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AutoCAD has been adopted by architects, engineers, and other technical professionals as a powerful and accurate technical drawing application. Architects and other engineers use AutoCAD to create accurate, detailed drawings of projects ranging from individual houses to large architectural complexes. AutoCAD provides the ability to create technical drawings that support the design and construction of buildings, highways, bridges, tunnels, dams, power plants, aircraft, ships, and other engineering projects. In addition to the architectural and engineering design software, AutoCAD has been adopted by skilled craftsman and hobbyists around the world.

The following AutoCAD Beginner’s Guide will help beginners to get started. Use the links on the left to jump to specific AutoCAD topics.

AutoCAD Basics

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a powerful and accurate technical drawing software application that was initially released in 1982 for the Apple II personal computer platform. AutoCAD is not a drafting program, but instead is a computer-aided design (CAD) program that allows users to create, edit, and save technical drawings of buildings, machines, and other engineering projects. Autodesk also offers a web-based and mobile version of AutoCAD that allows users to access their AutoCAD drawings on their smartphones and tablets.

An AutoCAD drawing, which is created using a combination of features, tools, and commands, consists of numerous geometric objects, such as lines, arcs, and circles, which can be modified by users in a number of ways. Users can change colors, thicknesses, and other properties of the geometric objects. Users can create custom objects that can be used in a drawing. Custom objects can be combined into an object layer. Users can create specific styles for different object types. The style includes options, such as color, linetype, and lineweight, that can be applied to the objects. In addition to geometric objects, AutoCAD includes a variety of drawing tools for creating objects and modifying the existing objects.

After a drawing is created, it can be saved for future use. After the drawing is saved, it can be opened and edited in multiple ways. Users can open and edit the drawing from within the application. Users can also open and edit a drawing from within the Microsoft Windows operating system by using the Windows-based AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT applications.

AutoCAD has been adopted by architects, engineers, and

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Core functionality

The Core Functionality is available to users. It is not a feature within AutoCAD, but rather a set of essential tasks that make it possible for AutoCAD users to create drawings. The Core Functionality includes the user interface, tools and commands, and the drawing environment itself. The Core Functionality is not normally visible to the user, except for the user interface, tools and commands, which can be accessed by using the Core Tools menu. The drawing environment is the area that is visible when a drawing is created, including the drawing canvas, drawing grids, annotation and text, and editing and viewing information about the drawing.

AutoCAD user interface

The user interface provides a drawing workspace and tools for creating and editing a drawing. It also contains a selection of commands for creating and editing text and symbols, creating annotations, drawing lines, arcs and polygons, and publishing and printing drawings. The interface provides a graphical interface, which the user uses to interact with and control AutoCAD. It is available on a personal computer (PC) or laptop. It also comes as a mobile interface for some tablets and smartphones.

The AutoCAD drawing workspace includes a drawing canvas and a number of drawing grids that can be visible or hidden. The drawing canvas can be scaled, resized and repositioned to create a precise drawing. The grids and the drawing canvas can be interactively positioned and oriented using graphical commands, which allow the user to make drawings more efficiently. The user can modify drawing properties (such as color, linetype, lineweight and fill pattern) with the Properties palette.

The user can view, zoom, pan and rotate an image in a drawing window by using the Drawing toolbar. The user can zoom in or out by using the Zoom commands. The user can rotate a drawing by using the Rotate commands.

The user can activate and deactivate a tool by using the Toolbox toolbar. The user can activate a tool by clicking on it.


A wide variety of commands and tools are available in AutoCAD. Some of these are used to create a new drawing, while others are used to edit an existing drawing. The tools include:

Text tools
The user can draw text on a new drawing. The user can also select and copy existing text. Text editing tools are available for editing text that is in a drawing. The tools are:
Input Text: The user enters text into the input text box

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What’s New in the?

The option to import comments from Excel worksheets.

On-screen Help improves your ability to easily access commands and functions while on the page.

Use the new screen-reader feature that allows you to see what’s selected on the screen.

Optional screen-capture support.

Editable footprints for architectural drawings.

Save and restore project and drawing-level settings.

Settings changes are now displayed in the Options dialog box and saved as new project settings.

Touchscreen support in the ribbon.

New ways to share your drawings.

Guidelines for dynamic data and 2D barcodes.

More accurate 3D Models.

Reduced lag and stutter on the screen.

Increased drawing speed when importing or exporting drawings.

Greater compatibility with older USB 2.0 drives.

The ability to pause or reverse the file.

Powerful new command line environment with several new commands.

Unicode Support and Filter Input:

Add Unicode characters to the input fields in the ribbon and tools.

The Filter Input feature lets you choose specific formats for input to be changed.

The New Filter Input command line option lets you define your own filters with up to 250 characters.

Multiple files can be selected for conversion.

Now includes a new filter option called Remap Characters that let you define conversion table for your character set.

Other New Features:

The printer-friendly settings are now updated automatically for each drawing.

User-friendly Gantt Chart in the Schedule View.

Navigate in the Help menu and use the Go Back and Go Forward commands.

Tracking tool for navigating a drawing.

Audio-ready chart styles.

Text printing and watermarking.

New Options for the Ribbon and Toolbars:

Add team members to the Ribbon as a group.

Get a new team to the Tab View for all windows and the Navigation panel.

Allow multi-selection in the Navigation panel.

A new Commenting dialog box.

The use of Drag-and-Drop support in the Customize Dialog Box.

Ribbon controls added to the Print Preview dialog box.

Favorites in the new ribbon.

Customize the position of a ribbon tab.

Two new drawing commands added to the ribbon, a Color to Geometry and

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Radeon or Nvidia GPU recommended.
AMD Radeon 7850 or Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 or above recommended.
Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64-bit OS)
A compatible 64-bit version of Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop.
Minimum 2 GB free space on hard drive.
Resolution: 12 MP
Dynamic range: 18,000,000:1 (in Creative mode)
White balance: Custom


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