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Download ===== DOWNLOAD






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Adobe Bridge

Many serious photographers use Adobe Bridge to organize and manage images. It’s a _database_ program that enables you to view, search, and tag images. You can automatically create and maintain contact information, delete unwanted images, and even delete images automatically when you exceed a certain number of images, depending on the version of Bridge you use.

Bridge is a wonderful tool. Many people use it exclusively to manage their images. But, you should keep in mind that you can view your images from Photoshop, the Web, or on your hard drive. The Bridge database and associated programs are only used to create and maintain your images.

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Adobe Photoshop Suite: Photoshop, Lightroom and Bridge

The Adobe Photoshop Suite is an alternative to what was previously known as the Adobe Creative Suite. It combines Photoshop, Lightroom and Bridge.


Photoshop is one of the most popular graphics editing software applications.


This feature allows you to see images in a different format to the one that you are working on.

Flattening tool

This tool allows you to flatten a layer. Layers can have different types of adjustment and effects applied to them. You can flatten them to adjust the size.

Corrective tool

This tool can be used to correct errors in an image.


You can use this tool to display hidden layers or sections of the image.

Brush tool

This tool allows you to edit any part of an image.

Blur tool

You can use this tool to blur the whole image or a specific part of the image.

Eraser tool

You can use this tool to remove an area of the image or to erase a line.

Sponge brush

You can use this tool to soften an area in a specific place in a layer.


This tool allows you to paint using fluid and water-like effects on your image.


You can use this tool to arrange the layers in an image.


You can use this tool to adjust the colour, levels or saturation of the image.


You can use this tool to create new channels.


You can use this tool to create a document and save the file.


You can use this tool to add reflections.

Quick Selection Tool

You can use this tool to select multiple areas in an image.


You can use this tool to remove parts of your image.

Mask tool

You can use this tool to select areas in the image that you want to apply a mask to.


You can use this tool to add different colours to an image.

Rotation tool

You can use this tool to rotate an image.

Straighten tool

You can use this tool to make your image look straight.

Smooth tool

You can use this tool to

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Sobhuza II

Sobhuza II (Mantshaali; ) (1547–1559) was the 17th king of the Zulu nation (17th king of the Zulu Kingdom of Shaka from 1563/5 to 1628), who reigned for 2.5 years. His nickname was Mavaza (meaning “Child of Heaven”) and iaZulu (meaning “people of Zululand”).

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Sobhuza’s reign was marked by the Lord’s Resistance Army of the Atonga (or Lokotso) and the Nyawu force, a genocide against the Nguni people in eastern Zululand. He was the father of Mpande, who became Shaka Zulu’s successor, and the half-brother of king Mpande’s father Ntombazulu. As a result of his war against the Nguni people he created a large area of land including the hinterland of Zululand west of the Vaal River where the Xhosa were now located.

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Yearly history

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System Requirements For Download Photoshop 12 Free:

Apple® Mac® OS X® 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
Apple® Mac® OS X® 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
Microsoft® Windows® 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
1.6 GHz processor
2 GB free hard drive space
Internet Explorer® 8
Please Note: This walkthrough is intended for people who are familiar with manipulating the web in a web browser. Some of these settings may not be necessary or applicable to your situation, which is why we are recommending


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