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Those who are passionate audiophiles might, at some point in their musical experience, wish to make use of compression in their audio files. Numerous software solutions offer such capabilities, but Big Blue Compressor promises to provide a different approach.
Big Blue Compressor is a plug-in that was created for allowing users to compress the preferred sound range in their audio files. It will offer them several tools that can help them attenuate the level of their audio signal when a certain threshold is exceeded.
Having as its main prerequisite a compatible VST host application, the plug-in will be easy to access in its respective VST folder, which is automatically created in the root directory of users’ PCs. People will benefit from a graphical interface that features multiple adjustment knobs, sliders and pressure-feedback buttons, which will help them add the preferred effects.
Compared to conventional compressor utilities, Big Blue Compressor was created to allow one to add individual signatures to the compressed files. It will enable users to control the character of the compression algorithm and the characteristics of the output sound.
People will be able to either achieve transparent, very clean and smooth output results or dramatically reshaped sound transients. Joining characteristics from both the digital and analogue world, the plug-in provides features such as “Look Ahead” or saturation of transients respectively.
Some of its main features include a tube-compressor-style dynamic saturation, stereo imaging, peak/RMS compression mode, variable-knee limiting with proprietary tube modeling. Big Blue Compressor supports sample rates of up to 384 kHz.







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Big Blue Compressor is only available as a software solution and is available to purchase from the official website.Saturday, March 3, 2009

A little history

I will be the third member to take my stab at the world of extreme truck stop bloggers. I first saw Shane’s work in “Truckin’ Posters & Great Artifacts: Truckers with Tattoos” which inspired me to start this blog. I hope to have a lot of fun and broaden my horizons. You can follow me in the usual way at I will try to post at least two times a week.Q:

Trigger making db tables to update and then changing values by javascript

I’m currently creating a /page with some options to change values of the of some text fields. One option is to change the value, another one is to update the value by inserting a string.
I also have to make sure that all fields that aren’t changed by javascript get updated.
This is the general process that I came up with:

Create a table with all the fields.
Change the values (input, textarea,…) with jQuery
After changing the values, execute

SELECT * from table

How can I write a Javascript that directly updates all tables while also not executing before all changes have been made to the selected fields in the form?


Disclaimer: I am not 100% sure that I understood the question, I am writing this answer with one version in mind.
SELECT * from table;

This will insert your data into the already existing table, and update all your existing records. If you want to update fields that already exist, you should run an UPDATE query.
UPDATE table
SET foo = value1,
bar = value2,
baz = value3
WHERE id = id;

To avoid firing updates for rows that are not modified, you can add a NOT MODIFIED flag (

Big Blue Compressor Crack + Registration Code

Here is a concise description of the aspects of Big Blue Compressor Product Key’s interface:
Dynamic Saturation:
The dynamic saturation function allows one to activate the saturation on or off using a slider.
Stereo Imaging:
This feature allows one to control how much the left and right channels appear to be coming from different locations.
Peak/RMS Compression
With this mode one can use the preamp and compressor plug-ins independently.
Variable Knee Limit:
This feature is used to offer people various compression rates on their samples.
Peak/RMS Compression:
Users can attenuate the entire audio signal for longer than a single sample.
Tube Compressor-Style Dynamic Saturation:
When in use, this function will gradually activate the compressor as the input threshold increases.
Look Ahead:
During this process, the compressor can be used to shape the transients of the incoming sound sequence.
This is the main compression plug-in element.
With the Synthesis function users can shift the compressed sound and reveal the intended sound with the assistance of various rendering elements, such as flange, chorus, pitch, phase shifting, parallel compression, synthetic EQ and parallel delays.
The application has a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily access the main menu. It will deliver a choice of various modes of operation for the plug-in, which can be seen below:
Micro Keys
These are small shapes in various colors that will allow people to select the knobs that they wish to display in the interface’s main menu.
Main Menu
This will offer people the opportunity to choose one of the available modes and customize the plug-in.
With this function, users can control the compression algorithm and set the preset points.
/Save / Load
Users will be able to save and load their presets for a changeover to a new program.
This function will enable one to select the program and pre-amp parameters.
This function will display the plug-in’s help topics.
Big Blue Compressor Activation Code is compatible with VST and AU.
It is equipped with compression and saturation sections that will offer easy access to the parameters.
Its interface will provide people with multiple adjustment knobs, sliders and pressure-feedback buttons that will allow them to adjust the level of their audio content.
Users can use a tube-like compressor in their audio programs to make their

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The main features of Big Blue Compressor:
· Dynamic Saturation
· “Look Ahead”
· Stereo Imaging
· Peak/RMS Compression
· Variable-Knee Limiting
· Tube Modeling
· Linear Time Alignment
The component features:
· 64-bit support
· External memory/file I/O support
· Audio mastering quality sound file processing
· Any-time monitoring of the compressing sound
· Audio limiter (peak)
· Audio limiter (RMS)
· Stereo Imager
· Mono in/out
· Full-scale gain control
· Stereo imaging
· Limiting with time alignment
· Preamp, Comp, and Limiting controls
· Audio for gate synchronizing
· 9-band parametric EQ
· 3 envelopes
· 3 waveforms
· Compression
· Bright
· Soft
· Peak
· Look Ahead
· Stereo Image
· Gain
· Stereo in/out
· Input buffer
· Input gain
· Mix in
· Mix out
· Look in
· Look out
· Equalization
· Expandable with sample rate control
· First thing you see: the Big Blue Compressor list of presets
· Label compressing files
· G/Gain of each input
· Auto mix down
· Separate panning for effects input/outputs
· Black/white vinyl
· Gray-Level indexing
· Separate color compressing files
· Wide Range Parametric EQ
· Chorus/Flanger/Phaser/Delay effect processing
· Apple Loops support
· Lots of presets
· Exported as OGG Vorbis for the highest quality
· Best compression and limiting (peak & RMS)
· No latency
· Very low CPU use.
· Very low RAM use
· Very low hard disk use
· Able to handle ANY dynamic range
· Extremely easy to use and understand
· Easy to use Export Settings
· 1:1,1:1,1:1 (Easy, Normal, Extreme)
· 7 compressor types
· 1 compressor algorithm
· 5 limiting algorithms
· 3 variable-knee/limiting algorithms
· 3 tube modelling algorithms
· Stereo Imager
· Mono in/out
· Very good sound quality
· You can even export the setting as a.reg file

What’s New In Big Blue Compressor?

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Where does Varnish save its cache on an Ubuntu 14.04 Server?

I am trying to determine the location where Varnish stores its cache. I have found that it is in /var/lib/varnish/cache, but want to be sure. I understand that it is configured differently for different environments, so my question is how do I find out where Varnish saves its cache when it is on a Server?


Varnish is just a cache server, so you’re after /var/lib/varnish/tmp.


How do I talk about long time working in a company without prejudice

I am currently working for a company for about 6 years now, and I want to introduce my company to my friends. But I don’t want them to think that I love my company and I am biased about it (yes, I like my company). I am also not ready to move out of my company as of yet. So, how do I introduce my company and my work without bias or prejudice?


I have the same problem. My company is a great place to work and I really love the people I work with but I also don’t want them to think I’m biased about my company.
This is so common that there are a number of ways to state it without actually saying it.
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System Requirements For Big Blue Compressor:

RAM: 8GB (although it will run great on a 2GB system)
VIRTUAL MACHINE: Windows XP or higher (although it will run on Vista or Windows 7)
CORE 2.4GHz CPU or faster
4GB available hard drive space
MONO 2.0 or higher
SKILL SETS:.NET 2.0 or higher
Note: I have not tested the game on Vista. If it will not work, or crashes frequently, post your System Requirements and I will have a look for you.


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