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ASDIP Foundation Crack.rar ((HOT)) ⚫


ASDIP Foundation Crack.rar

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SQL datetime query

I have a table of events. Each event has a start and end time.
What I am trying to do is have the user pick a date, and create a query to find any events that take place between the user picked date and the current date.
I created the following query:
select [eventTime] from Events where [eventTime] between select ‘” + DateTime.Now().ToString(@”MM/dd/yyyy”) + “‘ and getdate()

but the query returns no results. Is there something wrong with this?


You need to format the DateTime.Now() as per

Current Date and Time:
string.Format(“{0:MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm}”, DateTime.Now)

To get around the technicality of string interpolation, I can suggest using following T-SQL:
select [eventTime] from Events where [eventTime] between

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Understanding the arguments used to define an ODE system

I am currently reading a book on ODE and I encountered some difficulties in understanding the definition of an ODE system.
This is the definition I have seen in the book:
$p$ – a function of time
$y$ – a function of time
$r$ – a constant
$I$ – an integral of the form
$$I=\int\limits_{\alpha}^\beta f(t,p(t),y(t),r)\ dt$$
$$\alpha,\beta \in \mathbb{R}$$

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