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AutoCAD is used for engineering, architectural, mechanical, and electrical design. Its features include a 2D/3D drafting tool and complex 2D/3D modeling tools. A large following of users, ranging from students to professionals, make AutoCAD the most commonly used CAD tool in the U.S. and a leader in the design industry.


AutoCAD’s original name was ‘Autodesk Designer’. In the 1970s and 1980s, Autodesk created software products that would make digital design easier for the average user. Its first product was Design Suite, a line of applications for drafting and digitizing images. It was a 3D-modeling tool that allowed users to take a picture of an object and then manipulate it to a finished design in a 3D drafting mode.

Early Autodesk products were released on the IBM PC platform. This program allowed users to design from within the computer instead of on a graphics tablet or mouse. For example, when a user moved their mouse pointer, the digitized image would move, allowing users to modify the image as they moved their mouse.

In the 1980s, Autodesk introduced 2D drafting products including the AutoCAD drawing program and later the AutoCAD Mechanical and AutoCAD Electrical products. Since the release of AutoCAD, Autodesk has continued to expand its product line, introducing a desktop version of AutoCAD called AutoCAD LT for smaller businesses and a web-based version called AutoCAD Online.

AutoCAD LT was a single app that allowed users to use the main features of AutoCAD and share and collaborate on projects.

AutoCAD LT was made available in 2009 for download on Apple and Microsoft platforms.

In 2010, AutoCAD Mechanical was released to the public.

In 2014, AutoCAD Electrical was made available for download.

On January 28, 2015, Autodesk announced it was acquiring the PLM software provider Navis.

AutoCAD Express

AutoCAD Express was a newer, smaller version of AutoCAD that was released in 2010. It allowed users to work with drawings directly on their mobile device, instead of relying on a keyboard or a mouse. However, the free version does not include some of the more complex features of AutoCAD.

The iOS and Android versions of AutoCAD Express are no longer supported

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AutoCAD Download With Full Crack is no longer owned by Autodesk; it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese corporation FUJIFILM (since April 2013), and is known as “FUJIFILM CAD” in that context.

Autodesk first released AutoCAD in 1981 and added it to the list of its products. Autodesk acquired CADIS in 1986 and released AutoCAD 2 in 1988. AutoCAD 2000 was released in 1999. AutoCAD LT is an updated version of AutoCAD that is aimed at smaller businesses. AutoCAD Architecture was released in 1996 and is intended for architectural, engineering and construction CAD work. AutoCAD Electrical was released in 1994 and has tools for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC and fire alarm systems engineering. AutoCAD Civil 3D was released in 1999 and has tools for construction, landscape, surveying, mapping and point clouds. AutoCAD Mechanical was released in 2004 and has tools for mechanical and plumbing engineering.

The drawings produced by AutoCAD include architectural drawings, engineering drawings, surveying drawings, and construction drawings.

The product can produce construction drawings at a number of scales, or sizes:


One of AutoCAD’s most notable features is its ability to import other graphics file formats, allowing creation of drawings from almost any source. This includes data from AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Civil 3D and AutoCAD Mechanical.

AutoCAD uses external packages for application programming interfaces (APIs) which allows the user to add and integrate functionality into their software. The customization capability is called “add-ons” and the main AutoCAD API is called AutoLISP. The AutoLISP interpreter is stored on the user’s computer and the AutoCAD database contains the add-ons which can be activated or deactivated to suit the user’s needs. All add-ons are stored in the AutoCAD database and are activated when the user chooses to use them.

Data interchange
Most drawings are stored in the DWG file format, also known as Autodesk Drawing Exchange Format. The DWG file has two parts: the drawing itself and also information about the drawing such as drawing scale, name, dimensions

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Go to Preferences->General, choose “Automation-Preferences” and “Enable advanced graphics” option,
then paste your activation code.

Download the 3D modeling software you prefer and install it.
Connect your tablet to your PC and open the software, then open the model.


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Category:Physical computing
Category:Tablet computers
Category:Rugged computing
Category:Tablet computers introduced in 2016
Category:Toshiba#pragma once
#include “../std_lib.h”
#include “../../util/tile.h”

//Include some tile types (generated) and tools (generated)
#include “../../util/types.h”
#include “../../util/tools.h”

//extern bool init_random();

namespace OSM{

class Tile{
Tile(std::string tileName = “”) :name_(“”){
name_ = tileName;
Tile(const string& name, TileSides s, int dx, int dy, int l, int w, int h, int ew = 0, int eh = 0, int n = 0, int b = 0, int r = 0, int s = 0, int dr = 0, int ds = 0, int nr = 0, int nb = 0, int rb = 0, int rs = 0, TileSides side = TileSides::undefined, int wl = 0, int wr = 0, int wh = 0, int eh = 0, int ew = 0, int eh = 0){
s = s;
dx = dx;
dy = dy;
l = l;
w = w;
h = h;
ew = ew;
eh = eh;
n = n;
b = b;
r = r;
s = s;
dr = dr;
ds = ds;
nr = nr

What’s New In?

The Import and Markup Assist tool has three new settings: Mark Up In Design Mode (a file saved in DWF Format), Mark Up From Drawing (as a DWG file saved from AutoCAD), or Mark Up From Paper (as a PDF file saved from a computer printer).

We’ve redesigned the way points on drawings are stored in DWG files to improve the performance of commands such as LoopSelect and Find-and-Replace.

Three new macros available in the Drawing System menu: Add Layer After Text, Rotate Last Active Layer, and Rotate Multiple Selected Layers.

The new Undo command — Undo Last Change — lets you undo multiple changes to a drawing.

Letters, rules, and dimension styles have a new “Embed” option, which lets you copy and paste attributes from the style or a viewport to multiple drawings or other objects.

The New Media Manager command (Navigation ▸ New Media Manager) lets you access a library of rich media objects (including video, music, sound, web links, and images) right in the drawing window.

Other features, improvements, and fixes:

The 3D Wireframe command (View ▸ Wireframe Mode) has a new 3D option that lets you display your wireframe as real, actual geometry.

The Bevel command (Geometry Drawings) now works on all views in all drawings, not just the current viewport.

The Shading dialog has a new Color Selection option that lets you choose an RGB value to apply to the selected fill or outline color in a Viewport.


Two new checkboxes let you ignore outlines in the Breadboard command (View ▸ Show Breadboard).

The Label command (Geometry Drawings) now has a new option (Label Type) that lets you choose from various label types for geometry and text, and has a new shape-based option (Label Shape) for boxes, arrows, and other shapes.

The Label tool (Geometry Drawings) has a new option (Edit Color) that lets you set a background color for text and labels.

Enhanced plans and sections

The Blocks command (Design Editing ▸ Drawing Blocks) lets you create and name blocks that you can drag and drop into other drawings.

You can customize an existing Block Style to use Auto-Lock or Auto-Position, or start from

System Requirements:

The minimum system requirements are as follows:
Operating System: Windows 10 (64 bit or 32 bit)
CPU: Intel Core i5-3570 3.2 GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or AMD equivalent
Screen Resolution: 1080p
Video Output: 1920×1080
DirectX 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Hard Drive Space: 10 GB
Additional Notes: Mac is compatible with 64 bit systems only.

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