tabs.
Create a custom ignore pattern in your preferences.
CloseMyTabs supports ignoring text in a tab.
CloseMyTabs can also ignore only visible tabs.
CloseMyTabs allows you to edit ignore patterns in your preferences.
CloseMyTabs has a helpful help file.
CloseMyTabs also has a troubleshooting section.
CloseMyTabs allows you to import and export your ignore patterns.
CloseMyTabs allows you to save and load your preferences.
CloseMyTabs is easy to use!
Delete one of your favourite tabs with a click.
Switch between open tabs with a click.
Never open the same tab twice!
CloseMyTabs is fast and easy to use, no complex settings.
CloseMyTabs has a clean

CloseMyTabs Registration Code

CloseMyTabs extension is a handy Chrome extension that manages browser tabs based on the last opened time.
What it does:
CloseMyTabs is an extension for Chrome that helps you manage your browser tabs based on the last accessed time. It allows you to easily close multiple tabs and create shortcuts.
It also makes it possible to quickly get back to the last tab you opened. Try it out and you’ll see how easy it is to manage web tabs with this extension.

There are literally dozens of ways to organize your web browsing experience. There are bookmarks managers, task managers, interface customization apps, browser extensions, browser tools like URL bar modifiers, URL bar privacy tools, search box mods, and more. And if you’re looking for even more ways to organize how you navigate the web, there’s always more to explore.
Below are some of the best methods for organizing your browsing experience.
Bookmark managers
Out of all the methods mentioned, bookmark managers are arguably the most widely used and accessible. Bookmark managers allow you to easily save, organize, and store links in a single place on your hard drive.
Bookmark managers are designed to keep your links organized and easy to access. You’ll be able to store links in different folders, organize your links based on categories, and even create bookmarks that appear in the address bar to save time.
Below are the best bookmark managers available.
Dolphin Link Manager (Freeware) – Dolphin Link Manager is a free extension that allows you to easily save, organize, and store links to web pages. It’s simple and intuitive to use, and allows you to easily customize your own bookmark manager.
Pocket – Pocket is a popular web browser extension that allows you to quickly save links, news articles, video clips, and other media to your computer. It will automatically save links you come across to Pocket and it’s very simple to use.
Mountain Time – Built-in to Firefox, Mountain Time is a simple extension that allows you to easily add, organize, and manage links. It’s simple to use and very intuitive.
Sunrise/Sunset – One of the few extensions with more features than it’s competitors, Sunrise and Sunset allow you to view web pages as the sun begins to rise or set. It has a sleek and modern look that makes it easy to use.

If you’re looking for a way to modify your Google Chrome browser to look a little better, here’s how to do

What’s New In CloseMyTabs?

CloseMyTabs is a tab manager that will help you organize and close your tabs quickly. You can close many tabs by choosing the number of them you want to close, the last accessed time, or many other ways. Features include:

Today Chrome became more secure. We’ve announced several privacy improvements to Google Chrome that make it more secure by default. So if you want to make your web browsing experience safer on Google’s browser and your desktop, visit to install Chrome or get the latest release of our open source Chromium browser.
See you on the web (and mobile). — The Chrome team
Quick Note: To see more about how these changes are intended to increase your security on Chrome, visit the Help pages.
We have your back
All of us at Google are really grateful for the trust that you place in us. We take your security seriously and believe that the default settings of our browser should be as safe as possible.
Up until now, many of the standard security features of modern browsers (like ‘Ask before ‘Remember website for this site’)
have been optional, which means they could be off by default. However, in Chrome 59 you now have the ability to turn on a feature called ‘Sensitive data protection’.
This means your sensitive data (like credit card information, login and recovery details, and so on) will be protected from being sent to 3rd parties.
This is especially helpful in environments where there are many other people using the same computer.
In addition, we improved your ability to browse the web anonymously
with an option called ‘No history when in incognito’.
Now, by turning this on, Chrome will no longer store your browsing information and it will be deleted as soon as you close it.
Finally, we are adding even more protection with an option to click-to-play content
that you visit every day.
Relevant Posts:
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How to get a free copy of Chrome on Windows, Mac, and Android

Chrome became more secure recently and yet if you are using the first version of the browser, you may not have heard about all the changes we made.
So we’ve gathered most of them in this article for you. Enjoy!
See you on the web (and mobile). — The Chrome team
Cloud-first signal with telemetry
We’ve updated

System Requirements For CloseMyTabs:

|1.0 Release Candidate 1|
|Release Notes |
|Installer |
|———————– |


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