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Ainvo Copy 1.2.1 For PC

Ainvo Copy is a simple yet effective backup and encryption application that enables you to backup and encrypt files easily, quickly and securely. It can back up any or all of your user files in a single task or you can create and schedule backups for specific file extensions. It can compress or split archive files and it can also encrypt the files before they are backed up. Key features: • Easily create multiple backups of your files to one or more destinations. • Create backups of any or all of your files regardless of their type, size or location on your computer. • Optionally select the specific compression and encryption level for each of your files. • It’s possible to include and exclude files from the backup based on their type, size or location. • Easily schedule backups for daily, weekly, monthly or one-time tasks. • Optional logging of backup errors. Supported file extensions: • PDF • DOC • XLS • PPT • ZIP • WMV • MSI • SWF • FLA • PPTX • PPS • EML • MP3 • JPG • MPEG • MOV • TIF • SRT • AVI • CUR • RM • RAR • LZH • LZMA • LZOP • LZO • TAR • PK3 • PK7 • RARORLZH • BZIP2 • PICT • PBM • PSS • PGZ • XPI • XPT • SXW • DIG • EICC • ETX • Z • PSK • WMF • RTF • VTX • PDB • PSB • PSC • PST • VMD • MDG • MDM • IMS • IGX • IPF • ISS • INK • XQD • VST • PSA • PTP • ISO • LHA • NSF • LZM • XLSX • SYLK • SOD • SPSS • SAV • WPS • VCF • PPTX • SST • COB • SSTX • SSTB •

Ainvo Copy 1.2.1 With Registration Code Download

Ainvo Copy Crack Mac is a fully featured yet intuitive tool designed to help to make backups for important files and contain them inside encrypted archives. Easily backup and encrypt files Ainvo Copy is a comprehensive little tool that you can use to create backups for your important files and contain them inside encrypted archives. With it, it’s possible to create multiple backups for files that are located anywhere on your computer and move their copies to a specific location. The application displays a user friendly interface which should make it accessible to anyone who wants to create a backup. Its main window is comprised from a large toolbar that you can use to create a new backup session as well as navigate through process options. A session implies choosing the destination for the backup, its source files and optionally, compression. Ainvo Copy enables you to simply backup your files to one or more locations as well as encrypt them using AES algorithms. Quickly schedule backups It’s already established that Ainvo Copy can create multiple backups during a single run and if you’re looking to use it for work files, then the fact that you can also schedule sessions should be good news. Ainvo Copy makes it possible to schedule one time, daily, weekly or monthly backups depending on how often you create or update files. This makes it a viable solution for your office or workstation as it automates the entire backup process and also provides logging in case any errors occur. Simple and reliable backup solution On a closing note, Ainvo Copy is easy to use, quick on its feet and offers exactly the basic backup and encryption needs that are suited for most casual users. Ainvo Copy Description: Ainvo Copy is a fully featured yet intuitive tool designed to help to make backups for important files and contain them inside encrypted archives. Winx Club WAV Rescue WHAT’S NEW Winx Club WAV Rescue v1.1.4.6 for WindowsDescription: Winx Club WAV Rescue – your powerful choice for the best in audio restoration technology. With multiple presets, customizable settings and multiple output formats, it is a comprehensive solution for even the most complicated formats. Super+Play Games SuperClub Description: Super + Play Games SuperClub (a.k.a., Super + PCG) is a free super easy to use game service for all your Xbox One games. Super+Play Games is your one stop shop for video games b7e8fdf5c8

Ainvo Copy 1.2.1 Activation Code X64

What’s New In Ainvo Copy?

Ainvo Copy is a program that enables you to quickly back up all of your personal and professional files online and secure them with an encrypted archive. It makes it possible to create back ups and back up in an extremely simple manner. All you need to do is choose the location where to back up the files to, select files and folders to be backed up, create an optional password for the archive and then create the backup. As a computer user, you may be familiar with many backup utilities, however only a few of them are actually able to back up your documents in a secure manner. This can be a major issue for any user that has important documents or files of any kind. For this reason, I was very interested to hear about Ainvo Copy, a new backup tool that I think will be an easy and fast way of backing up and encrypting your personal and work files. I was even more excited after getting to play around with the software and testing it out. First, let’s talk about what the software is capable of. I used this program to back up files on a DVD disk, then I simply ran the program and selected my file. Pretty easy, huh? I selected the files and folders to backup, created the password and I was done. Any problems were simple to fix, and I was impressed with how things worked. It was all very easy to understand and the entire process took only about a couple of minutes to complete. Once it was done, a save file was automatically created in my desktop for easy access. If you want to back up your files, you can’t really go wrong with Ainvo Copy, and a few simple clicks later you are ready to restore them as well. I think this program would be useful for anyone who has an archive of personal and work documents. I’m not sure when it was originally released, but it seems to have been in beta testing mode for quite some time now. It has a 4.7 rating and 77 reviews in the shareware software store, which implies that there are some decent ratings. What is also good about this software is that it is based in Germany, so it can be trusted as a quality product. The main difference between Ainvo Copy and many other backup programs is that it is designed to be simple to use and understand, but also fast and secure. For most casual users, it should be an easy and good way of backing up their files and keeping them secure. There are some key

System Requirements For Ainvo Copy:

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