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dig is a sandbox game where you are exploring underground.
You want to dig deep? You need to start with a shovel.

Mostly old 2D games with free update. Currently working on Stepmania.
If you want to participate in development, please send me a message on steam.

If you’re looking for Stepmania on the planet(s) of the Eurotest, these are the resources you can find:

AndrewOK, you are right, I am looking for people that want to participate.
I’ve updated a list of things to add to start from scratch:

Arionn Version X, Beta (7th February 2017)

StepMania Version 9.5 beta 2, November (30th November 2017)

Stevivor Version 1.0.1, July (20th July 2017)

Danidano Version 0.9, July (20th July 2017)

Kodiak Version 0.2 (6th August 2017)

Arion Version X adds a lot of features, so that you can create your own games. It has 3 very different game modes (Freeplay, Practice and Test) and the possibility to add elements, so that you can create your own game. I’ve also added a new editor, so that you can create new elements for your game.

There are 3 aspects in this game:


You can add new plants (seed) to your world. If it grows, it will break and you can harvest the seeds (can be from any plant) and add them to your world.


You can pick fruits and vegetables from your plants. You can pick these and take them to your table.


There are 4 different types of play, each based on a different game mode.


You can create you own levels and play them in any order.


You can practice your progress for a certain level


You can test your knowledge for a certain level

Danidano Version 1.0.1 is a very simple game, which allows you to build a round board with a number of squares on it. The objective is to collect the most points on your board.

Kodiak Version 0.2 has replaced the original editor, which was not compatible with Steam. Kodiak is the most advanced editor in the game


Captain Jackson Features Key:

  • Manage your farming business: Planting the flowers, watering the plants, raising the animals and so on
  • Unlock your way to the top: You will have to earn the way up the leaderboard in order to be the Best Farmer in the town of Pasture
  • All the features we have loved since the year 2013: Daily update, clean and nice backgrounds, daily challenges with a high score, earn coins and unlock new features
  • We will pay more attention to the game after release
  • New plants and features to come…

    Thanks for checking out the first Twins of the Pasture game trailer! Share it with your friends on Facebook to help us spread the word about the game.

    The critically acclaimed and beautiful game that has been given a great success!
    If you want to play on your beloved smart phones, you must download this beautiful game!
    We love the ancient time, where you have to take care of two cows, a donkey and a flower farm and to check your nutrition levels.
    This is the situation of the people that lived in the Middle Age. And the mission of you, is to manage them wisely and earn lots of points in order to become the Best Farmer in the town of Pasture.
    You will have to plant your vegetable seeds, water them, and care for the livestock. There are some daily challenges that comes up and that will improve your skills for the daily update..We really want the people to download this free game and check how the media of the smart phones were back in those times!!
    This game is huge and will introduce you to a lots of interesting features, we assure you that you will enjoy it a lot!
    If you want to play on your beloved smart phones, you must download this beautiful game!
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    Captain Jackson Crack [Latest-2022]

    With Afterlife, the Void is as much of a protagonist as any of the living players you meet in the story. Experience it and listen to its voice as you make difficult choices to reveal the truth about who you and your family truly are, and how you and your friends must grapple with the human condition of life and death.
    Download Afterlife on:
    Google Play:

    Casting agents…

    Casting agents…

    It’s the World Premiere of ‘Minecraft’ at SXSW – watch the livestream on Twitch!

    It’s the World Premiere of ‘Minecraft’ at SXSW – watch the livestream on Twitch!

    It’s the World Premiere of ‘Minecraft’ at SXSW – watch the livestream on Twitch!

    The iOS version of the long-running sandbox gameMinecraft is finally heading to Android! For a long time, Minecraft has been available on PC and Xbox 360, but the Nintendo Wii U version has been missing.
    You can download Minecraft for free:
    FollowThis week, Cartoon Network’sAdultSwim host, Jason DeLuca invites legendary Star Wars, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age artist, Drew Wise, to talk about art! The Star Wars franchise is as large as the Galaxy itself, and in decades past, there were many an aspiring artist, and sometimes even a professional! Today, there are only a few artists that we can consider that were making Star Wars art (old and new) before the concept of CGI was even on the table. So who are these artists and why do we care.
    Find more, at:
    Download our new official iPhone app!

    Follow Cartoon Network:
    Follow Cartoon Network:
    ● Like us on Facebook:


    Captain Jackson download page:
    You need java installed to run this game, the game is basically a web browser inside a webpage. The page is basically an image and has some javascript to detect if you’re on mobile. If you are the game loads a new image with no java support. This is to cut down on server space and memory.
    The features are
    – Cosmic mode
    – Really huge mode
    – Game profile based restrictions on the number of tries allowed.
    – Puzzle level directories that can be used to create your own levels.
    – Automated error checking (PNG read error correction and automatic factoring out of tile to guess)
    – Save/Load game on exit.
    – High scores on all levels with user name submissions that will win a URL which you can use to claim your submission.
    – Statistic reporting with displays of high scores tables for all levels in each of the categories on all devices.
    – Smart phones support (Java)
    – iPad support (Java)
    – iPad minium support (Java)
    – iPod Touch support (Java)
    – iPod support (Java)
    – iPod Touch support (Java)
    – Android support (Java)
    – Android device support (Java)
    – Java versions support
    – Gallery images of all the puzzles and their solutions.
    “Game on the Run” by Joakim Karud
    “Falling Cries” by Joakim Karud
    Outro music composed by Elliot James

    EpicBlue’s chatrooms:


    or or

    published:24 Feb 2014


    Please leave a like if you enjoyed the video and tell me what you think in the comments below! 🙂
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    Tiny Town VR

    Game Description:

    Tiny Town VR is a riot. Imagine an 8


    Download Captain Jackson Crack + Free License Key PC/Windows Latest

    You are the leader of a squad of three elite riot cops. As they are driving through town to extinguish the riot they are called to do so one more time. That’s not so bad, right? But then your car’s tires explode, leaving you stranded in the middle of the road. Do you just stand there and wait for the first bus to hit you or do you run for cover?

    You play this role of a police officer, a riot cop in Metro City. Your life is about to become a living hell, but that’s not what matters to you as long as you can keep your fragile soul intact and make sure that there will be a happy ending.

    – The easy way to completely destroy yourself?

    – With the entire arsenal in your hands, you can work your way through the game with little effort.

    – Your actions and decisions will shape your story in the end.

    – More than 20 different endings.

    – 12 detailed beautifully hand drawn environments and more than 100 levels.

    – A final moody ending if you decide to keep your fragile soul.

    – Authentic gameplay, rather than just blowing up stuff.

    – Many different achievements to try to get.

    – A unique saving system that feels comfortable on PC.

    – An extensive set of options, making your role play experience as intense as possible.

    – An appropriate soundtrack.

    – 2 cutscene movies in high definition.

    – And much more.

    Unmatched style and immersion… or just some bullshit that looks like it took a shit on your wall.

    This is the story of a young, impulsive and optimistic rookie. His name is Rigsby Cavanaugh and when he started his career as a police officer in the Metro City his first badge was made of scrap metal.

    After many years on the force he rose up to the position of a Chief. Now he is still young and naive, but his career had taught him how to control his strong emotions and become a smart, experienced and professional police officer. But Rigsby is not going to be stuck behind a desk forever. His young, impulsive and optimistic attitude wants to move forward in his career and prove himself on the streets, sooner than later.

    – 30 endings to play.

    – 12 detailed beautifully hand drawn environments and more than 100 levels.

    – Many different achievements to try to get.


    How To Crack:

  • 2.. Install Game
  • 3.?Setup >
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  • 5.?Update Game & Visit Game More Info
  • 6.?Settings
  • 7.?How To
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  • 12.?Save the files into your desktop or the SD card?
  • 13.?Now load these files into iTunes this will replace the original files with your changed ones
  • 14.?Sync and Install the new files in iTunes

    System Requirements For Captain Jackson:

    OS: Windows XP SP2 (32 bit), Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 8 (32 bit), Windows 10 (32 bit)
    Processor: 1.66 GHz processor with 1 GB of RAM
    Display: 1024 × 768 resolution display (32 bit display or higher)
    DirectX: Version 9.0c
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Hard Drive: 1.7 GB of free hard drive space (15 GB or higher)
    Additional Notes: Adobe Flash Player is required for


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